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    Just got on the scale today and FINALLY got under 190....I was 189.4! I was at this weight and more this past year. Dear Mr. 190 I don't ever want to see you again....and Mr. 180, you're next.
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    Good morning, I can not beleive how 20 pounds lost can effect me so much.I have lots more energy. Yesterday I was cleaning and organizing the whole house. My fit bit hit an all time high of 23,040..That's crazy.. People are noticing that my daughter and I are losing weight ...it feels so good..
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    When you get off track, you just wake up the next morning and get back on track. its no big deal, dust it off and keep going. As far as forgetting snacks, i know its easy to forgot the JC snacks at home, maybe you can have some shelf stable snacks in your car or purse all the time , just in an emergency? one of those tuna packs from the grocery store is a better choice than a cinamon roll. Whenever i'm under a lot stress and wanna eat off plan, i tell myself that eating off plan will only add to my the stress and anxiety i already have and just make it worse. I tell myself if i just stay on track i can go to bed tonight and at least feel comfort knowing i was on track. I might be grumbling and craving something else, but that feeling of at least being successful with my food choices is always better than the feeling of being off track and facing a gain. Just keep in moving forward, one week isn't gonna matter in the long term picture.
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    1st week back on JC and happy to report I stayed 100% on plan but decided not to work out until my first weigh in to get a baseline loss on JC food alone. Lost 1.6lbs which wasn't as much as I hoped but I know last time I was on JC, the same thing happened and then experienced a large drop. I hope this is the case next week. Excited to be part of the May challenge with a great group of supportive members in the forum. I forgot how much you eat on this plan and still lose weight. I know JC works for me because it is the only plan that has ever worked in the past where I achieved success. I've tried every diet in the book and have been a part of several online groups over the years. I've met some great people along the way and love the fact online forums allow you to be an inspiration to others while focusing on your own goals at the same time. Look forward to meeting you and joining you on your journey!
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    KISS My journey keeping weight loss simple with JC. I am so happy I joined JC on March 8, 2017 because nothing could be simpler then this for weight loss! In the past I tried to do it on my own only to get caught up in over complicating it and giving up. Not this time! How simple JC is: pre-made food, consultants to help, and the online community! Just to list a few. My part: continue keeping my weight loss journey simple! Week 1: -3.8
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    You're still recovering from you trip. You'll be back in the "swing" (teehee ) before you know it.
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    Day two of Jenny Craig is winding down to an end. It was challenging at times. Even though I had ate, I wanted to eat more. It was as if I was craving for something. So I had to throw extra willpower to stick to the plan. The food is filling and is planned out for me. So it takes all the guess work out of what I need to do for the day. I've been trying to lose weight for years. So now I recognize I need to take the burden of worrying about food away while I start this weight loss journey. It has helped me to not constantly think about food. Like normal thoughts for me would be "what am I going to eat for the day" "how much should I eat" "I'm eating now, what am I going to eat later." "I'm still hungry maybe I should've ate something different..." Tomorrow will be day 3 and I'm going to incorporate 30 minutes of exercise. Plus a nice soothing bath, using my Lush Bomb. I'm currently 275 pounds. My mini goal is to get out the 270s and my JC goal is 230 to start. My ending goal is 150.
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    So, I am back.... after jumping around and trying everything under the sun (and gaining 30 lbs, yikes!). Had my consultation yesterday with Beatriz( sweet lady, and she speaks Millie fluently) she had to hold me up when I got weighed in.... oh my word, I am so very upset with myself for doing this to my body. But, ok, "that was yesterday, and yesterday is gone." today 2/28/17 is my day 1.... I had my breakfast and I am feeling fine.... I might even go to my Zumba class class tonight with sweet Luz ( she is my pocket instructor- very petit and super energetic). I have never blogged, that I can remember.... lately I seem to be really loopy in the memory area, but I think it's the extra weight- even my brain is over weight! I really pray that I will stick to JC and loose this extra weight.... it seems like yesterday I was 7 lbs from my goal weight, can you believe this.... I got cocky and thought I could do this on my own, that's a joke! But I am not laughing, I am blogging to remind myself that this is serious stuff and that there is no magic pill only doing.... just do it! So I am off to a good start to the journey ( I am taking the scenic route!)
