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    So one of my favorite stores is Dress Barn... I grew up in a family that would only shop in Bloomingdales.. so this is quite a controversial move.. but I just love the dresses and clothes that I think thin people wear!!! I have a pair of their Signature Fit shorts on now So I picked out a ridiculous dress, in a ridiculous size... and wore it to see my client in Houston yesterday. So without further ado....
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    Thought I would start a blog entry of my favorites and not so favorites.. to help me remember during my weak moments at JC center when I think I should l mix it up. willl edit this and update. Keep in mind what I like - you may hate and vice-versa... Work in Progress Favorties 1. JC French Toast 2. Chocolate Lava Cake 3. Frozen Cookie Dough Anytime Bar 4. JC Vanilla Shake to use in shakes or for coffee creamer 5. JC Loaded Baked Potato for lunch 6. October - JC Pumpkin Loaf (When they come in -you need to stock up as they run out... and then you wait a year!!) 7. Italian Style Pasta bake or Lasagna on top of spiralized zucchini, onions and mushrooms Honorable Mention 1. Cheeseburger Not great - But I eat them and they serve a purpose 1. Chicken Salad Kit - Helpful if at airport and tempted to eat dinner out 2. Barscotti - Low cal and is good for breakfast on the road when paired with a fruit Not My favorites.....I can avoid 1. New Chicken Pot Pie 2. Turkey Burger Best Volumizer 1. Zucchini with spiralizer form bed bath and Beyond 2. Cauliflower rice - filling and when added to other sauteed veggies is good Non JC Food I incoporate as Meal On My own (MOMOs) or as substitutes... 1. Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk 2. Breakfast: Using egg whites form a carton I purchase... Omelettes or scrambles with veggies and a level tbsp or tow of Parmesan on Thomas Lite English Muffin 4. Breakfast on Golf Course: Cliff Bar - White Macadamian Nut - Breakfast out - 260 calories.. good if need calories Things to Avoid to help weight loss 1. Too many veggies... (I love them alot) 2. Wine too often - every few days ok (better to skip for weight loss). Every night at dinner is too much,
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    Well then you have to decide. Are you willing to trade what you want most for what you want now? You've worked all this time, you've had great success, it's been easier than before. It's been less tedious than before (logging every bite...ugh) So today was the first day of state-mandated testing- yes. You got through it, yes. You got some really good news, check. And now you think it should be party time? You want to reward yourself for the stress and celebrate the good news? You can do that. It is not your planned cheat time. The question is..can you be okay taking some breaths, enjoying your feet up, and having some water? Make a cup of decaf and relish it. Right now is a deciding moment. Think back to that day by the pool. Your thighs were jiggling, stuck together and you felt embarrassed, old, and slow. You walked slowly to prevent any other jiggles. And I"m sure the slow walking made you look even less vibrant. You don't have to be a perfect model. You never have been, and you never will be, and that is okay. Are you living your best life now? What is the best version of you? The one wanting to hide and wear a mu mu, or the one that feels vibrant and alive? Three months from now, you won't remember this day, this feeling. Three months from today is July 13. Summer will be in full swing. People will be gathering at pools, wearing shorts and flip flops. You might go out on a boat, or to the beach. You want it. I know you want it. You want to be YOUR BEST YOU. So shut up your whining, drink some water have some free veggies and keep the focus on what you want MOST. The binge will last for about 30 minutes tops. It will be followed by guilt, bargaining, trying to figure out how to "take it back." Don't go there. You've got this. Meditate, take a walk, snuggle with the cat. Be thankful for this beautiful life, this beautiful season and this simple way to get more healthy. Be true to you. Be faithful to you. Do this for you.
