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Non-food Weight Loss Reward Ideas

By Jenny Craig

From birthdays to job promotions and every celebratory moment in between, there seems to be a trend that all these milestones have a food element associated with them. While reaching milestones in your body weight loss journey should be celebrated, part of this journey includes figuring out other ways to reward yourself outside of food. So instead of celebrating your progress with junk food, choose a non-food reward! Here are seven rewards for weight loss milestones to put an extra pep in your step and continue to motivate yourself toward weight loss goals:

1. Revitalize your wardrobe.

Non-food Weight Loss Reward Ideas-Jenny-craig-1-min.jpg

There is nothing like buying a new pair of jeans when you’ve dropped a size. Celebrate yourself by buying a new article of clothing or have an outfit altered for every 10lbs dropped. Now those are great incentives we can get behind! You can also make room in your closet by donating clothes that are overly baggy.

2. Get your hair styled.

Non-food Weight Loss Reward Ideas-Jenny-craig-2-min.jpg

Whether that means getting a haircut or a blowout, we’re all about it! This great reward can also add a boost in confidence about your overall appearance.

3. Pamper yourself.

This weight loss reward is relaxing and fun! A massage or a manicure/pedicure are just two ways that you can take an extended amount of time to devote to yourself for that much needed me time.

4. Plan a field trip for yourself.

Non-food Weight Loss Reward Ideas-Jenny-craig-3-min.jpg

Celebrate all the hard work you have put in by planning a field trip for yourself. Your field trip can take any form. Take a walk along a body of water, go window-shopping at your favorite stores or visit a museum.

5. Join a Club.

Find some like-minded individuals who want to celebrate being healthier too. Join a walking or fitness club, meetup or even exercise your mind by joining a book club. You’ll have fun and it will keep you motivated, inspired, and healthy!

6. Take yourself out on the town.

Non-food Weight Loss Reward Ideas-Jenny-craig-4-min.jpg

Whether it is going to a movie, a concert, or checking out a new art exhibit, you deserve a fun night out! Take a friend, significant other or family member and enjoy a night to celebrate your healthy lifestyle and weight loss progress.

7. Buy a new item for your house.

Have you been eyeing an amazing sectional couch or a new coffee table? Now is the time to treat yourself with a new furnishing for your house. Reward your healthy behavior and hard work by indulging in furniture instead of food!


Use these non-food weight loss reward ideas to stay on track to hit your ultimate goal weight and continue on the journey to long-term success. If you’re looking for other ideas on how to reward yourself instead of with food, ask your Jenny Craig program consultant! Visit your local neighborhood Jenny Craig center or meet with your consultant via phone or video chat, where we’ll happily brainstorm, keep your motivation strong, and celebrate your healthy weight loss program milestones with you.


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