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Peeling the Onion

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I Gained



I gained this week. It's the first time that has happened since I have been on JC. I have been eating off-plan and giving in to temptations a lot. I have had a lot of other anxieties and things on my mind and food has been my comfort. I thought I could get away with it, but clearly that is not the case. I had gone up 1.4 lbs. 


What do you do when this happens? My consultant reminded me of how excited I was on the first day that I came in, how successful I have been until now, and how well the plan had been working for me when I was staying on track. 


But why is it so difficult to actually stay on track? This is a pretty tasty plan. I don't dislike it. It's actually easy to stay on-plan with all the meals....it's the snacking that is getting me off. I forget my fruits and Anytime Bars at home and instead "substitute" them with other foods -- like a cinnamon roll from my favorite bakery. Ugh. 


Part of me thinks I need to go more rigid -- follow the meal plans to the letter and just stick to it. 


Another part of me thinks I need to be more mindful about being flexible. Like, I need to allow myself to eat off-plan so that it will feel sustainable, but be more diligent about tracking the calories of all the foods I do eat. 


Any advice? 


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When you get off track, you just wake up the next  morning and get back on track.   its no big deal,  dust it off and keep going.     As far as forgetting snacks, i know its easy to forgot the JC snacks at home,    maybe you can have some shelf stable snacks in your car or purse all the time , just in an emergency?    one of those tuna packs from the grocery store is a better choice than a cinamon roll.   Whenever i'm under a lot stress and wanna eat off plan, i tell myself that eating off plan will only add to my the stress and anxiety i already have and just make it worse.  I tell myself if i just stay on track i can go to bed tonight and at least feel comfort knowing i was on track. I might be grumbling and craving something else, but that feeling of at least being successful with my food choices  is always better than the feeling of being off track and facing a gain.      Just keep in moving forward, one week isn't gonna matter in the long term picture.    

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Your honesty about your weight gain is so important since you could have easily gone into denial and not learn from it.

Kudos! :D


I just started JC and think about the same issue, ---if I start going off menu and gain how will I handle this? :huh:


Your blog is appreciated. I'll be checking back for more advice. Thanks! :D

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Thanks Ned for  honesty - I really think i will experience the same problem and how we react is key. easier said than done. I think being strict might be good for a bit.. and then as you stray its about adding something in every other day (maybe).   I am scared of going off. I know I have gone off.... but happy to be back on plan.


What will I do when I hit goal? How will I not go off and stay off? all good questions - I think a big key for me will be to continue to see my JC counselor. continue to get weighed in. Continue to have my small snacks at night...


Anyway -  I don't know if I have helped. But how bout you write out your food on paper the night before (And/or in My Fitness Plan). If you stray - edit the entry in MFP. Look up Dunkin Donuts Cinnamon roll.. I think it may be 400+ calories.. so atleast you own up to it before or after you eat it I am not sure it helped, but on my last trip I googled a tbsp of a sauce I was eating and saw it was a bazillion calories.. next time I ate it I was more mindful of what I was doing. 


Thansk again for sharing. You Got This! Go read the Menu thread - and then help some people.. I think that will help you :)



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Good for you for addressing your concerns to this community, that is a step in the right direction!!

way to keep it real!

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