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Weekend Family/Friends Get-togethers....



This past weekend I had two dinners to attend. (Naturally this would be on the first weekend of Week 1) The first, a dinner date with my best friend and the other, a small engagement celebration for my brother.

All I can say is that I am super proud of myself. Here's how I ate and stayed on track.

Before leaving for my dinner date on Saturday with my friend, I told myself that I would eat whatever she served but in moderation. She made this amazing pasta and shrimp dish with green beans, olives and bread and butter on the side. Normally, I would eat bread and butter throughout the meal, dipping it into the white sauce, making little sandwiches out of the shrimp while slurping down a half pound of pasta. Obviously, I couldn't do that so I stared at my plate and strategized how I was going to go about eating dinner and feeling satisfied. I started with the bread, I took a half a slice of the beautiful Italian bread (fresh from a bakery in town) and spread a small amount of butter on it. Then, I served myself approximately one third of what I would have wanted to take which turned out to be about the size of my palm. I ate slowly, chewing each bite. To my surprise, I was full. I almost could not believe that my body was telling me that I was satisfied. After obsessing so much over food, I headed over the other side of the mountain, enjoying the conversation and company.

Sunday I woke up very proud of my Saturday accomplishment. 'One more time,' I told myself. My family is from Puerto Rico so I pretty much knew and could plan out my meal. I would have a small amount of rice and pork or chicken and a small slice of celebratory cake. Upon arrival, there was a spread of chips, crackers, cheese and dips. I plopped myself down in the corner where nothing was in reach telling myself, "Do not sit next to the cheese." I swear if I had one piece of cheese it would have been all over. Haha. I did allow myself 6 tortilla chips and salsa before dinner. Everything went as planned and I woke up Monday morning proud of my accomplishment.

I am hoping that eventually I will become less worried about what I can/cannot eat and begin to choose healthy foods in moderation. It was a challenge that I am proud of. Onto Week 2!!!


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