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Frustrated by Lack of Family Support



I was so excited to try JC ... but am disappointed that my family's reaction does not feel very supportive. They have made it clear that they don't think my current weight is healthy and that I don't look very good, and that I should do something about it....but that seems to be where it ends.

When I went to visit my mother, I had 4 days of food shipped to her condo (and warned her it was coming). Her response was "What is all this crap?" "You better eat it all before you leave!" She also complained about me being on a diet while visiting and on vacation - she considered it inconvenient.

My husband does not mind the considerable expense. He thinks ordering the food is fun, is impressed with the variety, and is curious about how things taste (although he doesn't want to try anything). But he is concerned about the fact that it is mostly processed food with lots of additives.

He does not want to exercise with me. I don't walk fast enough for HIM to feel like he's getting a workout. (Fortunately I have three good friends who will walk with me.)

Also, he has made some negative comments about JC. He thinks it's a type of pyramid scheme, and that their goal might be for clients to FAIL because they make more money that way (membership fees and food purchase.) He doesn't understand why people would become counselors - what they are getting out of it.



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I'm so sorry to hear that you don't have the support you need. Hopefully that will change when they all see the pounds falling off. Until then, everyone here is so supportive. Lean on us! We've got your back, and we're all in the same boat. You can do this, even without family support. I'm betting your desire to be at a healthy weight overrides anything else. Keep pushing forward and know that you can do this. You deserve to be the best YOU that you can be, and you'll feel GREAT about yourself! Stay strong. You've got this!!

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Sometimes you just have to encourage yourself! You

are the focus...it would be nice to be surrounded

with support, but you may not get their approval.

The best revenge is success - you can show them

better than you can talk about it! Keep going

you can do this!!

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Thanks dolphins and ccass! I am pretty self motivated - but also like to team. I am lucky I have good friends who like to walk - I can usually get them out 1x a week, but since there are 3 or 4 of them, I can alternate! My husband likes to skate, but it's not much of a workout for me because I have to focus too much on not falling down!

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When it comes to my fan club I wouldn't put it past any of them wagering on my failure or snickering behind my back. Yes its hurtful! Yes its not warranted! Yes its unfair!

There are so many people I refuse to tell I'm on JC because I don't need nor deserve the peanut galleries 2 cents. I receive far greater support from people who have never heard me say, " I Love You".

EZS we endeavored into this journey to become more healthy (exterior and interior). That old adage, its not what you eat but whats eating you" or " with family/friends like these who needs enemies".may require a second glance. I always joke with family like mine you'd drink too but frankly its no laughing matter.

People keeping you in unhealthy states be it physically or by frame of mind need to be pushed out of your inner circle until they find their own happy place. Easily said hard to do but not impossible. If we are to succeed we are going to have to get as selfish as they are. The only difference though is our " so called" selfishness is for the betterment not detriment of another.

Chin Up You Got This!

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