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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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My Son & Me

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About this blog


I'm a thirty seven-year old mom to my son named Jake-- who is a thirteen years old. Together, we are on a journey to support each other.

This blog will be updated on our weekly progress when we weigh in. 


But first a little about us.....


Hi I'm Melissa! I'm a working mom of two teenage kids.

I travel weekly for work in the entertainment industry, so I often struggle with what to eat while on the road and then coming home, I won't often cook. These all added to 20lbs extra, and it has me in a size 10.  

My final break through moment was when I was traveling to NYC for work and wondering what clothes would not make me look "bigger" on camera. Then coming home and watching The View and seeing how cute the hosts look on stage with sleeveless dresses. Then it hit me, I haven't worn a sleeveless outfit EVER on stage!  Now, my goal is to be able to confidently wear a sleeveless dress on stage in two months, after 20 lbs have released off my body. 



Hi I'm Jake! And I'm not the one from State Farm.

I'm thirteen years old. For years  I've been bullied for being fat.

And this hurts me mentally and physically. I hated my self for years and did not like my body. Kids look and act like I'm not there and say rude things, but I know I will prevail

by doing this, that I know.



Entries in this blog

Week 1 Results

Let me start off by saying I was nervous about my first weigh-in because I had started my cycle and that normally means a 3 lb weight gain!   But I am DOWN !!    Here are my week 1 results vlog   How did your week go?     xo Melissa     



First Weigh-In

It's the start...and an awakening to how bad it really has been.    To watch my week one VLOG click here     My Son: This morning my son weighed in on our family fit bit scale and I saw a number I have NEVER seen on my son. It broke my heart. I failed him. That is all I could think about is how I created this problem for him and it's my job to fix it before it turns to diabetes or worse.    I know people see my obese son and look at me as the "enabler




Just made my first appointment for tomorrow. My son and I went to the Santa Clarita, CA Jenny Craig center right as they were closing, so we made appointments and grabbed a two menus to view.   My first thoughts.....   WOW..how is there birthday cake on the menu !?! I have sworn off sweets and always tell my son to skip sweets or limit to one every now and then as a splurge. Sweets daily, that will be new. CONCERNED...is this going to provide enough protein? The bre



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