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6 Drinks You Can Say Yes To on Jenny Craig

By Sarah S – Jenny Craig

Drinking enough water during the day—about half your bodyweight, in ounces—is one of the easiest and best ways to control hunger during your weight loss journey. But if you’re not in the habit of drinking this much liquid, you might find yourself struggling to meet your daily agua intake goals. Not to worry. Here are six simple alternatives to plain old water, along with ideas for making every sip a little more flavorful.


1. Get some sparkle
Whether you’re drinking mineral water, club soda or diet tonic water, bubbles make everything more fun! All three are sugar- and calorie-free, but club soda and diet tonic water both have sodium (50mg and 105mg, respectively), so it’s best not to make either of these a replacement for ALL of your daily fluids. Add a splash of fruit juice and pour your drink over ice, and it will feel more like a treat!


2. Drink your veggies
One serving of low-sodium vegetable juice contains the equivalent of one cup of vegetables, including 80% of your recommended daily Vitamin C intake and 700mg of potassium! All good stuff, and at just 30 calories per serving, it’s a wonderful way to curb hunger between meals.


3. Take a coffee break
Coffee certainly has its detractors, but as long as you’re staying out of frozen gourmet coffee territory, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional cup of joe. These things should go without saying: if you like your coffee light and sweet, use a no-calorie sweetener and fat-free milk. And be aware that lack of sleep can disrupt your weight loss—so know when to choose decaf.


4. Take some tea
With less caffeine than coffee and varieties to suit every palate, tea is already a great addition to your daily fluid intake. But many studies suggest that the unique antioxidant compounds present in most kinds of tea carry with them a wide array of potential health benefits, too—including lowering “bad” cholesterol and helping to prevent diabetes. Note: steep longer for more health benefits.


5. Enjoy these sparingly
Craving a stronger burst of flavor? Try a diet soda, a sugar-free drink mix or one of the new “liquid water enhancer” products. Fair warning, though—many of these products contain sodium, and are sweetened with sucralose or similar artificial substances that can be up to 600 times sweeter than sugar. While they may not have calories, regular consumption can condition your taste buds to crave their concentrated sweetness… so over time, you might come to find other sweeteners less satisfying.


6. Hype up your H20
Who says your water has to be plain? Whether you’re drinking it still or sparkling, it’s easy to put a “mocktail” spin on your water. Fill a large pitcher with ice and water, toss in a few key ingredients, and let it steep in the fridge overnight for interesting sips throughout the next day. Here are just a few tasty ideas for you to try: cucumber and crushed mint, lemon and chopped basil, and slices of mixed citrus. Cheers!

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