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The Perfect Portion

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If you’re looking to watch what you eat or haven’t joined the Jenny Craig program, these sneaky foods can be derailing your diet. A snack here and there, a quick, on-the-go breakfast and a can of soda seem harmless, but these items are potential calorie bombs and can really add up fast. Check out these five sneaky items loaded with calories that could be hurting your weight loss and some suggestions for healthier alternatives.
An obvious, but notorious cause of weight gain. That’s why it should be the first to go when eating healthy. Each time your crack open a can of soda, you’re drinking empty calories that could be sneakily thwarting the number on the scale. A can of soda typically contains 150 calories, but if you drop your daily soft drink, you could save yourself over 1,000 calories per week. If you’re craving flavor or the lively bubbles of a soda, try a flavored, carbonated water or infuse a bottle of water with your favorite fruits, such as strawberry, watermelon, or lemon. 
Pastries may seem like an easy, grab-and-go breakfast but they are loaded with calories from both fat and sugar. A store-bought muffin is around 500 calories, while the Jenny Craig Chocolate Muffin only has 190 calories. It’s best to either prep some healthier breakfasts, eat some Greek yogurt with fresh berries or reach for a delicious Jenny Craig breakfast entrée.
Movie Popcorn
Our Kettle Corn is a low-calorie way to beat the munchies, but avoid snacking on prepackaged, microwave, or movie popcorn that is often high in calories and saturated fat, the unhealthy heart kind. A seemingly harmless small bag of popcorn from the theatre contains around 600 calories and 50 grams of fat. 
Sauces and Dressings 
It’s tough to imagine enjoying our favorite foods without condiments, however it’s easy to go overboard on classic staples such as ranch dressing or barbeque sauce. We recommend enjoying one tablespoon of fat-free condiments such as cream cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, teriyaki sauce and barbeque sauce.    
Raisins and dried fruit
Eating one of your toddler’s raisins boxes is a sly way to hurt your weight loss. One tiny snack box has nearly 130 calories when you could satisfy your sweet tooth with two full cups of grapes for the same amount of calories. Just two tablespoons count as a fruit serving, so consider either limiting portion size or using a lesser amount of dried fruit as a flavor enhancer on top of breakfast cereals, yogurt, salads or oatmeal. Dried fruit is often found in trail mix, and while they are compact vitamin powerhouses, bits of dried fruit add up in calories (and sugar) quickly. Dried cranberries, berries, apples and peaches can be a tasty snack when you keep portions under control. 
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Just in time for spring! This Coconut Cucumber Cooler is alcohol-free and a refreshing beverage that will make you feel like you’re relaxing on a tropical beach. 

½ cup coconut water
2 tsp. lime juice
5-6 mint leaves
4-5 thinly sliced cucumbers
1 splash of sparkling water
1 tsp. coconut extract
 ½ cup of ice
1.    Muddle mint leaves and cucumbers in coconut water
2.    Let beverage chill for 1 hour
3.    Add lime juice, sparkling water, coconut extract and ice
4.     Enjoy!
*1 limited free
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“Hanger” is a phrase used when one can trace their anger back to their state of hunger. But why does hanger happen in the first place? Jenny Craig’s Senior Director of Science and Behavioral Interventions, Lisa Talamini, explains that scientists trace the “hanger response” to two things: low blood sugar (glucose) and increased levels of “fight or flight” hormones. 
But how does one get to a point of “hanger?” Lisa notes that skipping meals or delaying eating for too long can lead to a reduced delivery of glucose to the brain, a perceived “danger” that stimulates the release of stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline, which cause the “fight or flight” response), as well as the brain neuropeptide Y. This cascade of events is experienced as anger/anxiety, and the natural response might be to eat! That’s why starvation diets are so counter-productive.  
At Jenny Craig, we encourage frequent meals and snacks—6 of them in a day to maintain even blood sugars and to keep pre-meal hunger at a “mild” vs. “maniac” level. In fact, we encourage clients to practice the HALT strategy to consciously tune in for signs of getting too hungry, angry/anxious, lonely or tired, all of which can lead to a binge.