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    Just had to record this where I can remember when I need a comfort meal!! Roasted Brussels Sprouts drizzled with Walden Farms Walnut Maple Syrup ...... Sauted' Mushrooms, green beans, Boiled Sugar Snap Peas (Then pop out of the shell) ......... OH MY GOODNESS! Toasting my new love of VEGGIES!!!
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    That looks and sounds FABULOUS! Great Combo - I'll Try it! thanks
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    looks good except for the brussel sprouts and sugar snap peas....lol I like spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers but definitely not any kind of peas, brussel sprouts or carrots....
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    Congratulations Nino! It's so nice to hear stories like this. My oldest daughter actually started copying my eating, and has slimmed down too. I see how it's effecting her just like you described and it makes me so happy! It's why I love the Jenny plan.
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    Well I hit the 20 pound weight loss...So proud of myself. My daughter and I started on February 1,2017...It has been great having someone to support me doing the program too. We are walking together,and counting steps with our fitbit..We hope to continue this upward pace...
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    Haven't blogged here for a few weeks. Obviously. I am at turns frustrated and ok I got this. Yet that is how it goes isn't it? It may or may not be true but every blinking time I take on losing the weight eating or exercising....something happens. Yet Lord willing I have determined to not be fazed and do what I can when I can. I am doing 1200 cal and on my own as I won't be able to take up Jenny food for a week or two more. SIGH. I CAN DO THIS. So between my own food and my exercising, I am hoping that when I do get back to Jenny I will have done myself proud. Ah well, nothing I can do about it and what I can do, I am doing all I can. Heres to my success.
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    Thanks Ned for honesty - I really think i will experience the same problem and how we react is key. easier said than done. I think being strict might be good for a bit.. and then as you stray its about adding something in every other day (maybe). I am scared of going off. I know I have gone off.... but happy to be back on plan. What will I do when I hit goal? How will I not go off and stay off? all good questions - I think a big key for me will be to continue to see my JC counselor. continue to get weighed in. Continue to have my small snacks at night... Anyway - I don't know if I have helped. But how bout you write out your food on paper the night before (And/or in My Fitness Plan). If you stray - edit the entry in MFP. Look up Dunkin Donuts Cinnamon roll.. I think it may be 400+ calories.. so atleast you own up to it before or after you eat it I am not sure it helped, but on my last trip I googled a tbsp of a sauce I was eating and saw it was a bazillion calories.. next time I ate it I was more mindful of what I was doing. Thansk again for sharing. You Got This! Go read the Menu thread - and then help some people.. I think that will help you
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    My SW is 192 (3/7/17), tomorrow is my first week results and hope to be saying goodbye to Mr. 190, he's soooooo not my type! Lol! Best of luck to you, Zeegrl! Keep in touch! Sheri in sunny AZ
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    Stayed the same 158.6 I'll take it!
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    Way to go ZeeGrl! You will do great. I'm starting on JC again and hoping for good results. Losing 1.6#'s is nothing to sneeze at. That's a healthy way to lose weight and you should be proud!! I have lost before with JC and Weight Watchers. However, I find JC so much easier because everything is pretty much planned for you. My schedule is excessively busy and honestly trying to figure out what to eat and prepare it is difficult for me. So JC works for me better than any of the others!
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    Congrats on a great first week. You have a great attitude. Here's to another great week ahead!
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    You look Amazing. I can't wait to post before and after pics.
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    You look so cute!!! Happy maintenance...love your energy and enthusiasm. You are indeed a beautiful soul inside and out!
