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Golfing in Scottsdale Lost 4.2 Pounds!!!



Ridiculous, right? I lost 0 weight the week before which is part of this equation, for sure. I may just have to go on vacation often.

I went out to dinner. I snacked on veggies with a tiny taste of Humus... I did not have my JC desserts all nights. (One or two nights I did). I brought JC dressing with me. One night I had filet - and left half. Another night Branzino and ate every morsel. One nigh Salad with Salmon - always asked for stuff dry - it's just a meal... I am reading a book (Thanks Steph) and it says to be sure and take credit. So I guess I should. So credit:

1) I did not eat anything from the bread basker

2) I did have 1 bite of my friends desert... One bite that's it... Wow - who are you?

3) I ventured way out of my comfort zone going away with people I barely knew...

4) I at the JC Chicken salad (soooo not my favorite) for lunches on the course

5)  I came home and resumed Jenny.... more or less - nice dinner out with a friend last night - where Likely I did overeat a bit.



OK _ time to get back to exercising at the gym / I think I will work on eating less veggies while I cook. I make a mess of veggies to "volumize" but eating 5 carrots - is 150 calories? or even zucchini = it adds up and it is what I attribute my spectacular vacation success stories to - not eating too many "free" veggies and less bread/carbs than Jenny has. OOH also eating Barsoctti for breakfast at 160 calories vs JC fr toast (230 calories) all small ways to make a big difference.  I could adopt this for my breakfast -  but where's the fun in that? I am in it for the long haul... and JC french toast is 'da bomb.


OK on my day off today :) So off to either plant flowers or clean out closet (making room for sister who is relocating to my place until her condo is renovated). She is super psyched to "diet" while staying with me  - so glad to have her participating in healthy style.


Ciao everyone - a few photos of vacay - No cl;ue who this person is!












Arizona 1.jpg

Arizona 2 Lets Ride.jpg

Arizona 3 Wheeres sue.jpg

Arizona 4.jpg


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Great job and you look amazing!  I was in Scottsdale the beginning of February and loved it, too!


P.S.  Still waiting to see you dressed in something other than black.  :)

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Great pictures!!  I love Arizona and apparently it loves you!!  4.2 pounds!!! Take us all on your next vacation...please.  :)

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You look FaNtAsTiC!!  Gorgeous Girl!!!!!!!  I'm going to Phoenix next month .... CAN'T WAIT!!!!!  Golfing here I come!!!!!  (A little hard to keep my game sharp on the snow).  You are proof that what you are learning with J.C. is CHANGING YOUR HABITS for the LOOOOOOOOONG HAUL!!  Sorry to cap ... but I just have to shout!!!!   YES!  We can go on vacation and lose weight!!!  WHO ARE WE??  Okay ... done shouting ... but I am truly excited.  YOU ARE INSPIRING!

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