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Looking Back at Week One

Today is day 7 on Rapid Results for me. I made it through week one! So much to learn. I'm so thankful everybody on this site is so nice and helpful! My consultant is so knowledgable as well. This week I learned that you must not mix and match meals on each day, but you can change the order of days. And also tricks to keep the 12 hour replenish time rule. A little bit about me, I'm 55 years old, happily married, and step mother to 4 children total, two with my hubby. Ages 31-26-18 and now 17. Our 18 year old is off in the Navy, and he has been chosen to be in the Ceremonial Guard, in D.C. for two years! So proud of him! We could watch him on the computer today, marching in a parade. Our just turned 17 year old is a junior in high school. She is very sensitive, and very talented! She likes to play soccer, lacrosse, and run track, and is a good student. However, she reminds me of the saying, "still waters run deep". She is a mystery, at times! My hubby is supportive of the JC program, so its going well. I don't think I would have lasted, if he wasn't! I have some good habits developing so far. Of course, the not eating after 8 p.m. is first. Also, no cream and sugar in my tea. Drinking my water, and getting back into exercise. And of course, no night snacking'! That is the hardest! I do work outside of the home, and am slowly building my own practice as a psych NP. This is a real challenge! If you make it, or you don't, its all on you! I'm kind of an introvert, so having to put myself out there can be tough. Also, learning to run a business and be organized, can be overwhelming. Many days, I doubt myself. Taking care of my patients is the best part. <3 I love when I feel that "click" with the patient. This is the biggest challenge I have going on right now! The best part of the week was losing 6.8 pounds!!!! I did not think I would lose that much My goal is to lose about 50 pounds, I'll see how I feel when I get closer. I'm older, so want to see how my skin looks, lol. My favorite foods so far: the Cheeseburger, cinnamon rolls, mac and cheese, and chicken fettucini. and any sweet dessert, lol. I didn't like the chicken pot pie! Well, thats a little bit about my week, and about me! Thanks, everybody, for making me feel so welcome..........



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