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DMD Diane's Blog

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Books and Bikes...

DMD Diane


Book worthy of recommendation...

One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way
by Robert Maurer

Why would I recommend this book? IMHO...

Robert Maurer has taught me that baby steps have great value.

For example, to get in the habit of riding my new exercise bike, I have set the following goals that are so simple they almost seem insignificant:

Day 1: with bike in a comfortable, convenient location, sit on bike for 1 minute while thinking about enjoyable bike rides I have taken in the past. (3/15/16 DONE)
Day 2: sit on bike to watch TV for 5 minutes (3/16/16 DONE--also pedaled for 20 minutes)

Day 3: pedal bike for 1 minute, think about a pleasant memory (3/17/16 pedaled for 5 minutes while watching music video by Adele "hello") (3/19/16 Redone this time also thinking about a pleasant memory)

Day 4: pedal bike for 5 minutes (3/18/16 pedaled for 30 minutes while watching cycling video of my home state)

Day 5: pedal bike for 5 minutes, stay on bike to watch TV for 5 minutes (3/19/16 pedaled for 30 minutes while watching TED talks; stepped on elliptical for 5 minutes while watching Rick Steve's show on Cinque Terre which reminded me of our recent book club selection "Beautiful Ruins")

Day 6: sit on bike to read a book for 5 minutes, then pedal bike for 5 minutes (3/21/16 read from "Traveling Incognito" by Sarah Shockley and pedaled for 15 min.)

Day 7: sit on bike to listen to music for 5 minutes, then pedal bike for 5 minutes

My initial goals are to establish the habit of being on my exercise bike every day and to associate pleasant thoughts and experiences with being on my exercise bike.

If you have access to a stationary bike that is going unused, would you like to join me on my journey?

While I am at it, why not set baby step goals to re-read this book?

Day 1: find the book again, read the information on the book cover and the table of contents (3/15/16 DONE)

Day 2: read the first two pages of the preface (3/16/16 DONE--read 7 1/2 pages)

Day 3: read two more pages, pick out my favorite sentence of what has been read thus far (3/19/16 DONE...back on track)

Day 4: read three more pages (3/21/16 DONE--read 4 more pages)

Day 5: read one more page, think about the ideas in the eight pages read so far

Day 6: read two more pages

Day 7: read three more pages, ...is there a way that any of this information can be applied to my Jenny Craig journey?

Until next time...

DMD Diane

(Not at home 3/20/16...walked around the sidewalk of the entire shopping plaza - about 20 minutes)


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