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    I have been on every "diet", fad and otherwise, known to mankind. They work for a bit, I can lose around 8 or 9 lbs and then I fall off the wagon. I have spent a great deal asking myself why that is? Why can my friend lose 60lbs on Isagenix and keep it off and I can't stay on it for 2 solid days? How can my husband lose 30lbs eating BACON and I can't. Here's why-I haven't actually committed to a plan in YEARS. Not once. I pick and choose the elements of the plan that suit me at the time, as long as I don't have to give up my 2 glass of wine a night (ok sometimes more) habit! You know where that got me....60lbs heavier over the last 14 years. I always had a reason that I couldn't focus on myself..didn't have time bc of the kids, travelling, couldn't afford it... We've all told ourselves those stories. About a month ago, I took my oldest daughter (20) on a girls weekend trip to Miami Beach and we had a BLAST. It was such a wonderful time, just her and I. She's in college with a boyfriend blah blah blah. I don't get the quality time with her like I used to. She took TONS of pictures....OF ME...IN MY BATHING SUIT! She was documenting our awesome weekend away and kindly asked my permission before posting to Facebook but OUCH! I honestly think I had been in denial all these years about how big I had actually gotten because all of my pictures had to go through Quality Control before I'd allow them online. It was really an eye opener for me and required me to seriously consider how I was going to handle this. Am I going to continue pretending I don't have time and my cute personality will get me by while eating cheese and drinking my chardonnay? I'm way past the, "I'll just eat healthy for a few weeks" phase, this will need to be a long term commitment. That's when I decided that I can't continue to play these games with myself and called Jenny Craig! I have a super supportive husband and another teenager at home who works quite a bit and the timing felt right. We don't have any major "events" coming up for the next 2 months while I get settled on the program which has always been one of my issues in the past. I'd try to lose weight for an event and not for myself and my well being. So, the stage is set for success.... Fast forward 1 week.... down 6.1lbs!!! I have read in other blogs, not to complicate it. I am taking this 1 week at a time and my goal for the first week was just to stay on plan for 7 days. For the first time in my life, I was honest with myself(because apparently it took 46 years to learn that if I am not, I'm only cheating me...) and I kept my "blinders" on. I ate only what was written on my menu sheet, and my pre-measured salads, veggies etc. Did I miss my wine? Actually NO. That was a habit my body was ready to break! I've slept better than I have in years and aside from the **** monthly visitor that showed up this morning...feel fantastic! I would like to use this space to document what hopefully will be a new relationship with food/wine and myself.
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    This Monday was my daily weigh-in and to my surprise I lost exactly 2.0lbs for the week. That is such a huge loss for me so I was extremely excited. A typical weekly loss for me is between .4-.6 lbs making this week’s loss the same as some entire months for me. Contrast that to some of the people on a Facebook group I also belong to. People routinely will start a post saying, “I stuck to the menu and I exercised and I only lost 2lbs. What did I do wrong?” There have even been people who complain about losing “only” 4 lbs in a week. I don’t know how heavy these people are or how much they are used to losing but I have to think the expectations are in need of some serious adjustments. I also tend to take these comments personally (although they are not about me, so I shouldn’t.). I think, “Oh, so the 2lbs I lost this week is a failure? How dare you?” These people are are considering their week a failure but there is something to think about... failure and disappointment are not the same thing. In my book if you have lost weight, that’s been a successful week. You may have lost .5lbs, or 1lb or 2lbs. Whatever the weight loss, you are now lighter than you were the week before and if you keep repeating weeks like that, you will reach your goal. Heck, some weeks, just not gaining could be considered a success. So what my Facebook friends are actually experiencing is not failure. Instead, it’s disappointment. Disappointment - the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations. They’ve had a successful week with their 2-4lb weight loss but they are disappointed because they were expecting more. If this is you, I would suggest that you haven’t failed at all, instead, you just had the wrong expectations. I can just as easily be guilty of this myself but if we could adjust our expectations, we would all be much happier and thus less