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New Foods to Love this Season

Jenny Craig

With fall just around the corner, we’re excited to share with you new Jenny Craig foods we know you’re going to love. Indulge in these delicious foods for the new season. Available August 18th.

Ramen Noodle Bowl with Chicken & Veggies



Classic and comforting, this hearty bowl is filled with tender noodles in a delicious broth combined with chicken, red bell peppers, carrots and mushrooms.


“Ramen is all the craze and inspired our Ramen Noodle Bowl with Chicken & Veggies,” Director of Brand & Product, Lindsay Ostenson said. “It’s a perfect dish as the weather cools off. It’s packed with veggies, but you can add your own favorites too.  I like to spice mine up with some jalapeno, fresh lime and cilantro.”

Pecan Glazed Chicken (US) & Maple Pecan Glazed Chicken (Canada)



Warm up this season with something hearty. Roasted chicken glazed with a sweet sauce, alongside a blend of savory butternut squash, wild rice, orzo, onions and topped off with chopped pecans.


“Sweet and savory, and oh so delightful! Our new Pecan Glazed Chicken is a hearty dish featuring a favorite fall vegetable— sweet potatoes,” Ostenson said. “It pairs perfectly with a side of crispy, roasted Brussel sprouts.”

Pumpkin Loaf



A seasonal favorite. Jumpstart your morning with a classic pumpkin loaf baked with cinnamon spice and topped with tart cranberries and streusel. Available for a limited time. 

Pumpkin Spice Cakes 



A favorite dessert is back for a limited time! This real pumpkin cake is perfectly blended with cinnamon, nutmeg and topped off with a cream cheese icing drizzle.        


“Nothing says fall like pumpkin! We are so excited to bring back our Pumpkin Spice Cakes and Pumpkin Loaf for the 7th year in a row,” Ostenson said. “These are fan favorites, but they are limited editions so hurry and stock up while you can! My favorite is the Pumpkin Spice Cakes with the cream cheese drizzle. And since there’s 2 in each package, I can have one and save one for later!”

Edited by Kari - Jenny Craig

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Guest barrrios123@verizon.net


Just can't wait to try the new dinners. They look fabulous. One of my favorites is the pumpkin loaf. Looking forward to a crisp fall morning and having my coffee and pumpkin loaf on my back deck. Love my Jenny food.

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Please add more non meat items...maybe squash veggies and rice?..menu is slim pickins for us non meat eaters:( The pumpkin bread looks yummy

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The two new meals look wonderful and I'm anxious to try them.  I'm not particularly crazy about pumpkin food, but will give it a try.  I've said I don't think I would like to eat other dishes and sometimes they turn out to be one of my favorites!  

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Looking to get back on Jenny Craig and the Ramen Noodle Bowl with Chicken & Veggies looks appealing except for the edamame.  My experience with all frozen dinners (not just Jenny Craig's) is that if they show edamame in the photo on the package, then there are twice as much edamame in the actual dish.  I feel about edamame, the way I feel about lima beans - they taste like wax. Why don't you have dishes that have spinach or even broccoli in them?  What's this obsession in the frozen dinner industry with edamame these days?

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Please let those of us who are allergic to peanuts join your program. I was on your program before and had no problem. I'm not severly allergic to peanuts for it to bother me when something is manufactured in a plant with peanuts I just can't eat the peanuts themselves. I've been doing okay with other TV dinners just checking to make sure they don't have peanuts in them. Thanks.

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