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Looking good and feeling good - FINALLY!



As a specialty retail boutique manager, I am in the public eye every day. And as fashion is the great passion of my life, I know how to dress women of every size and shape to make them look their best. That definitely includes myself. However, that skill can be dangerous.

A little over 3 months ago, I hit my heaviest weight ever -- over 230 pounds. I had tried every weight loss program known to man, stopping short of diet pills or surgery. Just not into that. Nothing stuck, and I had pretty much given up.

I pretended to be happy, but I wasn't. I covered my excess weight by camouflaging it with fashion. As a result, nobody seemed to notice my hugeness. But I knew.

So what changed? Why am I writing a blog on this Jenny Craig website?

Well, how about 30 pounds and 20 inches gone in less than four months? That's right, baby! I'm a Jenny Craig believer!

There is so much I want to share about my journey, which has just begun. And I can't wait to hear other successes!


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