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Going Broke....DIY Meal Ideas?



Hi Everyone,

It is almost the end of week two and while I am excited to weigh in, I am also dreading the purchase of this coming weeks food.

Does anyone make their own meals?

Any meals I can store in the freezer?

Let me know! So far I have made my own mini pancakes and froze them! I bought veggie sausage too!

I also cooked chicken that is in the fridge.....I just have no idea how to make it yummy!!



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I'm confused why you would join Jenny and not eat their food....if you are going to make your own meals wouldn't weight watchers be the way to go? The beauty of Jenny is the convenience of the meals and it also helps with portion control. I would highly recommend sticking with the Jenny meals at least until your half way goal..

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I agree that weight watchers would be a better choice if you like to cook your own meals.There are a plethora of cookbooks also.

Jenny is better for me because I just eat what is on the list with an addition of lots of veggies and I don't have to give my diet a lot of thought or effort.

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If you need to make your own meals, consider what the prepared meals provide for you and seek to duplicate those aspects. Portion control is a huge asset in the Jenny Craig meals. They are flavorful, there is variety, and there are no left overs to tempt you! When you cook for yourself, be sure to make small portions, with lots of vegis. Maybe you could try purchasing lunches and dinners only from Jenny, and cut back on the breakfasts? Talk to your consultant! They are there to help.

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Suggestion: Clean your Jenny Craig containers. Fix your own food in small portions. But only eat the same portion Jenny would give you in that container. Make a few meals out of the dish you made. Jenny's food is the best tasting diet type food you will find. It is all portion control without sacrificing flavor. It is very expensive for the amount of food. But it is so convenient with a great variety. Good luck.

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I have been on Jenny about a year now and am a couple of pounds away from my goal weight. I create my own food but I rarely cook, one of the reasons Jenny Craig has worked for me so well. I mostly buy from the frozen food section. I found chicken tenders with coconut breading, along with sweet potato fries and my vegetable. As long as you follow the guide for calorie and portion control you should be good. When I shop I separate my portions into containers when I get home so I can just grab and go with my food. Good Luck

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gainna king


I total understand what your saying about the cost. I join jenny two weeks ago and i enjoy the food i lost 6 pounds so far but it is extremly expensive for me ... the reason why i joined in the first place was to loose the weight and to learn to eat the right way. after reading the first two comments i started to get angry, then i saw the other comments which were very helpful. not everybody can afford to pay 500 a month for the food when you have other family members to feed what if your the only one in the family that needs the program? should you deprive the rest of your family? why try to discourge each other. today i did my second weigh in and i told my consultant about my struggles she offered me a list of meal ideas based on my calorie level she also gave me a jenny grocery list on what i should buy and personalized menu for me to create my own meals.

i sugguest you talk to your consultant because they are there to guide you in the right direction. never let anyone tell you to go somewhere else if here is where you want to be you have options! you can make your own food just make sure your eat the correct portions.

stay on track and Good Luck on your weight loss journey your not alone!!!

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Try to buy the lunches and dinner and prepare your own breakfast and snacks, just make sure to use the right portions

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Lots of recipes and ideas on pinterest just type in Jenny Craig in the search. There is a veggie soup for a filler to the meals instead of buying the Jenny soup.

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Weight Watchers is the way to go. It teaches how to eat and how to make wise choices. It teaches how to read a menu and pick wise choices. With the group meetings people give each other ideas on what to do when you plateu how to break it. I am weak right now and need the structure and someone doing the portion control for me. Jenny Craig does not teach it just sells you the food to eat once you stop buying thee food you no longer belong to jenny craig.

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