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So what are your favs now?

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#1 Horses & Running

Horses & Running


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 05:28 AM

Hello there gang!
've been following the JC program since June but was wondering what your favorite foods are from JC.
I seem to get my favs and don't expand.

My current favorites are:
the cheesecakes
dinner pizza
dinner chinese chicken as I call it
lunch pizza bites
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#2 Yo_Momz


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 06:52 AM

There have been several threads about this, and it's funny; because when a new one is posted my tastes have changed! LOL

Currently I'm into:
I'm kind of tired of all the breakfasts....
I've been eating oatmeal

the new orange chicken lunch....quite good in my opinion
lunch pizza
beef slider
chicken sandwich
RC pizza...can't get enough of this right now!
cheesecakes (now that I let them thaw I love them!)
smores bar (I keep them in the fridge!)
yogurt dream bar
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#3 SkinnyVirgo


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 09:41 AM

I have been since June too!

I love the new Chicken Pesto dinner
The RC pizza
I love the Fajitas
I also enjoy the fish & chips and the parm. crusted fish

Lunches are not my fave, but I do enjoy the pizza bites too.

I am missing my breakfast stuffed sandwich that they ran out of and discontinued at my new centre. I do still enjoy most of the egg based breakfasts. I like the taste of the barscotti and the blueberry mini loaf but I find they don't leave me satisfied!
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#4 Darcy1-2


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 01:57 PM

Breakfast - Florentine Breakfast Pizzas. Always add salsa. If I could eat them for seven days in a row, I would haha. Also the Cranberry Almond Cereal.

Lunch - Zesty tortellini soup or the Swedish Meatballs with Noodles

Dinner - The Chicken Pasta Parmesan is one of my favorites. Also, the new Pesto Pasta is absolutely delicious.

Snacks - I really really really can't get enough of the black bean taco chips and the bruschetta veggie chips.

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#5 Horses & Running

Horses & Running


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 04:05 PM

Very interesting! Thank you for posting!!!! You reminded me of the florentine breakfast pizzas..... I WILL be getting them in the next order! I totally forgot about those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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#6 rxkiki


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 06:12 PM

Sunshine Sandwich (with 1 laughing cow cheese)
French Toast (minus the berries)

Pasta Ole'
Personal Pizza
Chicken Sandwich

Fish & Chips (in the oven)
Cookout chicken and beans
Rising Crust Pizza

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake
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#7 sandooch


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 06:26 PM

I order the same few foods each week and never, ever tire of them. I only do 4 Jenny food days now. Here's my list...


French Toast
Blueberry Loaf
Cinnamon Rolls


Beef Slider
Broccoli and Cheese Potato (twice a week)
Beef Chow Mein


Fajitas (twice a week)
Rising Crust Pizza
Turkey Medallion and Potatoes


Cookies & Cream Cheesecake (twice a week)
Chocolate Walnut Brownie (twice a week)
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#8 laura55


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 11:04 PM

Yeah, my favorites have changed a bit recently too!

French toast ( my #1 meal favorite)
Cinnamon rolls
Maple Almond crunch cereal ( I add it to Greek yogurt and berries to make a parfait)

Turkey burger
Cheesy potatoes and chicken

Rising crust pizza
Chicken pesto pasta

S'mores bar ( satisfies my candy craving)

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#9 LosingLinds


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Posted 20 February 2014 - 01:50 PM

B: omelet, breakfast pizza, cinnamon rolls
L: turkey burger, broccoli potato - haven't tried the new orange chicken but want to. I used to LOVE the pasta ole but I ate it so often that I got sick of it :( Won't be getting that one again for a while
D: fish & chips, rising crust pizza, fajitas (I add 1/4 avocado) and spaghetti & meatballs! I'm dying to try the chicken pesto pasta. I know I'm going to like it. Zucchini - yes, parmesan, yes, pesto, yes please!
S: white cheddar popcorn and brownies are my favorites!
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#10 loosh


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Posted 24 February 2014 - 06:35 PM

I go through phases of what I am obsessed with, lol. Right now I love cereal. So maple crunch or cranberry almond cereal for breakfast. Cheesy chicken/mashed potatoes or personal pizza (with a few slices of turkey pepperoni) for lunch, Chicken carbonara,, fish and chips for dinner. Cheese corn or smores bar for snack.
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