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How to do JC in a family of 4?

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#1 ZebraShark



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Posted 02 January 2014 - 05:14 AM

I have a husband and two children (4 and 13). How do you manage your program and still feed your family? Also, for those who do so, do you see a reduction in your normal grocery bill because you're not eating as much of the groceries? (to off-set the cost of the JC meals)
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#2 sandooch


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Posted 02 January 2014 - 09:41 AM

Hi ZebraShark,

I am also from a family of 4. I guess I'm lucky, because my husband loves to cook and my kids are older and will cook for themselves when hungry. But when I dieted in the past, when my girls were small, I realized that at the beginning of the diet it would be hard to eat differently than they did. But the longer you stick to the plan and the weeks start going by, the easier it gets not to get tempted. Most people have a nice loss after doing JC their first week. Let that inspire you to keep going and knowing that you are doing something wonderful for yourself, which means you're also doing something wonderful for your family. Because when mama's happy...everyone is happy, right?

You can do this!
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#3 SonyaCele



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Posted 02 January 2014 - 09:43 AM

Hi, the best thing you can do is start to feed your family the same way you are eating on JC. Lots of veggie dishes. And you can coordinate so that they are eating the same meal you are. for example if you have ravoilis for dinner.. you can make them ravoilis. and you just eat your JC meal and they eat what you've cooked. Eventually you will learn portion control and be able to start integrating eating the same foods you cook them.

Really concentrate on the "healthy eating" aspect that you will be learning while on the JC program, and the best thing you can do for your kids is to raise them learning how to eat healthy and make good choices and portion control. Teach them to love eating vegitables, always serve lots of vegiitable dishes with dinnier, which you will be able to enduldge along with them. As you learn healthy portion control and choices, share that with them and teach them the nutrition skills you will learning.
Its gonna take planning and coordination and extra time, and will be hard at first. But change is always hard and you gotta do it , and it will get easier over time. until eventually its second nature.

As far as the cost reduction, i didn't notice grocery bill reduction for a while, not until i learned how to shop and cook efficiently, it took a while, but now that i'm off JC i save soooo much money and my grocery bill is a fraction of what it was prior to JC when i was over eating and eating expensive high calorie foods.

Give it time and patience , the whole program works and everything falls into place over the months. You'll do great, stick with it.
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#4 cyndi382



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Posted 03 January 2014 - 09:42 PM

I just started this week and have a family of 3. I found that it's easy to cook for them ... And helping me clean out the pantry/freezer at the same time. Knowing I have a good healthy meal waiting for me inspires me to cook healthy items for them too. I also cook tons of veggies for them and me. It's good for my daughter to see what a healthy plate looks like - both her plate and mine. Budgeting will take some work but we've talked about healthy snack choices and avoiding the middle aisles of the grocery store. The hubs and 9 year old are totally on board. Having your family's support really helps.
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#5 FaizaYagi


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Posted 04 January 2014 - 05:19 AM

I struggled with this too but I think my husband had a harder time. He's from a culture where everyone eat communally and it was hard for him to always feel alone even if we sat together and my daughter was 1. So I made her food and he usually bought his own food from African restaurants... I only know how to successfully make 1 or 2 good dishes from Niger anyways and neither are diet friendly. But, as he saw the results I was having he didn't care anymore. He was just happy that I was changing my habits and getting back to the healthy condition in which he met me while I was in the Peace Corps. Now that I do mostly meals on my own. Most of what I make usually yields two-three servings. So my daughter eats leftovers with me and my Tues. lunch equals Weds. dinner as well. You can do this... it will just take some getting used to :)
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#6 LeslieMD



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Posted 10 January 2014 - 07:01 AM

The advise on here earlier about mimicing the family meals is what I tried to do, but will admit that it was tougher for me than it sounded on the board. Ultimately I ended up cooking a meal for the family and just ate my JC meal instead of what I cooked, with teh exception being the veggies. I also started not having all the food at teh table - food was on the stove/counter and plates were prepared at teh counter and brought to the table. this helped to not only make my plate seem somewhat similar to theirs (courtesy of the high piles of veggies!), but also, because teh food wasn't on the table in front of us, less mindless snacking/munching.

the other aspect was making similar snacks / deserts for us all. for example, I'd slice up an apple and put some splenda and cinnamon on it and bake it and top with a little bit of whipped cream. instead of making just one for me, I'd make individual ones for everyone.