How can you check for signs of HALT? Here is a quick checklist you can use:
Hunger: “Hanger” begins with hunger, so evaluate when the last time you ate was and what you ate. Was your meal satisfying, or were you still feeling ravenous? If you were still feeling hungry, make sure to add more Fresh & Free Additions to your meals! Make sure that you also have snacks available, like our Classic Hummus & Wheat Crackers that you can add additional vegetables like carrots or bell peppers to, or have a crunchy snack, like celery or an apple, before sinking your teeth into our satisfying S’mores Bar.  Anger/anxious: Evaluate your state of mind and body to figure out what may be making you anxious or angry. What has happened so far in your day, or are you anxious about an upcoming situation or deadline? If so, make a plan for how you can approach the situation to make it less stressful. It’s important to find time to step away from a situation, too, so if you need to go out and get some fresh air, go for it!  Lonely: Loneliness can creep up on you, especially if you’ve had a busy week where you haven’t been able to check-in as often as you like with friends or family. Send a quick text to a few friends or call them to let them know you want to catch up. Making plans to get you out of your work/home routine will break up the loneliness and give you something to look forward to. Tired: Depriving your body of the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep can take its toll.. When you get enough sleep, your body is better able to regulate the hormones that make you feel hungry and full.   
Remember to take the time to HALT so you can take care of your health. If you would like help with other weight loss strategies, find a local neighborhood Jenny Craig center near you or call 866-706-4042. 
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Inspire mouthwatering satisfaction with a low-calorie pasta revelation. Delicious zucchini noodles will transform your Chicken Fettuccine into a gourmet veggie delight. 
Jenny Craig Chicken Fettuccine 1 zucchini  1 tomato, diced 2 garlic cloves  1/3 cup steamed spinach  1/4 tsp sea salt  1 bay leaf  parsley, chopped nonstick cooking spray (optional)  2 tbsp water  Spiral vegetable slicer   
1. Use spiral vegetable slicer or mandolin to turn zucchini into fettuccine-like noodles. 
2. Place zucchini noodles in microwave-safe dish. Cover and microwave on high for 2 minutes.
3. In a pan, mix the spinach and garlic together. 
4. Over medium heat, add the tomato and seasonings, stir to combine. 
5. Add water and heat for 2-3 minutes until tomato breaks down. Add zucchini noodles. 
6. Prepare Chicken Fettuccine as directed and add to the pan, stirring well. 
7. Remove bay leaf and serve with fresh parsley on top. 
Per serving
Chicken Fettuccine (2 starch, 2 protein)
+ 3 Veg
6 Free Foods  
Submitted by Lauren D. from Staten Island, New York 
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To add more flavor to your veggies, you don't have to add butter or salt! Often, the perfect seasoning can really bring out the flavor, making other additives unnecessary. You can add herbs and spices prior to roasting, steaming or grilling your favorite vegetables. 

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When it comes to your health, you and your doctor are a team, but, whether you’re nervous, shy or uncomfortable, it isn’t always easy talking to your doctor. Speaking up about your health is vital for a solid partnership with your doctor and for the right personal care. With your health in mind, make the most of your time in the exam room with these six tips for effectively communicating with your doctor.

Write it down
Come prepared with a list of questions and concerns about your health. It’s easy to get caught up in the appointment and forget to ask about specific concerns, especially if you get nervous or are flustered. Write down whatever has been bothering you, list out your symptoms and prioritize your concerns and questions. Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question. 
No embarrassment
Some things are just plain awkward to ask about, but, trust us, your doctor has heard it all. If you’re feeling timid or shy to broach a particular symptom or subject about your health, don’t be. You doctor has been trained to handle potentially sensitive health care issues professionally. When it comes to your health, be straightforward and honest, so that you can receive the right care for any personal matter. 
Take notes
Just as you prepared before your appointment by writing down questions, symptoms, or concerns, bring your smartphone or notepad with you to jot down suggestions from your doctor during your appointment. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the conversation and forget just what the doctor said. 

