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    I am saying a prayer for you. I had the same experience 14 years ago. There was no heart beat. I chose to a have a DNC. The baby I miscarried was due on Christmas day. That day Christmas Day I found out I was pregnant again and then 7 days later found out it was twins. It didn't happen because you were too happy. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason behind things that happen. Stay strong take time to grieve your loss.
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    I’m so sorry- take your time to grieve.. know we are praying for you ❤️
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    I am so very sorry honey. I pray that God will be with you and your family during this time.
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    @Tricia_Marie I am so sorry for your loss! I experienced the same thing in the summer of 2000, between my two girls. I was heartbroken as well and felt very alone. I hope that by sharing this you know that you...are...not....alone. I never bled either which made it all seem so unreal and not even true. That does make it harder because I didn’t believe that I still wasn’t pregnant. I chose to have a DNC within the week, after coming to terms that my baby was indeed gone and at the recommendation of my doc. It was a sad time for my hubby and I but I did end up getting pregnant again with my rainbow baby who was born in 2003. Peace be with you! Take time out to grieve...let me know if you want to talk.
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    OH no - I am so sorry!!!! I am thinking of you - come here post often.... Thank you for sharing - and know that we are all here and you are in our hearts!! Sue
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    I'm so sorry, Tricia_Marie. The things we gain from painful experiences can be difficult to see or even understand. And nothing but time decreases grief. You are in my thoughts.
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    I am very sorry to hear this... And praying that you get good news today. You have no idea how much I admire your courage to share all your journey here - you are such an inspiration!
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    Congratulations!! Awesome news... so I would see this as life-long journey whether you do strictly Jenny or learn from the program - portions sizes, always coming back to a plan if you wander, and huge love and support. So glad you will still stick around the forum as we would love to be here for your path and your journey!!!
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    *Update* My HCG levels dropped from 46,000 to 35,000 which tells my doctor that a miscarriage is going to take place, it is just a matter of when at this point. She gave me my options and I have chosen to wait for it to happen naturally. I still do not know what I was supposed to learn from this experience, and I am heartbroken.