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    I am the type of person who likes my coffee to taste like candy. Not crazy-style -- most mochas at Caribou or Starbucks are too much for me and I ask for them to cut the flavorings in half. Nevertheless, I always thought I couldn't handle a plain latte. When I calorie-counted in the past, I sacrificed an extra 130 calories per day so that I could add Monin coconut syrup and Ghiradelli sweet ground chocolate to my espresso and milk every morning. To me, it was totally worth it. In my mind, I couldn't drink coffee any other way. And hey, I could stay within my calorie goals even with this treat every morning, so why not? When I joined Jenny Craig, I realized I had to give that up. Jenny Craig has no "limited free food" option for Monin syrup and Ghiradelli chocolate. It's not on the plan. Period. I am a teacher and I had recently received a Christmas gift of Grey Duck Chai. Unlike some of the other brands that have a ton of sugar, one ounce of the chai mix had only 22 calories. So I decided to wean myself onto making a "Dirty Chai" in the morning. I did 1 spoon of Splenda, 1 oz of the Chai mix, and then added my espresso and 1 c of milk. Chai mix still isn't on the Jenny Craig plan, but at 22 calories, I counted it as a limited free food and didn't stress about it. Then I ran out of Grey Duck Chai mix. I figured it was working for me, so I'd just order some more. But in the meantime, I would try just adding an extra spoonful of Splenda as a substitute and see if that made it palatable. Indeed, it did make it palatable! In fact, after a few days I decided not to even order the Chai mix. My new morning drink was espresso, milk, and Splenda. That's it. Sweet, flavorful, and 100% Jenny-approved! Yesterday, I did a coconut mocha again. I had run out of coffee beans and couldn't make my espresso at home, so I decided to go to my favorite coffee shop and get my favorite drink. It wasn't bad. But definitely not worth the calories. I have grown accustomed to my new beverage and I guess I just don't miss my old coffee drink. Yay for progress!
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    Angela, Faith, trust, discipline and lean on your support team. You need to have some faith in yourself. Others have been where you are and they have successfully navigated the many pitfalls that you are experiencing. You can do this...others have...so can you. You are not alone. Trust JC. This program works...but you need to get deep into it. Read it over and over again. Do it over and over again. One day at a time. Just do day one...no cheating...then when you finish...do day two. It takes about 10 days for a new routine to set in and become habit forming...make it 10 days and see what happens. Live it. Show that you have the courage and discipline to achieve your goal. Discipline is hard...but you have to ask yourself (when tempted)...do you want to feel like you are feeling now. Have the courage and discipline to say NO! When times get tough lean on your support team at home and with JC. Be positive and put a positive spin on this. You can do this...and should look forward to your new journey and what it will be like when you get to your destination. We are all here to help. V/r Tom R
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    I absolutely LOVE some of the Jenny Craig foods. But I am concerned that they have too many carbs and not enough protein (and fairly high sugars.) Pasta, potatoes and bread abound in their prepackaged meals. Research shows that eating a higher proportion of protein results in more weight loss and less loss of muscle mass. For example: In a study published in Nutrition Metabolism, dieters who increased their protein intake to 30 percent of their diet ate nearly 450 fewer calories a day and lost about 11 pounds over the 12-week study without employing any other dietary measures. I seriously wonder if JC is focused on what we overeaters typically consider "comfort foods." I also wonder if they are trying to cut their own costs by using inexpensive ingredients. Chicken and beef cost a lot more than spaghetti. Some of the meals have incredibly small portions of meat. I have found that I lose weight much faster if I replace one JC meal a day (like lunch) with a salad topped with equivalent calories of chicken, beef or salmon. When I did this, I lost a healthy 2 lbs./week. On the JC meal plan, I was stuck for almost 3 weeks at the same weight, and feel fortunate to lose 1 lb. a week. I use My Fitness Tracker (much better than the JC tracker) to keep close track what I eat. It consistently indicates that the JC program puts me over on their recommended levels of carbs and sugars. My two cents.