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The Perfect Portion

Kari - Jenny Craig

By Kari - Jenny Craig, in Eat Well,

You may already be choosing to eat healthier alternatives throughout the day, but some of your choices may be adding more calories than you think! Once eating leafy greens, lean proteins and whole grains feels like second nature, it’s time to focus on the smaller choices you make throughout the day that may be inhibiting your weight loss or weight maintenance plans. Let’s look at a few food tactics to shave off calories.
Drink up!
Thirst and hunger signals can be confused as one for the other since the same part of the brain figures out both! Instead, save some calories by drinking a glass of water and waiting 15 minutes before eating anything. You could also pair water with a light snack like veggie sticks that you can enjoy with Classic Hummus & Wheat Crackers. This will help you curb calories by making you feel fuller faster.
Eat Mindfully.

Utilizing mindful eating practices allows you to slow down and savor the flavors of your meal. This prevents you from overeating and controls cravings. Small steps such as eliminating distraction when eating, acknowledging the flavors of the food and stopping when you feel satisfied, can cut calories and reframe your relationship with food.  
Measure your condiments.
Condiments are delicious and easy flavor boosters. That being said, you can shave off calories by paying attention to the fat content and serving size. While some condiments, such as ketchup, hot sauce, soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce, are considered unlimited, others such as barbeque sauce, salad dressing and some spreads, like cream cheese or mayonnaise, are categorized as limited items in the Jenny Craig program. Limited items contain less than 35 calories per one tablespoon serving, and our list has options that can be mixed and matched. To control total calories, add in no more than three servings of limited free foods per day.
To make it easy, take advantage of Jenny Craig’s pre-portioned condiments, like our Lite Table Syrup that are delicious with our whole wheat Blueberry Pancakes & Sausage or our Balsamic, Ranch and Salsa Ranch Dressings that are light in fat, but big on flavor.
Eat snacks.
Snacks are the bridge from one meal to the next, and provide energy between the hours of eating larger meals. Look for snacks that offer protein, fiber and vitamins like our Chocolate Dream Shake that can be a delightful post-workout snack, or our Yogurt Dream Bar for a bit of crunch that will last you until lunch or dinner.
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By Kari - Jenny Craig, in Live Life,

Do you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to work out? Is your schedule maxed out with no time for you? Relax and remember that every step counts. Every time you move your body, you burn calories. When you walk the dog, clean the house or run errands you could be getting closer to your weight loss goal.
Here are five easy tips to maximize the activities you're already doing:
1.    When cleaning, put on some fast music and move to the groove. You might finish the cleaning more quickly, freeing up your time for something else. And you'll be burning more calories to help you lose weight.
2.    You burn more calories standing than sitting, so take standing breaks whenever you can. You could also try standing up during conference calls.
3.    Take the long way to the bathroom or kitchen. Always take the stairs between floors. Try to squeeze in a 10-minute walk on your lunch break. You'll clear your mind as well as burn some calories.
4.    When running errands, park as far away from the entrance of the store as you can, and power walk in and out. When the kids do their after-school activities, why not get involved too? You can walk around the field or area outside their class while they are occupied. Make it your habit to keep moving whenever possible.
5.    No time to get to a class or the gym? Workout at home with an exercise DVD, resistance bands or free weights.  You can even use a simple chair for some triceps work!
Remember, any activity is good activity. Look for little ways to burn a few extra calories every day and it will add up to feeling better and getting you closer to your weight loss goals.
Kari - Jenny Craig

