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    65 pounds down... time to continue this great trend and not eat over feelings.TY. Jenny Craig! Expensive - No! if you compare it to the cost of being heavy - clothes, health, lack of happiness, not fitting on airplane seats etc. I am worth it... and so are you, OK Just wanting to set it down my plan for handling very high stress client... in hotel all week and working late hours. Goal: Maintain the path forward... lose 2 pounds or so - by keeping it clean. 1) JC French toast for breakfast (Barscotti today on travel day) 2) Lunch JC Loaded or Healthy Steamers - Linguini and Salad with Skinny Girl 3) Dinners- Buy Zoodles at whole foods, Artic Zero fro dessert... and pair with JC entree - lasagna or creamy penne If out to dinner - have tea with stevia Snacks - yogurt, fruit Workout at Orange Theory Tues, Wed, Thur, Sat & Sun Show up to forum and help others Next weigh in - success!!! And on to maintenance with a bit more lee way Key: Handle airport - with Tea, Diet Coke, Green beans for plane Key: tough times- whatever comes my way - go for a walk. listen to book on tape, hit the gym, make a call. Do not eat something. Everything passes.. and being thin is miraculous and fabulous. Like winning the lottery!!! Size 4-6-8-10-12 Whaaat? This is amazing. Lets keep it Also work on Quantity - Less veggies per meal.. stomach and digestion will be very helpful...
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    I did it! I know I have posted this already, but I am so very proud of myself and I want to celebrate! I have been working incredibly hard since I started this program and have not deviated from it. (Not once). When I feel hungry, I eat some veggies my favorite being carrot sticks and cucumbers and drink water. As many of you already know, I won my Jenny membership in a contest. When I got the phone call I was going through a rough time, my daughter had just graduated high school and moved out without a word while I was at work. I was devastated at the thought of being such a horrible mother. When the call came I knew it was a sign, it was time for me to stop worrying about her and start working on myself, change my focus. Now, my daughter and I have a somewhat better relationship, but that did not happen until I realized that she is an adult and I need to let her go to make her own mistakes. Now, it is time to focus on my son, husband and myself. Once I realized that I was worth it, I was able to focus on my goal and I will not let anything detour me, I will succeed! I am 100% dedicated to myself and this journey is making me feel so good about who I am and it has been a long time (if ever) that I have been able to say that. My advice is to follow your planned meals, yes it can be pricey but so is medications, larger clothing, and eating out. There are going to be meals that are not your favorite, but enhance them with seasonings, and veggies. I have to eat the garden vegetable fritata with a table spoon of salsa. If you start feeling hungry between meals, chug a bottle of water or snack on some carrots or cucumbers (free veggies). This program works, if you let it. You deserve this and you can do it! Lastly, reach out. This forum is a great place for support and encouragement. While each journey is different we are all walking the same path and I enjoy coming here daily. Don't think you can do it? I challenge you to do one full week of pre-planned meals, drink plenty of water, and no deviation. I think you can do it, do you? #journeytohalfofme
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    On the left is a picture of my husband and I from one year ago at our first Bronco game together. The picture on the right is from this passed Sunday. Combined we have lost 115 pounds. I just had to share.
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    I do mine on the air fryer. 10-11 minutes at 400. Tops get a little crunch and bottoms crisp. About my favorite meal!!!
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    Do you have questions about the right foods to eat, portion sizes, weight loss, or the how-to’s of a healthy lifestyle? Sarah V., our Jenny Craig Nutritionist, answers some of the most commonly asked questions. Please use the comment box below if you have any additional questions! 1. Is eating gluten-free healthier? Gluten-free diets are typically followed by people with celiac disease, an inherited autoimmune condition. Eating a gluten-free diet without having celiac disease, or a sensitivity to gluten, does not necessarily contribute to weight loss or a healthier diet. 2. How can the Jenny Craig program work with foods such as cupcakes, lasagna, etc? We seek to emphasize healthy ingredients, while minimizing added sugar, non-nutritive sweeteners, sodium and saturated fat. The Jenny Craig program is designed by nutritionists to incorporate whole-grains, lean protein, healthy fats, low-fat dairy, vegetables and fruits which reflect the guidelines of major government and health organizations for a proven and balanced approach for weight management. 3. Why can’t I eat a lot of fruit to lose weight? Of course, fruits are rich in water, high in fiber and full of nutrients. Members should be encouraged to eat whole fruits rather than juice or dried fruits. However, fruits do contribute calories (about 60 calories per serving) and sugar to your diet and therefore should be consumed in moderation. It is important to consume healthy amounts of each food group so that you have a well-balanced diet. 4. How much does fitness and exercise matter? Physical activity, whether moderate/vigorous, natural, recreational or strengthening, contributes to various health benefits as well as assisting your body in maintaining weight loss. To achieve the health benefits of physical activity, 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days is suggested. However, on maintenance it is recommended to strive for 45-60 minutes. 5. Do you need to adjust your diet as you age? Yes. As you age it is important to continue to consume a healthy diet, stay active and monitor your health. Nutritional needs do change as you age, and it is important to educate yourself and understand nutrient requirements specific to your body. 6.What’s the most important tip, post-Jenny Craig? Portion control. Moderation is key to enjoying your life and maintaining your healthy weight. Use visual cues to remind yourself of proper portion sizes. It’s important to continue those healthy habits that you have acquired along your weight loss journey, while maintaining a good support system. 7.How can I watch for sodium? Staying mindful, monitoring your food and paying attention! Keeping yourself aware of your sodium intake is important. Reading the nutrition labels on your foods and keeping track of how much salt you add to your cooking can help you monitor your sodium intake. 8. What are the most notorious things that cause weight gain on maintenance? Old habits are one of the biggest reasons why people can’t lose weight or keep it off. Stay motivated, be consistent and continue to incorporate positive changes into your life. 9. Why is there so much bread on the program? The program currently consists of 50-60% carbohydrate, 20-25% protein and 20-25% fat. The menu balances a variety of grains, as well as vegetables, fruits and low-fat milk products that all contribute to the carbohydrate content. These parameters reflect the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Dietary Guidelines and are not considered high in carbohydrate. 10. Do you recommend meal prep? Post-Jenny Craig, meal prepping allows you to incorporate a healthy and balanced diet into your busy lifestyle. It is a helpful way to plan pre-portioned meals and have them ready for you throughout the busy week. Preparing your own meals in advance puts you in control of what you eat and provides you with simplicity and convenience.
