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Heading in the right direction - down!



Before last week, I was feeling very disappointed with myself for not really dedicating and disciplining myself to follow the program I was paying for every month. As I wrote in my earlier post, I came back and rejoined JC in November, after a hiatus of approximately two years. However, my attempt to follow the program was half-hearted and I gave up in the face of certain stresses in my life - not to mention the holidays! Suddenly, after squeezing into a too-tight pair of jeans a little over a week ago, I just couldn't stand myself anymore and began making some important changes... and they're working. Here's what I've been doing:

I am weighing myself every day so I get a "fresh" snapshot of how my eating affects me.

In addition to Jenny's packaged food, am buying fresh fruits and vegetables every couple of days so that I always have two fruits a day and a salad or vegies with every meal. Trying not to overbuy so nothing goes bad. Been hitting the health food store on the way home from work, which is much better than hitting the pub.

I have not bought any diet soda in over a week, and I'm drinking water every day. That's major!

I am making sure I either have milk and/or yogurt twice a day.

I am trying as hard as I can to plan my menus in advance and stick to them.

I am tracking my weight here and at home, keeping track of my food, being mindful of calories, reading labels, visiting other blogs here, and blogging myself, all as a way to remind myself what I am doing, where I want to be, and give myself some structure.

I sat with my calendar and set weight goals/milestones for myself ,so that I will have smaller accomplishments along the way and the total amount I need to lose doesn't loom ahead as some overwhelming, vague hope that seems unattainable. If I continue to follow the plan, I should be at or very near to my goal weight at the end of the summer. That seems attainable and not so far away.

On my first day of recommitting myself to JC, I weighed 218.2 (Mar. 14). Today I weighed 214.8 (Mar. 21). So, I've lost 3.4 lbs in a week. So far, the scale is heading in the right direction! My current short-term goal is to be under 200 by the end of April.

I feel pretty good tonight, and lighter already.


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I'm coming back to jenny after a long Brel too. It's amazing how powerful thought are. If I think I can or if I think I can't. I'm right.

Controlling thoughts is a big part of success

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I think it's great that you cut the diet soda out! That's probably the hardest part for me. I'm going to try doing what I saw on Doctor Oz. He cuts the soda in half with seltzer which is better than regular bottled water, and it's still fizzy and not watery.

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