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    Medusa: This is boring. Me: Yup, it can be boring. It's also boring to sit on the sidelines and not dance because I'm worried about my jiggle. It's boring to not participate because I'm self-conscious. It's boring to wear the same old bulky clothing that fits rather than all the cute stuff in the closet. Oh my goodness is it boring to wake up every-single-morning and think about my weight, and my discomfort, yet not do a thing to change these circumstances. "A spectacular achievement is always preceded by boring preparation." Famous Athletes- they start out excellent in their sport, and they practice, practice, practice. How many practice pitches has NY Yankee pitcher Tanaka thrown? Musicians- How many hours a day does Yo-Yo Ma practice? How many other things in his life did he miss because he was committed to boring practice? Writers- They all say that the first draft is garbage. The magic comes in staring at the computer screen for hours, continuing to sit through the writer's block, and just write something down. It can feel tedious and never-ending. A kid learning to ride a bike- how much effort went into getting on the bike and riding smoothly? How long did a parent hold the seat and jog beside the child? How many times did the child fall down, get hurt, and get brave enough to get back on the bike? If this was easy, everyone would do it. Everyone would be thin. Everyone would be wearing bikinis. If this was easy, there wouldn't be thousands of diets out there. I've got to do what others will not so that I can have what others will not. Following this plan PLUS time = Success. It's that simple. Follow the plan. Quit your whining and attitude of self-defeat. We are most proud of the things that are difficult, require attention, patience, dedication, and yes...all the boring preparation.
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    Well said!!! It is so amazing every single day I wake up and look down and am not fat! It is not boring - to look in the mirror now. It is such a fantastic relief not to be fat any more. That feeling is fantastic. So go get bored - and just do this!!! Great blog and inspiring!
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    Now you are in that category of "skinny girls we still have to like because they are nice"!
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    Did I mention it was a size 8!!!! OK girls - lets go dress shopping....
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    I love this!! Thanks for sharing. Although I have a long way to go yet I feel better physically and mentally even only losing 25! I'm in this for a lifestyle change.
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    Love anything polka dot! You and the dress are sooooo cute! I don't wear dresses much anymore, being the old retired lady! But I just found a casual one and bought it any way. Now where to wear it? Az is pretty casual so I will just have to start a new trend! I also just got a black and white polka dot cross body bag that I love. Wish we had a dress barn here, will have to check it out online. I was raised to be a Bloomingdale girl too but it didn't take!
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    You look beautiful! Love the dress. I'm always wearing dark or solid tops and always black slacks. Haven't worn a dress since my wedding and then wore it to my nephews wedding. It showed all my rolls. Lol you have to feel pumped. Good job!
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    Oh my gosh. I'm pretty sure you wrote this just for me. I'm not sure how you knew that it has been a crap week and I have started to slip and make really poor choices... thank you for this amazing post.
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    I really love this! Thank you.
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    I weighed this morning and lost 5 pounds! Sooo excited!
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    Break up with Medusa, wake up the Warrior. Walk away from the self-doubt and self-criticism. Step into the light and kick some arse! Head high, shoulders back, deep breath. Food worries, I'm taking you down. I've been wrestling with you for too long. It's time to knock you out and flex some muscles with a warrior cry. No more, "Oh no? what will I eat at dinner? what if I can't resist the chocolate bowl?" I hop around like a worrisome bunny anxious, hiding, wringing my hands. What if I can't do this? What if it's too hard? What if I gain in back? What if...? what if...? Shut up! Just shut that up right now. Put on your Schwarzenegger face. Scowl a little, bring out Dirty Harry, Embody Thelma and Louise right before Thelma floors it off the cliff What about some of those super cool chicks in movies who kick some major butt? She's/He's inside you. The warrior is inside. Wake her up! I'll snarl at that stubborn scale and say, "Really? You're going to give me that kind of lip? Oh no. That is just not an acceptable answer from you. You watch, you watch. I'll be back here tomorrow, same time, same place. Yup, I'll be naked, with shaved legs, flossed teeth, clipped nails. And I'm going to stare you down again. and you WILL, you will eventually bend to my will!" Tomorrow. and tomorrow. and tomorrow. Let's decide warrior names for ourselves- Let's brainstorm favorite kick-a$$ characters and start taking on that attitude on this journey. It will be a LOT more fun! Please post your names Pictures and ideas.
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    Sue you look amazing! I love the smile the most!
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    I can relate to that. Last time I tried Jenny I stayed one week! This time I wanted to quit after a few days but I went back. I am not perfect, but having the food available is a big help. Before, when I went off a diet it would take a few weeks to regroup and return. Now I have been going back to JC the next morning, and it helps. We are all her for the same reasons, and if we persist, we will succeed!
