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About this blog

My journey to losing the weight

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Be like Dory and just keep swimming!

Another day in the wonderful world, and always a new day to start over. I didn't write over the weekend mainly because of lacking the time to do so - and also because I didn't want to admit that I CHEATED! ::gasp:: Yes, I cheated. It's hard to be in El Paso and not celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Margarita or two. Seduced into a couple of drinks by my amazing co-workers, I fell into the trap of "I'll just have 1...." or 2, or 2 1/2.... " I also realize after my work weekend that working out every



No flaking

I feel so good that I didn't flake on my date with the gym this morning! Despite having to get up at 3:30 am, despite a restless night of sleep, and despite my complete lack of will or want, I am so glad I didn't flake on myself. I forgot how amazing it feels to work out first thing in the morning because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Now post-shower and eating the new ranchero breakfast, I can start my day less stressed and satisfied in knowing that I took those extra steps today to



Long time, no see Mr. Treadmill!

Already my evil plan (against myself) is working! I thought about what I would be blogging at the end of the night and at 7:30pm I decided that I could not make an excuse as to why I didn't exercise today. I got back on the wagon! By the way, i HATE working out in the evening, so this was a huge mental hurdle that I jumped! I have been avoiding exercising for weeks now for a few different reasons. One reason was because of the dress debacle that I mentioned in the previous blog. I exercised rea



In the Beginning

So I'm starting this blog as a form of encouragement mainly to myself. When I first started the Jenny Criag program, I really felt a sense of urgency and dedication. I did everything by the book, the way I was supposed to and had some great results! So that was back in September 2012. We have just hit May 2013 and even though I have made some progress, I have fallen off of the wagon a bit. I've gotten a little lazy, a little less motivated, and a little depressed. I have only lost about 37 pound



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