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    Sounds awesome! Add a signature with your starting weight, current weight and goal - It helps us know where you are in your journey. I would also carry a 3x5 card around and read it 3x/day -on why you want to lose weight. This program is inspiring. And one way I know I succeeded was by going to JCC every week - good weeks and bad. Just keep doing this... and I am not quitting. So for me it takes action every day to keep the weight off (Or to lose it). So you got this.. Sondus like it may take a while - so just keep reading the response card and showing up each week. I may not have lost it fast (1-2 lbs/week). But I am thin. Highest weight was 246.25 - and highest on Jenny was 207.8. So yes it takes a while - but it is so worth it. And whether I a, on lower calories and losing or more calories and maintaining with more treats or extra food... it's still all the same. Still practicing portion control and for me counting my JC exchanges or in my case calories in MY Fitness Pal. This program works. Here's to an amazing year for you!
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    Hi there. I had lost 100+lbs off of my 5’2” frame and my skin was never elastic. I had stretch marks from my even my first small weight gain as a teen. Anyway, one of the reasons I wanted to lose weight was to be more active but saggy excess skin and pancake boobs impeded my ability to be completely free. I started horseback riding and my excess skin looked a hot mess in breeches and sitting in a saddle, never mind my flapping in the wind arm skin. Ugh! Over the past 2 years I’ve had a lower body lift, arm lift and breast lift w augmentation. My only regret is that I waited so long. I love the results. My scars are minimal. My arms are thin and muscular. I wear sleeveless tops and feel sexy. Bra shopping is a blast. My stomach is tight and flat. It’s AWESOME! I chose the best docs for each procedure. There are only a handful of surgeons who specialize in LBL for post major weight loss folks. There are surgeons who perform several a month vs a few a year. I travelled to Houston for the LBL doc. He is fabulous. The breast lift and augmentation is a complicated surgery as the aereola is fully removed and reattached. There can be blood flow issues when reattached , leading to necrotic tissue. Ask your surgeon about that. Do your homework. Realself.com is an excellent resource.
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    Tons more energy than he had previously. He is super confident now. It makes me the happiest.
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    You guys are the best!!! Great job!! JC works - and honestly the biggest part is our own minds... (And my JC Consultant is there to support me ) Moving to a mentality of portions and getting right back on task if there are any slips. So excited that your son is doing well. Growing up at a size larger than my peers was very hard. Good for him. Does he have more energy? Is he proud? Tell him the Bee is proud!!
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    It's so true that the mental challenge is the biggest one when losing weight! Something that has helped me (and that @missbumble recommended, thank you!) is the book "The Beck Diet Solution." It's not really a diet, but it's meant to be the mental / psychological complement to any diet. I only read a couple of chapters a few months ago (because I thought "I got this!" with just Jenny), but after seeing how I struggled during the holidays without Jenny I'm thinking of committing to reading the whole book and follow all of the recommendations, as well as recommitting to JC).
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    Tip: squeeze 6 lemons and put juice in an ice cube tray and freeze... use 1 cube in water and then boil water.... that way you don’t have to deal with lemons every day
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    Happy New Year Sue! I'm going to try the Apple Cider Vinegar (heard it's supposed to be Braggs?) I drink a lot of coffee but decaf....not the same but I can't have regular which I love! I drink a lot of water normally but put flavor drops in it. Praying all goes well with your mom. (((Hugs))
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    Awesome post!!! Inspiring. You Got This! Great to celebrate the New Year with the New You!
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    Yes! We are starting the Rapid Results program on Friday since we are basically already doing it. My husband's goal is to be at 180 and last week he weighed in at 198.8. I still have quite a bit to go, but I know he is going to be in my corner supporting me until my goal is met.
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    Wow! That's incredible!!
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    Wow you guys are awesome!!! Great work. More to come in 2018!!!
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    Thank you all! We are a happy Jenny family
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    Good Luck. I will be praying everything goes smoothly!
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    When we were there this week I was able to get pictures of his starting and mid point and I wanted to share. I am still waiting on my son's starting and mid point, and I will share them as soon as I get them. This week I lost 1.2 pounds and am now 8.8 pounds from my halfway point. I will have lost 74.4 pounds! I am so excited and cannot wait to be able to post my pictures!
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    I vote to keep it long. I like short haircuts, but not on me. I had a few bad experiences, one was my senior year in high school when I was turned away from the mirror and had all my hair chopped off, ugh.....the other, I was much younger and my mom wanted it short and everyone thought I was a boy My hair is naturally curly (straightened in profile pic), if I go to short it just gets fuller and fuller, so I keep it pretty long. When I wear it curly, I wash, condition, leave the conditioner in, add curl cream and scrunch and go....so pretty easy. I do agree you look great either way, but IMHO, you look happier and younger with the long (blonde or highlighted) hair!