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Santa’s Favorite Cookies

Kari - Jenny Craig


Dashing through the snow (or mall) for those last-minute gifts, then wrapping presents to place under the tree, and then preparing dinner for your family—you must be ready to sit beside a fire and treat yourself to something sweet! Cookies are a go-to staple for the holiday season: they’re small enough to where you can be satisfied with one (or three!) and can also be made in batches and flavors that allow you to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. But how did cookies get to become so popular as a holiday treat—and better yet, what can your family leave Santa Claus to satisfy his sweet tooth, too?


Cookie Tradition


There are a few traditions that led to the popularity of leaving cookies out for Santa Claus.

In Norse mythology, children left food out for the Sleipner, the Norse god Odin’s horse, in hopes that Odin would leave gifts out for them. Other countries leave other treats, such as carrots and hay for the horses Santa uses in France, or rice porridge in Sweden for Santa himself. In America, the tradition of leaving cookies out for Santa began in 1930s to teach children the importance of giving to others during the Great Depression. Since then, cookies—and perhaps a few carrots for Santa’s reindeer—continue to make their way onto our holiday plates.


Santa’s Favorite Cookies


With so many cookies being offered in one night, Santa certainly has his favorites that he can’t resist. The most popular are those chocolate sandwich cookies with cream in the middle, gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies. We recommend our Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, where light brown sugar, a dash of salt, semi-sweet chocolate chips or mini chocolate chips, as well as a few lighter substitutions, allow you and Santa to enjoy a balance of sweetness without the immense sugar that can occur with other flavors and recipes.


If you’re looking for other cookie ideas, look no further as Santa let us in on a few of his other favorite flavors! He loves to break his chocolate cookie streak with something spicy and sweet, like our Iced Oatmeal Cookie that is topped with cream cheese icing that reflects what snowy rooftops look like once Santa’s sleigh has landed. Santa also let us know that while he loves soft cookies, he also loves how crisp our Lemon Cooler Cookies are. Our Lemon Cooler Cookies offer a sweet burst of lemon to brighten Santa’s taste buds, and the powdered sugar on top looks just like a light sprinkle of snow!


With so many cookies to choose from, we’re happy that Santa let us know that we’re on his nice (and tasty) cookie list! We wish you all a happy holiday, and hope you enjoy these cookies as much as Santa does.





Edited by Kari - Jenny Craig

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