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    I am just 15.4 pounds away from my goal of 130 pounds. At this point I have lost an even 133 pounds. I have been overweight my entire life, and honestly thought obesity would be what killed me. I knew that I was unhealthy but never thought that I was strong enough to actually do anything about it. As a family we are doing things that I never would have thought possible just a year ago. Not only am I happy I am the healthiest that I have ever been. I had seen Jenny Craig commercials, but honestly I believed that they were for the rich celebrities that were often featured. Never have I been more wrong about anything in my life. This program works as long as you let it. Life is not perfect and it is never going to be all of the time. This journey, like life, is full of ups and downs it has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. My main goal on this journey is to motivate and encourage others, to show them that they can do this too. I want to make a difference. Since starting this journey I have have people that support me and I have had people that knock me down; this journey is hard enough and we should be supportive of each other. So, I am taking a different approach I will provided words of encouragement to everyone, even the ones that are knocking me down. This journey is going to be hard, but you can do it, we can do it together!
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    Seems to me I am stuck in place lately.. every other day having eating fests. The last day or so they have been better - still may break out and have something but not major frenzy. So time to rein it in, Success breeds success... sort of like negativity breeds negativity. So let's make a grateful list, Silly as it may be... about the little things. 1. Love the forum 2. WIndow guy coming to measure so I can get screens on my door, safe glass in the house... security, and seeing that my current sliding doors are old - they cannot even open. So looking forward to that and screens and cross breezes in winter. 3. Family - Thankful for my sister and brother in law and cousins etc. 4. Home- got a great place... and same amount as an apartment - good deal..and lots of room. And it's pretty. 5. Job - Great employer - good job, key knowledge, and possibilities. 6. friends - I do have some - grateful for plans coming up and bday celebrations//. 7. Pool - loved going to the pool finally, Not afraid to ruin my color.. and just had a great time reading 8. grateful for the love of books my mom gave me (and a sense of humor) 9. Jenny - I am grateful I have a program and come back to it... and like the food. I'm a quantity gal and always add veggies - I am always full at meals.. and that helps a lot to keep me coming back and weight staying off. 10. Jasper the kitty - he is more like a tiger... Glad I have mom's cat and that we are doing ok together. And I'm a Size 6... Unbelievable!!! Healthy!!!! And ok FInancially... So there you have it..... ok got to go make a few bottles of cran water.. and I pledge to drink 64 ounces of it today.
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    You look great and have really come a long way!!! You would make a perfect JCC like @Yo_Momz said. I hope you win the JC Contest and you should enter the People Contest or something they are doing that I saw somewhere on here. You and your husband are a perfect example of how the JC program works if you stick with it and do it right!! Congratulations on all your, inspiration and success!!! Also, Thank you for all the support and advise you give to everyone on here!! ๐Ÿ˜Š
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    You are doing great things and inspiring more people than you realize. You are absolutely gorgeous now and then. I know you will have continued success because you have made this an important part of your life. Have you ever considered being a JCC? You would be amazing at it!
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    You are teeny!! So cute!!! Inspiring as always. You got this. It's amazing how much more fun stuff is when you are thin... Easier to get through life without carrying 130 pounds on our backs. I lost about 100+ form my highest weight - So it's easy to forget that and get used to where we are ... you are amazing.. and this program works. I bet your hubby and son are EXTREMELY proud of you I know I am.
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    melrosemelnikjenny.docx melrosemelnikjenny.docx
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    I have lost a total of 26.1 pounds in ten weeks: Week 01: -10.8 Week 02: -03.8 Week 03: -01.2 Week 04: -01.9 Week 05: -01.0 Week 06: -01.7 Week 07: -01.7 Week 08: +01.8 Week 09: -04.5 Week 10: -01.3 This was a pretty good week. Nothing out of the ordinary except the fact that I ate off menu twice this week, but I still achieved a loss. I decided from the very beginning that I would not deprive myself. So when we have these little gatherings at work or at church, I partake, but I do not overindulge. Limiting my intake is key. I know the difference between being hungry and being greedy. I absolutely love not feeling stuffed. Feeling stuffed is a horrible feeling. Again, praise God for blessing me with the willpower to get through week ten with such an awesome loss. I know once He brings me to it, He will bring me through it. To God be all the glory. God bless, Princess
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    What an inspiration!!! Thank you for sharing - I love following your journey and get very happy at your continued success!
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    This past weekend I had two dinners to attend. (Naturally this would be on the first weekend of Week 1) The first, a dinner date with my best friend and the other, a small engagement celebration for my brother. All I can say is that I am super proud of myself. Here's how I ate and stayed on track. Before leaving for my dinner date on Saturday with my friend, I told myself that I would eat whatever she served but in moderation. She made this amazing pasta and shrimp dish with green beans, olives and bread and butter on the side. Normally, I would eat bread and butter throughout the meal, dipping it into the white sauce, making little sandwiches out of the shrimp while slurping down a half pound of pasta. Obviously, I couldn't do that so I stared at my plate and strategized how I was going to go about eating dinner and feeling satisfied. I started with the bread, I took a half a slice of the beautiful Italian bread (fresh from a bakery in town) and spread a small amount of butter on it. Then, I served myself approximately one third of what I would have wanted to take which turned out to be about the size of my palm. I ate slowly, chewing each bite. To my surprise, I was full. I almost could not believe that my body was telling me that I was satisfied. After obsessing so much over food, I headed over the other side of the mountain, enjoying the conversation and company. Sunday I woke up very proud of my Saturday accomplishment. 'One more time,' I told myself. My family is from Puerto Rico so I pretty much knew and could plan out my meal. I would have a small amount of rice and pork or chicken and a small slice of celebratory cake. Upon arrival, there was a spread of chips, crackers, cheese and dips. I plopped myself down in the corner where nothing was in reach telling myself, "Do not sit next to the cheese." I swear if I had one piece of cheese it would have been all over. Haha. I did allow myself 6 tortilla chips and salsa before dinner. Everything went as planned and I woke up Monday morning proud of my accomplishment. I am hoping that eventually I will become less worried about what I can/cannot eat and begin to choose healthy foods in moderation. It was a challenge that I am proud of. Onto Week 2!!!