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Hi I'm new to JC, I'm having a hard time figuring out the fruit, veggies and milk. I need things broken down. I eat a meal add as much veggies I need to be full? Are all veggies free food? 6oz yogurt with fruit =1milk and 1 fruit? What if it's the yo play light key lime pie yogurt? I know stupid questions! I must have read it 100 times and still don't understand. If I'm rushing around all day and just eat the meals and not fruit/ veggies is that really bad?

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Thank you for your post,

Your questions are normal and we will help you to get on track with your weight loss journey.

Go to your Real Life Real Solutions Guide pg 18. Here it explains each food group and how much equals 1 Food Group (fruit, vegetable, milk, etc.) serving.

If you are on a Personalized Menu Plan (1200 calories), daily you will have 2 Fruit Servings, 2 Milk Servings (if you are consuming the Anytime Bar - this counts as 1 Milk Serving and your daily multivitamin), 2 Vegetable Servings. Take a look again at the Real Life Real Solutions Guide pg 18 for ideas.

Here is an example of Food Exchanges (choose 2 of each daily):

1 Fruit exchange = 1 small apple, OR 1 cup raspberries or strawberries, OR 1/2 cup canned fruit

1 Vegetable exchange = 1 cup raw vegetables, OR 1/2 cup cooked vegetables

1 Milk exchange = 1 Anytime Bar, OR 1 cup low-fat Milk, OR 1 cup soy milk, OR 6 oz (1 container) of low-fat/light yogurt

Vegetables you may want to limit avoid starchy vegetables which include; peas, corn, potatoes.

Please incorporate your grocery food items daily. This helps to ensure you are consuming enough nutrients, calories, fiber and other essentials. Choose a variety of food items to vary your calorie and nutrient intake.

You can contact our customer care (1-800-536-6922) service or your center for any questions as well.

Best wishes!

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