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Going into my 4th week tomorrow. This past week has been tough for me. My husband has brought home Chinese food and KFC the past two Friday nights in a row. On top of that he smoked ribs and pork shoulders yesterday to make pulled pork sandwiches! I want to SCREAM! I wonder - is he doing this on purpose to sabotage me or does he not even realize? I gave in and ate Chinese food and one small piece of KFC on those Friday nights. I was not happy with myself the next day. Haven't touched the ribs or pulled pork though. I have slacked off on my walking this week as well. Only two days of walking and my weigh in is tomorrow. I have to keep reminding myself why I am on the Jenny Craig plan and they are 17 and 11 years old. My confidence phrase for tomorrow ~ I'm worth it!

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From my experience, yes, he's doing it on purpose !!

Most men feel threatened.

Need to sit down and have a long talk with him and ask for his help.

All the Best

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Temptations. They drive me crazy too! When I wasn't on a diet and had to lose weight back then my mom would pin point often what I was eating was bad and fattening.. then when I did JC back then and lost weight she'd ask me if I wanted some chinese, mcdonalds, a hamburger, barbecue, etc.. lol. She's doing the same thing again since I came to back to live at home...I told her she does it often by asking me things that could derail my healthy eating at the moment lol.

I feel your pain though about temptations. Just tell your husband that he needs to be a little more aware that he makes it hard at times for you to stick to dropping weight. Make him eat healthy with you so it will be more empowering for you to keep on truckin!

Oh I think Im going to blog about temptations now.. my kryptonite ;-x. Thanks for the idea!

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