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    Do we all have the thin outfit or outfits? I had a dream.. and it was small in the stream of big dreams, but to me it was huge. In OA when I was 25 I went from 246.25 to 145... For my sister's wedding I could pick out any dress I wanted. I wore a glorious purple dress. Well... I have about 5 pounds to reach that 145 goal... and I put the dress on yesterday. Not sure where I am going in it - but I almost have everything in the closet that I put away for the illusive date when I got thin again. So this is awesome and great..... There's a few more suits and a pair of jeans that will fit in 5 lbs (and if the jeans don't I will donate them!) Drumroll....Yippee go Jenny Craig!
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    Just had to record this where I can remember when I need a comfort meal!! Roasted Brussels Sprouts drizzled with Walden Farms Walnut Maple Syrup ...... Sauted' Mushrooms, green beans, Boiled Sugar Snap Peas (Then pop out of the shell) ......... OH MY GOODNESS! Toasting my new love of VEGGIES!!!
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    Reading this after a difficult evening of too much snacking. Wish I would’ve read it a couple of hours ago!! Well done, Pam!
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    Gorgeous, you and the dress!
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    TY! It took from August 19 2016 to April 2017.. Slow and steady!!!! Lots of chocolate lava Cakes.
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    You look fantastic! Be proud and strut your stuff!
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    Truly inspirational. Look fantastic as you are! @missbumble I'm sure you'll reach your fitness goals at orange theory and that push up too!
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    Great blog. Needed to read this. Came at the right time. Thanks!
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    Thank you! Loved this!
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    Good morning, I can not beleive how 20 pounds lost can effect me so much.I have lots more energy. Yesterday I was cleaning and organizing the whole house. My fit bit hit an all time high of 23,040..That's crazy.. People are noticing that my daughter and I are losing weight ...it feels so good..
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    I don't know what happened when I hit my 50's. At the age of 43 I had our youngest child. A son. He is 12 going on 13 going on 40 (an old soul). After I had Brennan I was able to lose weight. It was harder than before, but I exercised and ate well, and the pounds came off. But 50, that's another story! I'm 55 and I now weigh 182.2 lbs. I was the girl that could eat anything she wanted and not gain weight. The reason I am blogging is to keep a record of my Jenny Craig journey and to keep myself accountable. I chose JC because I have tried to do this weight loss thing on my own, I have tried other diet plans and nothing has worked. I am considering this a life plan.. a life long journey to a better me. Weight off, better health, more energy. I want to look in the mirror and see the woman I used to know... she is still in there somewhere! Ok Jenny Craig! It's you and me... Let's go!
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    Welcome!! Lets Do this!! Welcome to Jenny!!!
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    Yo_Momz - I think you are right! Thank you - i dont think my hair will go curly when long - it just gets really bushy Se photo after 5 days of working out - hair is getting bigger and bigger.
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    Great way to keep accountable MarianBris! I am shocked how easy JC has been. I'm wondering- what did I do wrong all those years? 60 minute cardio workouts 6 days a week, watching and logging every bite, and on the weeks I was perfect, I'd lose one pound. I don't know, but it's worth the money to pay JC and not have the constant frustration/headache/planning/logging of the old way. Let's do this together!
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    For me, the problem with short hair is having to get it cut all the time. I used to have almost the exact same style in the early 90s. Seemed like I was always getting my hair cut. The thing I like about it being long is how lazy I can be about getting my butt into the hairdresser. Also, it's easy to pull back when I have a bad hair day. That aside, I think the short cut looks cute on you, but so does the long one. I guess I'm not much help - I'd vote for either way.
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    I personally love short hair! I liked your short hair....I feel it gives you more style! again, just my opinion...you're beautiful anyway you "cut" it! lol
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    Sue, you and your green polka dotted dress are amazing! I love it!
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    Cute dress, Sue, and I love your happy attitude! Can’t wait for the day I can buy “standard” sizes again. with a much better selection!
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    Beautiful! Purple is my favorite color and you wear it very well!
