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    You look great and have really come a long way!!! You would make a perfect JCC like @Yo_Momz said. I hope you win the JC Contest and you should enter the People Contest or something they are doing that I saw somewhere on here. You and your husband are a perfect example of how the JC program works if you stick with it and do it right!! Congratulations on all your, inspiration and success!!! Also, Thank you for all the support and advise you give to everyone on here!! 😊
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    You are doing great things and inspiring more people than you realize. You are absolutely gorgeous now and then. I know you will have continued success because you have made this an important part of your life. Have you ever considered being a JCC? You would be amazing at it!
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    You are teeny!! So cute!!! Inspiring as always. You got this. It's amazing how much more fun stuff is when you are thin... Easier to get through life without carrying 130 pounds on our backs. I lost about 100+ form my highest weight - So it's easy to forget that and get used to where we are ... you are amazing.. and this program works. I bet your hubby and son are EXTREMELY proud of you I know I am.
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    What an inspiration!!! Thank you for sharing - I love following your journey and get very happy at your continued success!
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    They use to in the good old days. A lot of business have scripts they say for specific questions. Just business I suppose. If the market will bear these practices, the company will be successful. It’s really up to the consumers to make the difference. Maybe write a letter or an email to the president of the company?