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    susan you miss the same things I do......so let us get a group to fight for it............years ago they took the triple chocolate cheese cake away and I got a group together we inundated JC with letters and phone calls and guess what it came back,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that was a long time ago ,,,,,,,,,my center manager and I talk about it all the time..........but things get done when you have numbers of supporters to help so let us start a group and fight for some things we want back........that chocolate muffin was the bomb and my cinnamon twists were great but now the french toast..i reached goal a long time ago and I continue to purchase every week from Jenny ...........but if then discontinue this then I will stop................not right not to survey your customers when you go on the boards here and see how people react then help us..........
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    Great to read your messages, very uplifting! I started Monday and started reading the blogs and there were a lot of negative comments So far the food is great and when I have a question and call the center they are most helpful. Looking forward to the next 3 months and finally getting rid of this extra weight! Shirley