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    You look great! How tall are you? I'm 5'1" so I have NO room to gain one pound. Since I gained nearly 30, I have a long time left. Just started Monday, April 10th.
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    Wow!!! Wow!!! WOWWWWWW!!!! You look fabulous! You've done so well and that has to make you feel pumped!!! I had to laugh because I had the same bathing suit when I was at around 225 but you looked so much better than I did and probably because I'm shorter! I could kick myself for letting myself go like I did....AGAIN!!! ugh! Thanks so much for posting the pictures! I love the one of you with your face also! Shows how beautiful you are! Congrats! Hope you hang around while I try to get to where you started at!!
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    You've done great!!!! How long did it take you to go from your before picture to the current pictures posted?
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    I've been doing the You Tube Step aerobics for 2 days. Thanks for the tip!!
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    I really enjoyed reading both of your posts here. I look forward to your continued putting Medusa in her place.
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    What a great post! So true and it is very helpful to read this and get inspired!
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    Medusa lives at my house too. Let’s together continue to battle her!! Like slaying a dragon; they keep rearing their ugly heads!!
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    Just saw this posted from another member... It's a good reminder for me to stay steady...
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    I have been going to a trainer for over a year with very little, if any results. But, I realized today that I may not have been doing my part....so its a new month and i plan on literally working my butt off! i hope to be at least 25 pounds lighter my my 60th birthday in July....i can not believe I am almost 60! when i was twenty, sixty seemed ancient! I had this conversation with my 17 year old granddaughter the other day,,,,I said "on your 40th birthday, you will remember what your mema said. Time fly's after 21!"
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    Thanks Ned for honesty - I really think i will experience the same problem and how we react is key. easier said than done. I think being strict might be good for a bit.. and then as you stray its about adding something in every other day (maybe). I am scared of going off. I know I have gone off.... but happy to be back on plan. What will I do when I hit goal? How will I not go off and stay off? all good questions - I think a big key for me will be to continue to see my JC counselor. continue to get weighed in. Continue to have my small snacks at night... Anyway - I don't know if I have helped. But how bout you write out your food on paper the night before (And/or in My Fitness Plan). If you stray - edit the entry in MFP. Look up Dunkin Donuts Cinnamon roll.. I think it may be 400+ calories.. so atleast you own up to it before or after you eat it I am not sure it helped, but on my last trip I googled a tbsp of a sauce I was eating and saw it was a bazillion calories.. next time I ate it I was more mindful of what I was doing. Thansk again for sharing. You Got This! Go read the Menu thread - and then help some people.. I think that will help you
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    When you get off track, you just wake up the next morning and get back on track. its no big deal, dust it off and keep going. As far as forgetting snacks, i know its easy to forgot the JC snacks at home, maybe you can have some shelf stable snacks in your car or purse all the time , just in an emergency? one of those tuna packs from the grocery store is a better choice than a cinamon roll. Whenever i'm under a lot stress and wanna eat off plan, i tell myself that eating off plan will only add to my the stress and anxiety i already have and just make it worse. I tell myself if i just stay on track i can go to bed tonight and at least feel comfort knowing i was on track. I might be grumbling and craving something else, but that feeling of at least being successful with my food choices is always better than the feeling of being off track and facing a gain. Just keep in moving forward, one week isn't gonna matter in the long term picture.
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    Night time is my BAD time. If I can say that. Maybe I shouldn't say 'bad'. But nights are where I fall weak. I can do well for 12 hours during the day but come night time I'm done. I struggle so much. Every. Single. Night. For some reason I just lose all control. It makes me so mad at myself. But by looking at other posts and seeing what other people feel it makes me realize I'm not alone. As I told another JC sister earlier this week... When you slip, just get up and start again. Make the next day your new beginning. Weigh in Saturday...Curious to see my number. I really screwed myself last night - I had my JC meal but then I proceeded to eat several slices of garlic bread and quite a bit of lunch meat. I wasn't hungry, it was just mindless. I'm beating myself up for sure. And the weigh in tomorrow scares me. I know that if I don't see results it will take a lot for me to not give up.