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Almost paused.... Day 3



Yesterday was terrible, I almost quit and it had nothing to do with the JC plan. I had a luncheon I had to attend so I took the dressing and thought I’ll just have the salad and eat the JC food around it. No Salad! But I realized there were veggie wraps. I took two, dumped the contents on my plate and through the wraps out. It was basically a salad with all the right veggies, but a little too much dressing. OK, that was fine, but the meeting ran long and I left starving.

On the way home I stopped by the grocery store pharmacy to get a prescription for my husband, but there was an insurance snafu. (Insurance company: “Yes you are covered but we haven’t processed a new number for you for the New Year, it’ll take 24-48 hours.”) By that time I felt like crying (OK, still other family stuff wreaking havoc on my life) and I thought, stop the diet and start Monday; it’s the weekend anyway. Remember, I WAS IN THE GROCERY STORE! Oh brother it was getting bad, I was thinking about what sounded good. Macaroni and Cheese (wait that was on the calendar for tomorrow’s dinner); Pizza (lunch on Sunday.) Something inside me said “if not now, then when?” Something inside me said “cheat if you need to with a little extra sugar free chocolate pudding and an extra bit of whipped cream.” You know, I didn’t even need the extra. I did pout all night, but I didn’t need the extra.

Plan better Belinda! Not sure why “if not now then when?” worked, but who am I to question. So down 2.8 pounds starting day 3 (yes, I know it is fresh fat and water but it is still 2.8 lbs!)

Next week my husband is out of town and I can focus food just on me.



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Good for you! For me, that is the hardest! Staying steady even when everything is going wrong. Way to go!

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