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    With fall just around the corner, we’re excited to share with you new Jenny Craig foods we know you’re going to love. Indulge in these delicious foods for the new season. Available August 18th. Ramen Noodle Bowl with Chicken & Veggies Classic and comforting, this hearty bowl is filled with tender noodles in a delicious broth combined with chicken, red bell peppers, carrots and mushrooms. “Ramen is all the craze and inspired our Ramen Noodle Bowl with Chicken & Veggies,” Director of Brand & Product, Lindsay Ostenson said. “It’s a perfect dish as the weather cools off. It’s packed with veggies, but you can add your own favorites too. I like to spice mine up with some jalapeno, fresh lime and cilantro.” Pecan Glazed Chicken (US) & Maple Pecan Glazed Chicken (Canada) Warm up this season with something hearty. Roasted chicken glazed with a sweet sauce, alongside a blend of savory butternut squash, wild rice, orzo, onions and topped off with chopped pecans. “Sweet and savory, and oh so delightful! Our new Pecan Glazed Chicken is a hearty dish featuring a favorite fall vegetable— sweet potatoes,” Ostenson said. “It pairs perfectly with a side of crispy, roasted Brussel sprouts.” Pumpkin Loaf A seasonal favorite. Jumpstart your morning with a classic pumpkin loaf baked with cinnamon spice and topped with tart cranberries and streusel. Available for a limited time. Pumpkin Spice Cakes A favorite dessert is back for a limited time! This real pumpkin cake is perfectly blended with cinnamon, nutmeg and topped off with a cream cheese icing drizzle. “Nothing says fall like pumpkin! We are so excited to bring back our Pumpkin Spice Cakes and Pumpkin Loaf for the 7th year in a row,” Ostenson said. “These are fan favorites, but they are limited editions so hurry and stock up while you can! My favorite is the Pumpkin Spice Cakes with the cream cheese drizzle. And since there’s 2 in each package, I can have one and save one for later!”
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    Today is a rough day for me. I have been struggling for the last 4-5 weeks with ringing in my inner ear and it is causing me to be edgy and irritable with the ones that I love. Since starting this journey, I have seen an increase in my overall happiness, but there are times when I am not happy and I am finally understanding that it is okay. I was a part of a Jenny motivational group on Facebook up until three days ago, when I left the group. Someone had posted that they had a large amount of weight to lose and that this was not the first or even second time that they had started Jenny, but the large amount of weight to lose discouraged them because they did not think it was achievable. When I saw that I had to share my story with her. I told her that my goal would require me to lose 148 pounds, and rather than focusing on the end game, I created several smaller goals (with the help of these forums and @missbumble's challenges) and now I am 31.6 pounds away from my goal. Then, someone else posted a response that hit me hard, they said that all of the postings of people losing large amounts of weight can be discouraging to others that are struggling. I replied, that by sharing my story I am aiming to encourage others, and would hate to think that by posting my successes was hurting or hindering anyone on this journey. At that point, I decided to leave the group. It hit me hard to think that by sharing my success and happiness with my results, that I was harming others on this journey. I realized today, that it is okay, there are going to be people that are affected negatively by my story (or other success stories) but then there are going to be people that are happy for me, and that are motivated by my story. It is not all peaches and rainbows all of the time, and that is okay. The point of this post, is that this journey is a hard one, and the success stories often only spot light the happy times, but that is unrealistic. We are all human and we are going to go through rough times, and it is okay. You're not going to be able to please everyone all of the time, and that is okay. Not everyone, is going to like you or your story, but its okay. Life is hard, this journey is hard and it is okay. While today is a rough day for me, and I am irritable and frustrated, I am human and I know that it is okay. My name is Tricia Hensley. I started with Jenny Craig on June 27th at 278.4 pounds and I am currently sitting at 161.6 having lost 116.8 pounds. I am healthier and happier since starting this journey but I am human, there will be good days and there will be bad days, but it is OK. Life is not always sunshine and rainbows and it is okay.
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    I did it! I know I have posted this already, but I am so very proud of myself and I want to celebrate! I have been working incredibly hard since I started this program and have not deviated from it. (Not once). When I feel hungry, I eat some veggies my favorite being carrot sticks and cucumbers and drink water. As many of you already know, I won my Jenny membership in a contest. When I got the phone call I was going through a rough time, my daughter had just graduated high school and moved out without a word while I was at work. I was devastated at the thought of being such a horrible mother. When the call came I knew it was a sign, it was time for me to stop worrying about her and start working on myself, change my focus. Now, my daughter and I have a somewhat better relationship, but that did not happen until I realized that she is an adult and I need to let her go to make her own mistakes. Now, it is time to focus on my son, husband and myself. Once I realized that I was worth it, I was able to focus on my goal and I will not let anything detour me, I will succeed! I am 100% dedicated to myself and this journey is making me feel so good about who I am and it has been a long time (if ever) that I have been able to say that. My advice is to follow your planned meals, yes it can be pricey but so is medications, larger clothing, and eating out. There are going to be meals that are not your favorite, but enhance them with seasonings, and veggies. I have to eat the garden vegetable fritata with a table spoon of salsa. If you start feeling hungry between meals, chug a bottle of water or snack on some carrots or cucumbers (free veggies). This program works, if you let it. You deserve this and you can do it! Lastly, reach out. This forum is a great place for support and encouragement. While each journey is different we are all walking the same path and I enjoy coming here daily. Don't think you can do it? I challenge you to do one full week of pre-planned meals, drink plenty of water, and no deviation. I think you can do it, do you? #journeytohalfofme