Bring support
It’s okay to bring someone you trust along with you to your appointment. Having a support person there can relieve some anxiety you have about visiting with your doctor and can also advocate for your health. A parent, spouse, or sibling might think of questions you hadn’t considered and see it from a different perspective. 
Learn all you can
Collect all the information you can during your appointment. If you don’t understand your diagnosis, ask questions until you do. Request for all the information you can get your hands on–printed material from the doctor or other resources the doctor trusts and recommends. 
Contact later
Your time is limited with your doctor in the exam room, so make the most of today’s technology. Get contact information from your doctor on the best way to reach them post-appointment. Many offices today allow for patient-doctor communication through a patient portal website that also contains your medical records. It’s okay if you forget to ask a question or have follow-up concerns regarding your health–just reach out to them after your appointment. 
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Enjoy this easy and minty recipe just in time for St. Patrick's Day.  
Jenny Craig Vanilla Cream Shake 1/2  frozen banana  1/2 cup ice cubes  1/2 tsp or more to taste of mint extract  5 drops of green food coloring, or more to enhance color*  2 Tbsp whipped topping Garnish with fresh mint sprigs   Directions:
1.       Add Jenny Craig Vanilla Cream Shake, banana, ice cubes, mint extract and food coloring* into a blender. 
2.       Blend on high speed until smooth.
3.       Top with whipped topping.
4.       Garnish with mint sprigs.
5.       Serve with a straw.
Exchanges per serving:
Jenny Craig Vanilla Cream Shake (1 Milk) + 1 Fruit + 1 Limited Free Food
*For a version of this drink without using food coloring, try tossing in a handful of naturally green spinach instead!

Jenny Craig Chocolate Dream Shake 1/2  frozen banana  1/2 cup ice cubes  1/2 tsp or more to taste of mint extract  2 Tbsp whipped topping Garnish with fresh mint sprigs  
1.       Add Jenny Craig Chocolate Dream Shake, banana, ice cubes, and mint extract into a blender. 
2.       Blend on high speed until smooth.
3.       Top with whipped topping.
4.       Garnish with mint sprigs.
5.       Serve with a straw.
Exchanges per serving:
Jenny Craig Chocolate Dream Shake (1 Milk) + 1 Fruit + 1 Limited Free Food
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We’ve all had those days when things just don’t seem to be going our way. When you’re frustrated, tired and feeling like you will never find success, don’t give up. Train your brain to power through and creatively spark your will to reach your goals. Check out these seven inspiring mind hacks to stay motivated.
No judgment
First and most importantly, be kind to yourself. Let go of being perfect as we’re all human. One lapse does not mean it’s the end of the road for your weight loss journey. Instead of criticizing yourself, decide that you can make choices at your next meal that support your goals. 
Reach mini-milestones

That goal to lose 30 pounds by your birthday seems pretty daunting, right? Instead of feeling overwhelmed, try setting attainable mini-milestones that will help you reach your big goal. Pull out a weekly planner and write down goals you can accomplish in one week. For example, aim to take the stairs up to your office every day. The next week, tell yourself you will incorporate vegetables in every meal. Each time you reach a small goal, you are forming positive habits and will be one step closer to a healthier, fitter you.
Treat yourself
The big reward, of course, is feeling happier, looking great, and taking care of yourself, but treating yourself throughout your weight loss journey can help you stay motivated along the way. Choose monthly non-food rewards, such as a new outfit, a manicure, or tickets to a concert, as a way to boost your confidence and your motivation. 
Find support

Your Jenny Craig consultant is like having a supportive coach along with you for the journey. Connect with them each week, as your consultant is there to guide you through your trials and your weight loss wins. Additionally, find support from those closest to you–talk to your friends and family about your new, healthier lifestyle. Get even more positive motivation and inspiration by connecting with other Jenny Craig members on the Jenny Craig Facebook page or by visiting the Jenny Craig community.
Try something new
If you’re stuck in a routine that has you yawning, try something new. Renew your will to reach your goals by refreshing your menu with new, fresh foods and trying a healthy recipe. Kick up your workout by trying a new fitness routine or workout class. 
Test yourself
Stay motivated by giving yourself a test. If you feel like giving up, ask yourself: If I stop now, what will my health be like? and What will I look and feel like in 6 months if I do keep going? Your answers will remind help yourself of why you even set a goal.