Since 1983, Jenny Craig has changed lives around the world. The company was built on the belief that successful weight loss and weight management can be achieved through a supportive consultant and healthy and delicious food. Mrs. Jenny Craig co-founded the company 34 years ago with her late husband, Sid Craig.
Mrs. Craig began to realize the need for weight loss services after the birth of her first child when she found she had gained weight. Through her own combination of diet and exercise, she shed the baby weight, but found there weren't enough options for people who wanted to lose weight in a supportive environment. Mrs. Craig had worked at a local gym where she developed an interest in weight loss and nutrition. This interest eventually led to the opening of her own gym, and then in 1983, her first Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center. Mrs. Craig took what she learned through her own weight loss journey and years of working in the weight loss industry to create a comprehensive approach to weight loss.
Today, there are more than 500 locations in North America and the Jenny Craig brand continues to help people reach their weight loss goal. In fact, an independent study in Annals of Internal Medicine* ranked Jenny Craig as one of the most effective weight loss programs due to the fact it resulted in greater weight loss at 12 months than those assigned to control groups. Additionally, Jenny Craig has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the Best Weight Loss Diet Plans for the seventh year in a row, as well as a top diet for Fast Weight Loss and Easy Weight Loss.
No other weight loss solution compares to Jenny Craig’s premium personal support plus worry-free eating that includes delicious, real food. Anniversaries and deals like this don’t come around that often so act now. Let’s start your journey together.
*Gudzune KA, Doshi RS, Mehta AK, Chaudhry ZW, Jacobs DK, Vakil RM, et al. Efficacy of Commercial Weight-Loss Programs: An Updated Systematic Review. Ann Intern Med. 2015;162:501-512. doi:10.7326/M14-2238
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By Kari - Jenny Craig, in Live Life,

New moms have a lot on their plates—and in addition to tending to your baby and your own health, you may also want to start losing some baby weight. Over the years, our consultants have fielded countless questions about when and how to start this particular kind of weight loss journey. The good news is that Jenny Craig can help you with your weight loss after the birth…as well as a few other things you might not even expect!
When to join
As a new mom, you are welcome to join or rejoin Jenny Craig once your baby is six weeks old. Nursing mothers typically follow an 1800 calorie or higher menu to meet increased calorie requirements and will be advised to limit weight loss to ½ to 1 pound per week. 
Easy, tasty and healthy food
The Jenny Craig program was designed to take the guesswork (and the hassle) out of weight loss. But as it turns out, many of our new-mom clients have discovered that our easy, nutritious and tasty menu is a life-saver during those sleep-deprived early months. Your consultant is there to help you arrange your day to ensure you get in all the foods you need to lose weight healthfully and have the energy you need as a new mom. The best way to take care of your new baby is to take care yourself and Jenny Craig makes that much easier. Take away the time with food prep and you gain the time to really enjoy this precious time in your life with your new baby.
Get into the routine
Many of our new-mom clients have noticed yet another benefit of joining Jenny Craig: The establishment of a routine. During the early months, the baby’s just beginning to establish a feeding and sleeping schedule and it takes a while for it to settle into a rhythm and while that is working itself out, you can rely on the Jenny Craig menu with its three regular meals and snacks to create an anchor in your day that can be easily adjusted to your newborn’s variable schedule. 
Empowering YOU
How can something so small change your life so completely? Believe us: It can. But by entrusting Jenny Craig with your weight loss journey, you’re taking control of your weight and your health, too. Not only will it feel great to get out of those maternity clothes, you should also feel good about giving your body the nutrition it needs to stay active and energetic—two words that will soon describe your bundle of joy.
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By Kari - Jenny Craig, in Live Life,

Leaving the dishes for days in the sink, interrupting others or even sleeping through the alarm. We all have some bad habits, sometimes they can just be small and a point of humor for family and friends, but others such as eating fast food all the time, not exercising or frequently working late can affect your health and your happiness. It’s always a good time to work on getting rid of pesky habits and work toward being the happiest and healthiest version of you. Here are some tips to get you started:
Identify the root and acknowledge the issue
Habits exist because there is a trigger or behavioral trend that you react to. It could be stress, boredom, depression or even laziness. By identifying why you fall back on this habit, you will be able to acknowledge the issue and devise a plan to change to a more positive reaction or trigger. For example; if you eat mindlessly when you are bored and watching TV, identify the impulse to reach for a snack and instead, do a few simple exercises like jumping jacks in front of the TV. You will establish a new routine and increase your fitness, not your waistline.
Give yourself time
Research shows that it can take three months to fully establish new habits and break old ones. While that may seem like a long haul, every day is one step closer to a new you and it will get easier with every passing day. You also don’t need to try to do it all at once. Start with one key change and work toward it. Once you feel more confident, add another one to the list.
Create a plan and write it down
The best laid plans are the ones that are indeed planned, so sit down and make a plan for the changes you want to make and devise steps on how to achieve them. You will feel more in-control and confident with a clear plan of attack and those bad habits won’t stand a chance.
Treat yourself when you succeed
We all know we are more likely to succeed if there is a tangible reward at the end, so when planning your changes set yourself a reward when you hit the one, two and three month marks. Things like a pedicure or getting your hair blown out can be fun non-food rewards.
Allow for slips
No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes and slips off. By understanding there will be times you fall off the wagon, you can better prepare yourself to get right back on. One bad day does not equal failure, keep going and keep challenging yourself to do better.
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By Kari - Jenny Craig, in Eat Well,

