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Bites, Licks and tastes!




I ony had a one pound weight loss this week and I followed the eating plan well, and exercised. So better down than up but it was a little discouraging. I mean I followed the plan exactly right? Wrong! I didn't account for my bites, licks and tastes (BLT's for short) What the?

You know what I mean... that lick of cookie dough I was making for the kids lunches,that after dinner mint, those few fries I stole from my husband plate, that sip of my friends beer, that one chicken wing I noshed on, I stole 6 chips from my daughter's chip bag while we watched the basketball game, I "helped" myself to a handful of popcorn at the movies, I had a spoonful of the family chili supper I was making (just to check on the spices), I only ate one chocolate covered strawberry...............you get the idea, they really add up over time.

Account for everything that goes into your mouth. I now add 50 calories for every BLT or add a check mark to my menu. Thinking back to last week I had an extra 1800 calories for the week!! That was just what I could remember. This week I am going to practice mindful eating, because the extra calories (from what I remember) weren't worth it. The fries were lousy, the chips were salty (oh so then I had a sip of that full sugar cola too-oops forgot that one) and the chicken wing was too spicy (hence the "sip" of beer-which now that I think of it was more like a gulp) gulp.

When I first started Jenny I was too scared to vear off the eating plan, or try anything else not on the menu. I have to learn to eat other things within moderation, but I can't put things in my mouth and then not account for them!!



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I suppose that's the best thing about being an empty nester with a husband who loves eating Jenny!! I'm not tempted to BLT because I'm not having to prep different food for anyone else *smiling*

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BLT's are my "dinner" these days. I am good all day JC breakfast and lunch, but I have many JC dinners in my freezer that are untouched.

BLT's are my treat after being good all day....every day!

But I'm stuck at my half way mark, no gain or loss in over a week or so. I was out of town and was "good" all day, but allowed to have a cocktail and nice reasonable dinner.

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I know the feeling of doing everything right and not seeing the results, but one thing that keeps me motivated is knowing that I didn't gain. That could've been the result and it wasn't so you are doing something right in the end because you could've overindulged and saw a gain, but you saw a loss and that's what counts. You are still doing great!

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