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Does anyone else have gas?

sandy 361


I just finished week 4 on JC. I'm doing great...lost 13 pounds!!! I want to loose a total of 32 pounds, so I feel that I am well on my way. I have a question to ask......Is anyone else farting up a storm? Sorry to be so blunt. I just can't help passing gas. I didn't eat JC food for 3 days last week because I was away (although I did stay on my diet) and my gas stopped. The first day i restarted on JC food my gas was back. What is up with that?


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Thanks for asking this question as I was going to. It is a problem and a pain. I am pretty sure it the fiber too but water doesn't exactly do the trick. Any other suggestions?

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It is probably the anytime bars - they are high in inulin. Try substituting some dairy instead (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese) for a few days and see if it helps. The cakes and muffin loafs have a fair amount of inulin also.

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For me it was the anytime bars. I started on the vitamins and it is better although there are some foods that give me intolerable gas. With the anytime bars I felt bloating and actual pain along with the gas. Good Luck!

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Thanks to sweetj and to salsaqueen for your answer. I think that is it. I will be careful about the anytime bars. There are some other foods too but I will look for the inulin.

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I had major gas when I was on the program. I took GasX, Beano, Lactaid. Nothing worked. I am now on maintenance and I still eat the Anytime bars every day, but the gas has diminished greatly since I'm not eating Jenny meals every day. I do eat a lot of veggies on my MOMO (meals on my own) days, but I do think it has to do with what's in the meals themselves. Thanks for having the courage to bring this up, so to speak ;-)

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Thanks, Tracey for your writing. When I am on my own days I do not experience the gas problem either. Has to the a combo of the fiber in the Jenny food -in addition to the inulin. I can eat an anytime bar when not eating other Jenny meals and the problem is Much less. So a combo. Guess we can end this discussion but I hope that it helps someone else.

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yes have to take gas x many times and drink lot of water to combat fiber in the jc meals. its good to get the fiber, but when you add extra veg & fruit it can be an overload!

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Omg  thank you all for your comments.  I just started week 3 and has lost 7 pounds already but the gas and bloating is really bad.  I will substitute the bars for other dairy.  Thank you guys!

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