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    We were impressed by all the entries for our third annual Simple Inspirations Recipe Contest, where Jenny Craig members created fun dishes to tantalize our taste buds and demonstrated what’s possible with a little inspiration, creativity and Fresh & Free Additions. Recipes were submitted for the following categories: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Snacks & Sides, Desserts & Shakes, and Fresh & Free Additions. Here is a sneak peek at the winning recipes in each of the categories, as well as a few special categories we added on. The full recipes will be available soon in our upcoming e-book that will be featured on our website! Breakfast This Very Berry Barscotti Parfait submitted by Jamie B. combines sweet cherries with a crunch using our Barscotti with Cranberries and Almonds. It’s smoothed out with nonfat Greek vanilla yogurt, which adds another sweet and protein-packed punch. Not only do you get a delicious texture from all the ingredients, but you also get a crumble from the bar and the bite from the cooked cherries. It’s also gorgeous to look at with its deep red syrup and layers of flavor. Lunch & Dinner Cooking a Jenny Craig entrée into two different dishes was a clever way to go for our Lunch & Dinner category. Maria R. created a Chicken Zoodle Soup using our Chicken Pot Pie. She removed the crust and heated up the filling in combination with chicken broth and zucchini noodles to create a warm, hearty meal. She then took it a step further, using the crust for an Apple Tart! With a bit of apricot preserves, cinnamon and apples, she baked up the perfect ending to a delightful lunch or dinner, and showed anything is possible with one Jenny Craig entrée! Snacks & Sides Nothing gets our mouth watering like crunchy snacks, and these Snappy Ranch Rings created by Robin W. had us savoring this snack down till the very last bite! These Snappy Ranch Rings replace your typical fried onion rings with Ranch Snaps for a crunchy, flavorful coating that works perfectly when baking these onion rings in the oven. Desserts & Shakes Chocolate on its own is already a treat, but Cheryl B. created this Velvety Chocolate S'Mores Shake that had us feeling like we were indulging on a decadently delicious dessert. Not only does this shake combine our S’mores Bar and Vanilla Dream Shake, but it also has two surprising elements: A can of diet cream soda and frozen riced cauliflower. The cauliflower provides a velvety texture without as much sugar as a banana would! Fresh & Free Additions This Tasty Mediterranean Veggie Tomato Soup recipe created by Shelley B. is a savory starter and takes only minutes to prep and cook, thanks to sautéing vegetables like yellow squash, peppers, mushrooms and zucchini and adding it to our Creamy Tomato Vegetable Soup. Employees We had our very own Jenny Craig employees participate as well and found two recipes we couldn’t get enough of! Sherry S. took our Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Creamy Tomato Vegetable Soup to create a Cajun Style Gumbo (pictured below) bolstered with okra, peppers, onions and Cajun seasoning for a warm, spicy bowl of flavor. Olivia V. surprised us with her Breakfast Burrito Bowl, where she takes our Egg, Cheese & Turkey Sausage Burrito and, with the help of a tortilla pan, creates a shell that holds the filling along with some spinach and delicious salsa. Photographer’s Choice A picture is worth a thousand words, and with food pictures being all the rage on social media, we wanted to award someone for appearance and making our mouths drool. Daphne L. submitted her recipe for a Salisbury S hepard Pie in our Lunch & Dinner category. We were drawn to all the colors of this dish that included Salisbury Steak, mixed vegetables, rosemary, and garlic, followed by a fluffy layer of mashed cauliflower and potato, and then sprinkled with crushed Cheddar Cheese Crisps to top it off! No Thanks to Cake Choice This was a bonus winner, picked by one of our blogger’s No Thanks To Cake. Jessica H. submitted the Game Day Trio for the Lunch & Dinner category. Jessica took our Loaded Baked Potato and transformed it into bacon-cheddar potato balls and a stuffed potato with spinach and artichoke, plus baked some cauliflower with a red pepper hot sauce that she blended herself! Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to all who entered! Keep an eye out for our Simple Inspirations Recipe book to be released later this year. In additional to including these delicious winning recipes, we’re also including all types of tasty ideas to inspire your Jenny Craig creations year round.
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    AWESOMENESS!! What has changed in your thinking between now and a year ago? I'm so interested in learning how people have been able to keep on keepin' on. You're inspiring!! And I'm sure you both feel great too! I wish my husband would be on the plan with me, but he's unable due to celiac disease. :[
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    SO nice to find your blog! I will love keeping up with you, and seeing how you are doing. I can imagine traveling is very difficult on JC, so congratulations to you for thinking it out, and doing such a good job. Sounds like travel isn't new to you, Thanks for your outlook on the cost of JC, versus all the issues with being overweight. The "too big for an airline seat" really hits home, as twice I have had to buy two seats, and it is humiliating and very expensive. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Cathy