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New Year’s Resolution Ideas You Can Accomplish

By Jenny Craig

While the holidays are full of celebrating the present moment and spending quality time with friends and family, many people embrace the opportunity that comes with a new year approaching: A chance to set goals to accomplish throughout the year.


Not sure which goals to set in the new year? Good New Year’s resolutions are those that really speak to you and are achievable. Here are some great New Year’s resolution ideas to help you win the year!


Walk every day. One of the top New Year’s resolutions is to exercise more, which means gyms are typically packed for the first few months of the year. You can start your “move more” resolution by walking every day. Whether it’s a walk around the block with your family, a hike over the weekends or making your work break a lap around your building complex, you can work it into your schedule without worrying about the crowds.

Stop procrastinating. This applies to so many things: Work, errands, getting together with a friend, cleaning out the garage—the list goes on and on! It’s easy to get caught up with social media and your favorite television marathon, but you are missing out on getting your goals accomplished to not have as much stress around you. Take a few moments to write out your plans for the day or week, then commit to accomplishing your tasks.

Show yourself some love. When one says they want to “get healthy,” it typically focuses on physical health. There has been a surge in doing things that are good for your mental and emotional health, and it’s important to remember that your overall health is impacted by your emotions and mentality. When you have a positive mindset, it helps keep you motivated in all areas of your life.

You can find ways to 
reward yourself tha also feeds into taking care of yourself. Finished a huge project at work? Get a massage! Donated some old clothes you don’t fit into anymore? Buy some new clothes! Reached a weight loss milestone? Plan a field trip for yourself! Some of these things may even be on your list of New Year’s resolutions list already, which counts as double-accountability as you take care of yourself throughout the year.

Invest in your hobby. Investing in something doesn’t always mean monetarily—time is an investment, too! If you love to read, create a specific time where you read or join a book club. If you want to learn how to meal prep, look up an exciting new recipe or take a cooking class. The possibilities are endless once you decide to focus more attention on what you already love to do.

Get more sleep. This is one New Year’s resolution idea that your body and mind will thank you for committing to. So much happens throughout the day, and yet it seems like there is not enough time to get everything in. Your body needs to rest in order to recharge and recover from the day’s events, and denying yourself moments of rest only adds to stress. Some ways you can get more sleep is to become aware of when you drink caffeinated beverages and have your room become a place where you can rest—no TV, no computer or bringing work into your bed. Sleep most likely helps with weight loss if that is one of your goals, too.

Lose 10 pounds. Weight loss is perhaps the most common goal for everyone’s New Year’s resolutions list. Weight loss may seem like a bigger challenge when there is more than 10 pounds to lose, but you can make it manageable by focusing on the first (or last) 10 pounds. Regardless of whether it’s 10 pounds or 100, you’ll be facing many of the same frustrations and challenges.

It’s the beginning of the new year and focusing on the 10 pounds in front of you allows you to find out what works for you. It’s an opportunity to look at your habits and change them without becoming overwhelmed. By making small changes, such as focusing on eating healthier or finding activities you love, you can begin your weight loss journey. Just remember that having a support system is important, too, as it can help you stay motivated, keep you accountable and help you strategize for when you hit a plateau.


We hope our list of New Year’s resolution ideas helps you come up with a few of your own!






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