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Welcome to the Jenny Craig Community

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  • Only lost 1.4 pounds first week.  Feeling very sad

    1. MalisaGinBoise


      I'm so sorry you are feeling like you didnt lose enough. We've all had weeks like that. Please be sure to take your menu with you to your consultations, completely filled out. Turns out my 1st week I was so busy, I missed every afternoon snack and then a couple of dinners. My consultant told me I wasn't eating enough food and so the next week I was able to take her advice. In my mind I had done everything right because I didnt eat anything not on the menu, but when I followed perfectly I lost 7 lbs the next week! Then I slowed down to that healthy, sustainable weight loss of 1 to 2 lbs a week. And I'm happy I did lose that way. Its stayed off so much better. 

  • Hi! As an active member of the Jenny Craig community, I am wondering if you are aware of and/or using the Jenny Craig mobile app? If so, would love to know which features you like the most. And, if not what would inspire you to use it? Thanks!

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    2. MalisaGinBoise


      One thing I hear from clients is they wish it had a calorie counter on it for those moments they have to have a meal on their own or if they forgot their food etc. And also for users who mix days, it can become a little crazy trying to track days. But I have a couple clients that use it. Email their weeks to me and I can just keep my email open in a tab each day to be able to quickly access it.

    3. dogz4me


      I use the app but am on reduced carb so I have to manually enter my foods.  I also use MyFitnessPaland I like that better because I can scan the bar codes and will track my calories.  Hoping the JC app will add more plan options or some way to track calories better

    4. Trixie123


      Is there a low carb option menu or do you crest your own?

  • Well started Jenny again...and doing well except I seem to get weak when Hungry.

  • Hello I have a microwave question


    If I microwave a lunch at home in the morning and bring it to work, will it spoil? Would it spoil if I refrigerated the meal?


    Thank you,


    1. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

      You should cook the item once ready to consume, unless you put it in thermos or a heat keeping dish/bag.  You can put frozen meals in the fridge for no more than three days and we don't recommend re-freezing them.  Cooking times may also very.

  • hello, can we talk on PM

  • Hi Happygolucky!!

    You can do it! I can do it too!Looking to lose  60 lbs and tone up in a healthy consistent way with Jenny Craig!!

    1. HappyGoLuckie


      Thank you! We are on our way to a healthier us!!

  • Hi Katie, I just returned to the program this past saturday. my temptation is break room food. want to remember to ude the HALT and STOP

    instead of impuldively eating 

    igo to PT 3nights a weekk at different times so I know what you mean aboyt being very hungry. Trying extra yougurt or more veggies.You zgot This.

    Roby 7

    1. Roby7




  • Nearly to maintenance, less than 10# to go. 


    1. MalisaGinBoise


      That's amazing!

  • Hello! I am starting (again) and I wanted to say hi and to thank you. You are motivating and encouraging and kind. I'm glad to be back!


    1. missbumble


      YAY _ Congrats!!! we got this. When do you start??? Glad we are in this together. 

      Yippeeee - You got this!

    2. Ang M

      Ang M

      I get my food tomorrow 

  • I would like to start a walking group in Boca Raton, FL at South County Park.

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