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Tip to Overcoming Emotional Eating



Why do we sabotage our goals? Its a difficult question to answer because its done subconsciously. Call it homeostasis, call it bad programming, being "wired that way"....

What ever it is, it can be corrected in our brains but not by ignoring the problem and wishing it away.

There are many odd things we do without thinking or we may even tell ourselves "It wont hurt just this one time" ;). But we all know consciously, that is not true at all! At one time the action of rewarding ourselves with food may have had it's benefits. At one time perhaps self soothing with food did something good for us. But now we have learned that emotional eating is a hindrance and does not benefit us in the least.

Recognizing this as a bad habit or subconscious trigger is the first step. Addressing it and moving forward toward a fix is the next. We must reprogram our minds to accept that this behavior does not serve us anymore and replace it with an action that will.

One thing I recognize is that all these sabotaging behaviors follow the same pattern. Namely I am trying to get an inner goal met subconsciously, only now it conflicts with my outer goal of losing lbs. That inner emotional goal is the same as my outer emotional goal. I simply want to be happy and have gratification in my life. The sad fact is the way my subconscious wants to get there does not work for my body anymore. It use to!! But not anymore....Emotional Eating does NOT equate to happiness for any overweight adult, and it is NOT gratifying.

Why do we think food will lead to happiness and why do we still think food is gratifying us emotionally somehow? Because our minds believe it is so!
We need to replace food "happiness" for other "real" gratifying triggers for happiness.

The fact is the source of Emotional Eating is our emotional well being and meeting that need. Lets start there and find a different way to be in the moment with happiness....

One way to break subconscious triggers and programming is to live in the moment consciously, consistently and always follow a plan that you create before even leaving the house for the day. After a while this planning of your day will take over and you will do these actions without thinking. Subconscious goal achieved!!!
The second thing is most important... Find or develop a constant flow of joy that will fulfill your emotional well being.

You will naturally and easily move toward your goal if you already have happiness turned on in the morning instead of looking for gratification in that next meal or snack. Gratification is simply your subconscious looking for a quick trigger to turn on that happiness and joy. Its usually linked to food. If its turned on before that first meal already, there is less work controlling and fixing emotional eating.

Here is a nice fact: Your brain cannot hold onto two opposing emotions at the same time.

So its the happy that helps you lose weight. And the happy can come from anywhere and be just as effective in moving you to goal. A funny joke or two, a warm or funny movie, show, book.... coloring books for adults, posting in your Jenny Community ;) , all can make us feel happy. Walking the dog, looking at art, walking along the beach or on a beautiful nature trail can also bring joy to one's heart...

If your an emotional eater set a trigger for joy and contentment that isn't food based. Make up your mind that your emotional well being is a priority this year. Your motivation to get to your goals in life are emotion based and therefore are as much a priority this year as weight-loss and exercise.

And remember you can train your brain to switch from a negative emotional state to a positive one by being proactive in seeking Joy and Happiness around every turn and be in the moment, moment by moment to train your subconscious to give up bad habits that no longer serve you.

I am open to support you in this....let me know how I can help ok? :)

My next blog post will help you set triggers for an instant jolt of happy....


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