Clear the closet
Progress is more than just a decreasing number on the scale. Take an afternoon to inspire yourself to keep going by cleaning out the clutter in your closet, and by clutter, we mean all of those clothes that are now too big for you. Try on pieces and if they no longer fit, throw it in a box to donate. Actually seeing that you are accomplishing your goals is excellent motivation–and a good excuse to reward yourself with a little shopping.
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You may hear a typical morning routine begin with waking up, getting dressed for the day and then heading out for a big cup of coffee. Many times, people opt for the larger cups with added flavors, like vanilla, hazelnut or chocolate, which can hinder weight loss due to the added sugar and calories. Sometimes, the coffee may seem so filling on its own, people may skip eating breakfast to focus on other things!
While we don’t encourage coffee with sugar, Jenny Craig members may drink coffee with a splash of fat-free milk to make it more palatable. If you’ve been relying too much on coffee or want to avoid the afternoon caffeine crash, here are five alternatives to morning coffee to get you going:
Get adequate sleep.
This is obvious, but the most important to your health and weight loss. A good night’s rest can lead toward a good morning. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night.
Create a new morning routine.
A morning ritual that allows you to ease into your day can be just as beneficial as the caffeine perk your coffee gives you. Wake up early and check the news, read a book and/or explore some of the options listed below. The main thing is to find activities that will help you ease into your day with a healthy awareness of your needs.
Drink tea.
Tea gets its natural flavor via the leaves, fruits and/or berries that are combined together per serving. Black, green and white tea only takes about 3-5 minutes to steep depending on the variety, and has less caffeine than coffee so you can avoid both sugar and a huge spike in caffeine. You can also explore decaf options.
Eat breakfast.
Skipping breakfast is an unfortunate trend for some people to save calories. Don’t follow suit. Eating breakfast provides the nutrients that will help jumpstart your day and keep you focused so you don’t feel a mid-afternoon slouch that can occur with a caffeine/sugar crash. If you live an on-the-go lifestyle, heat up our Turkey Bacon & Egg White Sandwich for a protein-filled breakfast, or stash a few packets of oatmeal, like our Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, in your desk drawer.
Take a walk.
An afternoon walk may help relieve any afternoon caffeine cravings, which could potentially keep you up at night if you were to indulge in an afternoon coffee. Going outside and getting your body moving allows you to refresh your mind and prepare for whatever you have to do next. You can also take a moment for some light stretching as well if you need to head to a meeting, and then extend that stretch into a walk later in the day.
Morning routines set the mood for the rest of the day, so finding some alternatives to keep your routine exciting and fun can help lead toward successful choices throughout the rest of the day.

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Can a good night's sleep help you lose weight? Most likely, YES! When you get enough sleep, your body is better able to regulate the hormones that make you feel hungry and full. People who get irregular sleep, like shift workers, tend to have their metabolism thrown off due to the irregular hours, which can lead to an increased risk for diabetes and weight gain.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics also noted that one reason sleep could be linked to weight is that fatigue leads to lower physical activity and excess eating. While staying up working means you may get more accomplished throughout the day, depriving your body of sleep doesn’t allow for you to recover from the day’s activities, which includes exercise and digestion. When you sleep, your body is doing nothing except focusing on recovering and preparing you for the next day.

For adults, the National Sleep Foundation recommends about 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Here are some tips on how you can get some shuteye earlier:
Limit computer, TV and cellphone time before bed.
The light from these electronic devices, as well as whatever is on, may cause anxiety, stress or excitement that may prevent going to bed sooner. Try to get away from these devices at least an hour before you want to go to bed.
Make your bed a place of rest.
Invest in sheets and pillows that will make your bed a welcome space to be in. This also means don’t bring your work into bed with you so you can truly let your brain unwind from the day’s events.
Evaluate your bedroom.
Depending on where you live, you may hear traffic outside, see the bright lights of a cityscape or have a room that may be too hot or cold depending on the season. Look into curtains, white noise machines, fans, etc. to create a space that allows you to be comfortable before bedtime.

Making your health a priority means making smart decisions, like getting enough sleep, for well-rounded success. Nutrition is part of this equation, and Jenny Craig would love to help! Continue to check back for more helpful articles. If you would like to learn about how Jenny Craig can help you achieve your weight-loss goals, find a center near you or call 866-706-4042 today.