It was tough, but it became habbit and "normal" for me to have a different meal than them. And every so often, I'd treat myself and have the same meal as them just being very mindful of portion size.
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#7 shannonkipp



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Posted 15 January 2014 - 02:01 PM

im a newbie myself what im afraid of is giving up im 23 and I did weight watchers in high school n lost... I keep saying im ready but then I stop n go back to my old eating habits.. anyways I wonder how you guys have the will power to stick to it??? I don't eat fast food no more but I do eat cookies, chips, etc... I don't work out I think that's the problem.. I have no kids yet but my boyfriend wants kids and im afraid to have them because I dont want to have health problems I want to be healthy and look sexy in certain clothes... maybe someone can give me advice on how to stick to it and not give up..
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#8 remington


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Posted 04 February 2014 - 09:51 AM

Hello, I too am in a family of 4. husband and two boys 15 and 17. I started JC after my first son was born, lost the weight, again I joined after boy 2 and lost weight, joined again 5 years ago after i quit smoking (still not smoking) lost the weight and went back a year ago, lost the weight. I have been off the program for three months and put 15 lbs back on, ate everything in sight and knew I was doing it and was ok with it becasue I knew I would go back in Febuary and I have and lost 3 lbs first week. That being said, I do not see my bill go down but up. I find I am buying more healthier food basically fruits and veggies and they are expensive not to mention the JC food. I do 5 days on two my own planning. I continue to cook the same for my family I just eat JC. I will also eat whatever veggie i made for them to volumize. My problem is that I love to eat and portions have always been large. I have to keep myself in check by making portion size small and getting away from table when I am done. No finishing kids meals if no one eats it I throw it out. Kills me to do that but I am the only one who will eat leftovers and if I am not going to eat it get rid of it. I try to make only what everyone eats rather than overcook. It can be done just stick to your plan and dont go off course

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#9 happyday25


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Posted 04 February 2014 - 09:05 PM

Family of 5 here plus an extra one who is staying with me. I have to say its been pretty easy my kids are not picky and will eat just about anything so as I am learning to cook healthier for them I am learning portion control through Jenny for myself. My grocery bill has gone down some because I dont buy everyone separate snacks if im buying jello I buy it for all. There are a few exceptions like lunch foods I don't need snacks but the kids do so I do buy those things with only the kids in mind. As far as cheese or yogurt nope everybody gets the low fat version same with milk. I haven't had a single complaint yet I am getting healthier and so are they.
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#10 BrittU



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Posted 13 February 2014 - 12:51 PM

Well you've gotten lots of good advice which I won't repeat. On my non JC days I cook for me with large enough servings to serve them and an extra or two they eat that I don't. So, for example, I made pork chops and broccoli on Monday which I measured and ate along with them. They also had bread and mashed potatoes which I didn't. Everyone went their own way for dessert (if we eat dessert it's later, not right after dinner).

On my JC days I stocked up on easy to prepare foods that I or my husband heat up. Mostly things from Schwann's or Costco that I know they like and can provide a complete meal.

I also keep a fruit bowl stocked in the center of the table. I read that fruit consuption goes up like 400% if the fruit is out and available. And I stocked up on yogurt, cheese, pre-cooked meats and other things they can get easily for lunch or a snack that I don't have to be involved in.

I think our eating out costs have gone down. Grocery overall is probably higher but I planned on that.
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