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Members following our Classic program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week. Typical weight loss on the Rapid Results program is 11.6 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

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About this blog

The Scale and how to own it (not let it own you).

Entries in this blog

Candle Light Challenge

Try the Candle Light Challenge for your next off plan eating moment and you can finally Win over emotional and unconscious eating.When you decide to eat off plan, light a specific candle taking in the light and warmth, fragrance and beauty. This candle represents you, your power, goals and your choice to represent yourself during this time of eating off plan. When its time to eat off plan, briefly blow the candle out and then re light it when your off plan eating time is done. Keep it lit till



From: Inspiration/Motivation

Finding motivation starting to wain? Put more focus on the journey and allow yourself to relax in the path instead of always looking at the goal which could still be a ways away. Find joy and happiness and inspiration along the way. There is nothing stopping you from attaining any goal you really want to achieve because all the variables (path and state) are considered part of the journey and worth finding the "amazing" parts in each of them. Most folks who struggle with the path or their sta



Tip to Overcoming Emotional Eating

Why do we sabotage our goals? Its a difficult question to answer because its done subconsciously. Call it homeostasis, call it bad programming, being "wired that way".... What ever it is, it can be corrected in our brains but not by ignoring the problem and wishing it away. There are many odd things we do without thinking or we may even tell ourselves "It wont hurt just this one time" . But we all know consciously, that is not true at all! At one time the action of rewarding ourselves with



The Scale and How to Own It - and not let it own you.

Ladies and Gents The scale really messes with your mind sometimes ...One day it boosts your motivation and the next day it will destroys it..... What will happen when we get to goal, will the scale bring us a reward then? How bout even when we are below our goal (and it will happen) will the scale give us a prize and, put our name in lights!!!? Will the scale seem so powerful in our mind when we are at goal or will the goal WE achieved be our focus then and the scale will simply fade into the



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