Sodium is an essential part of your nutrition, as it helps to transport nutrients, transmit nerve impulses and contract muscles like your heart. However, too much sodium, which is what makes up 40% of salt, can contribute to developing high blood pressure, especially if you are sodium-sensitive. The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend a limit of 2,300 mg of sodium per day, and your Jenny Craig Menu has been designed to align to this limit.
However, the average American consumes nearly 50% more than that! Here are some notoriously common salty foods to avoid and our suggestions for what you can eat instead.
Avoid These: Tacos/burritos
Tacos and burritos are versatile enough to have at any meal, but did you know that taco seasoning has 411 mg. of sodium? You can easily ease the salt down by making your own seasoning with spices like cumin, chili powder, garlic powder and oregano.
Enjoy These: Leave the cooking to us by having the Chicken Street Tacos or the Chicken Wrap with BBQ Sauce.

Avoid These: Fast food sandwich or burger
Not only are they unhealthy, fast food restaurants are notorious for adding extra salt into everything.
Enjoy These: Enjoy the fun of fast food minus the fat and sodium, by pairing a side salad with your Jenny Craig Salad Dressing and Jenny Craig’s own Classic Cheeseburger or Turkey Burger.

Avoid These: French fries/chips
Potatoes love salt, and French fries and chips right out of the fryer generally have tons of salt sprinkled on! In fact, French fries at some of the biggest fast food restaurants, have a sodium range anywhere from 700-980 per serving!
Enjoy These: Try roasting your own healthy version at home by running sliced sweet potato sprinkled with rosemary and a few drops of olive oil under the broiler. Even quicker: Enjoy our savory Cheese Curls or Ranch Snaps that are full of flavor, fiber and have a satisfying crunch.

Avoid This: Pizza
Salty toppings, like pepperoni, bacon or ham, can easily be mistaken as the culprit for high sodium. Cheese, too, has a lot of sodium, and the average slice of pizza may have up to 760 mg, which can add up quickly when you eat more.
Enjoy These: Enjoy our Stuffed Pizza Bites, with seasoned beef and a blend of cheeses. You can even eat pizza for breakfast with our delicious, egg and spinach scrambled-topped Florentine Breakfast Pizzas. Or if you’re halfway to your goal and discussed your options with your consultant, you can order or make your pizza with less cheese and more vegetables!

Avoid This: Soup
A bowl of soup is a great start to a meal or a complete meal in itself, but be careful: One cup of canned soup contains anywhere from 100 to 940 mg of sodium.
Enjoy This: Keep an eye out for lower sodium options, like our Italian Style Wedding Soup that stays on the lower side of sodium and calories, but offers a great amount of protein and fiber.
Jenny Craig offers over 100 items, from breakfast to dessert, and all are nutritiously balanced to your health. Find out more about the Jenny Craig program by visiting a center near you or calling 866-706-4042.
Jenny Craig Nutrition Guide (PDF)
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By Kari - Jenny Craig, in Move More,

A healthy lifestyle consists of making careful food and exercise choices. Jenny Craig can help you with your food options, as we have over 100 menu items to serve your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and even dessert needs! For the latter, while walking outside on your lunch break or going on a weekend hike are great ways to get moving, there are many opportunities at your local gym that you may be missing out on! Here are 5 reasons you’ll love going to the gym:
1.      Classes. Many workout facilities, like Curves, offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels. You can train with a fitness instructor in a group environment that will encourage you to work harder together!
2.      Variety of machines. Based on your fitness goals, you can focus on cardio and/or strength training with all of the different machines and weights a gym provides. Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes, so spice up your routine with different machines or variations on cardio (bike, treadmill or elliptical) every week!
3.      Stress relief. Exercise pumps up your endorphins (your feel-good neurotransmitters). Focusing on yourself at the gym allows you to think less about external factors that may be causing you stress. Your exercise will be crafting a healthier you, which can lead to a happier you.
4.      More energy during the day, better sleep at night. The gym helps you have more energy during the day to run errands, work or spend time with friends and family. If you’re going to the gym in the evening, a study published in Mental Health and Physical Activity journal notes that exercise is linked to more quality sleep.
5.      Community. It’s great to be exercising with others as they work toward their health goals as well. Invite a friend who doesn’t have a membership to go with you as well. Plus, if you become a regular in a class, you can make new friends, too.
Gym time can truly be you-time when you focus on creating a fun plan for yourself!
Kari - Jenny Craig