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A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine1 recognized Jenny Craig as a potential treatment against obesity through its weight loss and weight management program. Further, the study "Mechanisms, Pathophysiology, and Management of Obesity" underscores the key elements of treating obesity which include live counseling, a low-calorie diet, physical activity and behavior modification – all of which are fundamental elements of the Jenny Craig program. Obesity is a leading cause of chronic diseases.
Within the study, researchers Dr. Heymsfield and Dr. Wadden provide a thorough review of the causes, health consequences and treatment of obesity. Their review underscores the complexity of the condition and the challenge its epidemic proportions present to the healthcare system.
"We are gratified that Jenny Craig was specifically named as a commercial program for physician referral. The study is further validation of the importance of regular contact with a trained counselor to provide behavioral strategies, set goals and engage in problem solving for both weight loss and weight maintenance. All of these are key components of our one-on-one personalized approach," said Monty Sharma, CEO of Jenny Craig.
In particular, the study references that a commercial weight loss program, such as Jenny Craig, can be prescribed by physicians if the program's safety and efficacy have been reported in peer-reviewed journals as is the case with Jenny Craig. According to obesity researcher and Jenny Craig Science Advisor Frank Greenway, MD, "Most physicians recognize obesity as a chronic disease. They recommend diet and exercise for weight management, but need referral resources to support their patients to succeed. The highly respected New England Journal of Medicine recommends that referrals be made to weight loss programs that have evidence of safe and effective weight loss published in high-quality medical journals. Only two programs were mentioned as fulfilling that criteria and Jenny Craig was one of those."
For more information, visit the full press release. 
1Heymsfield, Steven B. & Wadden, Thomas A. Mechanisms, Pathophysiology, and Management of Obesity. (2017). New England Journal of Medicine, 376:254-266. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMra1514009
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By Kari - Jenny Craig, in Eat Well,

You may already be choosing to eat healthier alternatives throughout the day, but some of your choices may be adding more calories than you think! Once eating leafy greens, lean proteins and whole grains feels like second nature, it’s time to focus on the smaller choices you make throughout the day that may be inhibiting your weight loss or weight maintenance plans. Let’s look at a few food tactics to shave off calories.
Drink up!
Thirst and hunger signals can be confused as one for the other since the same part of the brain figures out both! Instead, save some calories by drinking a glass of water and waiting 15 minutes before eating anything. You could also pair water with a light snack like veggie sticks that you can enjoy with Classic Hummus & Wheat Crackers. This will help you curb calories by making you feel fuller faster.
Eat Mindfully.

Utilizing mindful eating practices allows you to slow down and savor the flavors of your meal. This prevents you from overeating and controls cravings. Small steps such as eliminating distraction when eating, acknowledging the flavors of the food and stopping when you feel satisfied, can cut calories and reframe your relationship with food.  
Measure your condiments.
Condiments are delicious and easy flavor boosters. That being said, you can shave off calories by paying attention to the fat content and serving size. While some condiments, such as ketchup, hot sauce, soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce, are considered unlimited, others such as barbeque sauce, salad dressing and some spreads, like cream cheese or mayonnaise, are categorized as limited items in the Jenny Craig program. Limited items contain less than 35 calories per one tablespoon serving, and our list has options that can be mixed and matched. To control total calories, add in no more than three servings of limited free foods per day.
To make it easy, take advantage of Jenny Craig’s pre-portioned condiments, like our Lite Table Syrup that are delicious with our whole wheat Blueberry Pancakes & Sausage or our Balsamic, Ranch and Salsa Ranch Dressings that are light in fat, but big on flavor.
Eat snacks.
Snacks are the bridge from one meal to the next, and provide energy between the hours of eating larger meals. Look for snacks that offer protein, fiber and vitamins like our Chocolate Dream Shake that can be a delightful post-workout snack, or our Yogurt Dream Bar for a bit of crunch that will last you until lunch or dinner.
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By Kari - Jenny Craig, in Live Life,

Do you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to work out? Is your schedule maxed out with no time for you? Relax and remember that every step counts. Every time you move your body, you burn calories. When you walk the dog, clean the house or run errands you could be getting closer to your weight loss goal.
Here are five easy tips to maximize the activities you're already doing:
1.    When cleaning, put on some fast music and move to the groove. You might finish the cleaning more quickly, freeing up your time for something else. And you'll be burning more calories to help you lose weight.
2.    You burn more calories standing than sitting, so take standing breaks whenever you can. You could also try standing up during conference calls.
3.    Take the long way to the bathroom or kitchen. Always take the stairs between floors. Try to squeeze in a 10-minute walk on your lunch break. You'll clear your mind as well as burn some calories.
4.    When running errands, park as far away from the entrance of the store as you can, and power walk in and out. When the kids do their after-school activities, why not get involved too? You can walk around the field or area outside their class while they are occupied. Make it your habit to keep moving whenever possible.
5.    No time to get to a class or the gym? Workout at home with an exercise DVD, resistance bands or free weights.  You can even use a simple chair for some triceps work!
Remember, any activity is good activity. Look for little ways to burn a few extra calories every day and it will add up to feeling better and getting you closer to your weight loss goals.