likely to give up in frustration. Although I love the Jennt Craig program, their marketing sets us up for disappointment by setting our expectations high right from the start. Right on their front page it says "Lose Up to 16 lbs in just 4 weeks" - hey that's 4 pounds a week! I immediately do the math and figure out that with 60lbs to lose, I’ll be at goal in 15 weeks, just short of 4 months. This sort of expectation is guaranteed to disappoint. I’m 18 months in at this point and still working on it. Read past the headlines. "First 4 weeks only" and "Avg. weight loss in study was 11.6lbs for those that completed the program" (that's 2.9 lbs per week.) So chances are, you are NOT going to lose 4lbs a week even in the first 4 weeks. If you are average, you will lose about 3lbs a week. A good number of people will lose less. After that, your weight loss will even slow further. At the bottom of the page, they say "Members following our program, on average lose 1-2 lbs per week." So to more appropriately set your expectations, think maybe 3lbs a week for the first 4 weeks and then 1-2lbs a week for subsequent weeks. But also know your body. I’ve been doing this a while and understand that I’m much slower than that. I averaged 2.15lbs per week in my first 4 weeks and after that averaged about .8lbs per week. (Discounting a 3 month plateau in the middle, which is a story for another day.) Also know that loss over time is an average. You have to look at the big picture. You’re not going to go in there week after week, losing exactly 1.5lbs each week. Some weeks you’ll lose 3, some you’ll lose 1. You’ll go a week without a loss and then suddenly drop 4. Weight loss is not the simple math you might expect. It’s not just calories burned - calories eaten = weight lost. There’s a bit of mysterious sorcery involved there too. Chart your progress and calculate averages over time to get a more long term view of your progress. I was disappointed for quite a few months until I did the math and realized that at .8 lbs per week I was actually very close to the recommended (and expected) rate of 1-2lbs per week. That eased my frustration by quite a lot. Moral of the story: Why be successful and yet disappointed at the same time because you thought you should have been MORE successful? I promise you will be much happier if you can adjust your expectations.
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    This past Thursday I had an appointment with my endocrinologist (I'm a diabetic) and I thought he was going to throw confetti in the air. He was so impressed with my numbers and the reduction in my weight. My A1C is down from 9 to 6.4, my cholesterol is great, my blood pressure is good. EVERYTHING was where it needed to be, with one exception; I need more iron. I am going to try to remember to take the iron pills I purchased the last time he presented me with this information. Praise God for the great health report. Princess
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    I'm not sure what made me type in "Jenny Craig" on my phone, one night, a few weeks ago.It seems that I have been yo-yo dieting for the last six years. Up 20 lbs, down 25, up 30 again. Like many of you, I've given many diets and workout programs a go. Paleo, Whole30, keto, vegan, myfitnesspal, crossfit etc. I seem to be really good at losing 20 pounds, but its past that mark where I usually fall off the wagon. When I started Jenny two weeks ago, I weighed 220lbs. The highest I've ever weighed. My goal weight is 140lbs. I feel like I don't look like myself. I feel physically big. I don't like taking pictures. Working out is not fun anymore. I live in yoga pants and sweat shirts. I don't like being naked. I want to be thin again and I need help. I needed to do something different. I'm a super busy professional with no time to meal prep or plan. Worse, if I was counting calories, I'd feel overwhelmed. Tracking food is a part time job, plus I get obsessive about it. Worse, I try to break the rules. I needed a meal plan where I just buy the food and eat it. So far Jenny has been AWESOME. What I love is honestly the food. I don't feel hungry, except sometimes in the evenings. Its tasty. I honestly cannot complain and this is coming from someone who thought they'd HATE prepackaged foods. In 2 weeks, I am down...drum roll please...7.4 pounds!!!! crazy. I feel great. Thanks Jenny!
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    MissBumble: Thanks again for your input. Now SF popsicles I can definitely deal with. I started out eating the Chocolat Cookie Dough Anytime Bars but lost interest in them. They no longer appealed to my palette. However, after reading your post I took one and threw it in the freezer for my 10 AM snack. I have an air fryer and absolutely love it. After microwaving my Fish & Chips, I took the contents and threw it in my air fryer to get both the fish and the potatoes a bit of a crisp. They came out perfect. God Bless! Princess