Start your day with a parfait that's certain to sweeten up your morning! Sandwich your Chocolate Muffin between spoonfuls of nonfat vanilla yogurt. Garnish with fresh berries for seasonal goodness. 
Jenny Craig Chocolate Muffin 1/2 cup nonfat yogurt (vanilla or your favorite flavor)  1 cup mixed berries   
1. Cut Chocolate Muffin into 3 layers. 
2. Place bottom later into a 4 oz canning jar. 
3. Add 3 tsp of yogurt on top. 
4. Place second layer of Chocolate Muffin and add remaining yogurt. Add top of Chocolate Muffin and garnish with mixed berries. 
Submitted by Robin W. from Indianapolis, Indiana 
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By Kari - Jenny Craig, in Jenny Craig News,

The list of reasons for not losing weight can be a long one, such as being too busy to plan healthy meals, thinking the results won’t last or feeling too tired to work out. But just by reading this blog, you’re already taking a step toward reaching your weight loss goals!
We know how important it is to find support during this transformative time, and our team of consultants is here to help. Over the past 30-plus years, Jenny Craig members have received one-on-one support from dedicated consultations who teach portion control and healthy eating habits.  So what’s stopping you from taking the next step in your weight loss journey with Jenny Craig?
So, let’s bust some common myths you might have heard about Jenny Craig.
Myth #1: “The food is unhealthy.”
Fact: At Jenny Craig, we primarily rely on freezing and shelf-stable technologies to maintain both the freshness and convenience of our portion-controlled foods. Nutrition is our priority, so our team of nutritionists and food technologists work together to make sure that our food is developed with strict specifications for regarding the amount of fat, saturated fat, sodium, and added sugar as well as to emphasize the inclusion of vegetables, whole grain/fiber and heart healthy fats. We also encourage members to pair our meals with Fresh & Free Additions, such as non-starchy vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber and water, so they help you stay satisfied while you’re on your plan.

Myth #2: “The food is too sugary.”
Fact: Each day of our menu contains less than 10% of calories from added sugar. When following the meal plan, we can include a delicious dessert (i.e. Cinnamon Rolls, Cinnamon French Toast, Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Lava Cake) into the day as they are calculated into this daily average. We also seek to emphasize healthy ingredients, such as whole grains and healthy fats wherever possible in our meals and snacks. And we encourage drinking water and other non-caloric beverages, like tea or coffee without sugar, to help you stay hydrated without additional sugar.
Myth #3: “The food is high in sodium.”
Fact: Jenny Craig menus have approximately 2300 mg of sodium per day, which reflects the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans. You can also work with your consultant to reduce your sodium through lower sodium choices in the grocery foods you add to your Jenny Craig Menu every day.
Myth #4: “The plan and food is too expensive.”
Fact: Going out to dinner or buying lunch every day adds up quickly! One meal alone can be about $15-$20, and just think about any additional snacks or your morning coffee run thrown into your budget. At Jenny Craig, we offer a variety of affordable plans to cater to your personal preferences. In fact, menu items start at $3.63 – a tremendous value when it comes to taste, balanced nutrition and support with weight loss.

Myth #5: “Jenny Craig is not sustainable or long-lasting.”
Fact: Jenny Craig works! In fact, a 2014 study in the Annals of Internal Medicine ranked Jenny Craig as one of the top programs for physician referral, based on its high rate of weight loss at one year compared to control groups.
Members on the Jenny Craig program are provided a delicious food and a dedicated personal consultant to help them lose the weight. Members are taught healthy eating tactics and strategies for maintaining weight loss. We also provide recipes online to continue making fantastic, nutritious and delicious choices now that you have the tools to recognize portion sizes.
These may be common myths, but one myth can be busted today: we can help you lose the weight if you put your mind (and body) to it! Discuss your weight loss options with a Jenny Craig consultant by finding a location near you or calling 866-706-4042 today.