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New Day

Posted by Mina16 in Mina16's Blog, 11 February 2016 · 19 views

Today is a new day, day 1 on my new Jenny Craig life. I want to be a success story! My goals are insight, I want to feel good about myself again. I have support from my husband, friends, and my new Jenny Craig team. I am so excited to see what happens. Praying for guidance and motivation. I can't wait to hear everyone's story. We've got this, staying focu...


Candle Light Challenge

Posted by Debi-Tishri1 in Debi-Tishri1's Blog, 09 February 2016 · 31 views
Candle Light Challenge, NLP

Try the Candle Light Challenge for your next off plan eating moment and you can finally Win over emotional and unconscious eating.
When you decide to eat off plan, light a specific candle taking in the light and warmth, fragrance and beauty. This candle represents you, your power, goals and your choice to represent yourself during this time of eating off...



Posted by Lori87 in Lori87's Blog, 06 February 2016 · 48 views
Returning member, New member

Back on the program.....Week 1 weigh in brings a loss of 5.6 lbs :) I forgot how delicious Jenny Craig food is.  Lots of water, green tea and keeping to program.  Ate out twice this week, but watched what I ordered/ate.  All in all a good week! 


Good Vibes Needed

Posted by new_me2016 in It's a NEW me , 29 January 2016 · 103 views

Hi all,
I don't think the blogs are that popular on here but what the heck, I'll continue to write when I feel like I have something to document - I think it's great to look back at KEY points in your journey.
This post is related to weight loss in a sense but mostly career focused.
Here it goes...
Early this week I was contact...


Returning Jenny Client...

Posted by Kittiee in Kittiee's Blog, 20 January 2016 · 164 views
#Returning Client

Has been several years since returning to Jenny. 
Back to square one...needing outside help...after all Jenny got me to a size 3!
Day #1 was Great however Day #2 I visited a cooking friend today who gave me a lesson in  Greek Empanadas, fried Pita Bread Chips & Salad loaded with olive oil dressing & Feta...Absolutely Delic...


Back to the Middle

Posted by SlimKimpossible in Finding Slim Kim, 20 January 2016 · 115 views

Starting over is hard to do.  I have been harboring resentment for having  worked so hard in the past just to gain the weight back. Bitterness and regret don't taste to great though. So I am working through the anger, and going back to what worked.  I could point fingers and place blame for all the ways things have gone wrong in my life to...


Life Sucks

Posted by crazyjojo in crazyjojo's Blog, 20 January 2016 · 134 views

I feel really sad. It is going to take forever for me to lose weight. I feel so defeated already. Somehow, I feel ashamed that I have to resort to this. I know it is ridiculous. My son has ASD, (autistic spectrum disorder). I feel like I am losing my mind with him. ,


Almost paused.... Day 3

Posted by BelindaA in BelindaA's Blog, 16 January 2016 · 182 views
Eating at Events, Motivation

Almost paused.... Day 3 Yesterday was terrible, I almost quit and it had nothing to do with the JC plan.  I had a luncheon I had to attend so I took the dressing and thought I’ll just have the salad and eat the JC food around it.  No Salad!  But I realized there were veggie wraps.  I took two, dumped the contents on my plate and through the wraps out....


And So It Begins

Posted by Eve-Malone in Eve-Malone's Blog, 15 January 2016 · 148 views

And So It Begins "You could lose 10-15 lbs" means you should lose 25 lbs.  I prompted that statement from my best friend, because I wanted someone to say it - and if your best friend can't tell you what you need to hear, who will?  We were in a parking garage at the hospital, waiting for a friend, in the rain, following a little car trouble, so why not get all t...


2016 New Beginnings

Posted by Margro in Marsha's Meanderings, 26 December 2015 · 213 views

I love new years and new year resolutions. I have kept so many of them with the exception of those that center around weight loss. But each year and truly each day, we get to make a choice. This year I am choosing me.
After 3 successful times on Jenny in the past, I have struggled for the last 10 years as my weight has continued to climb to get bac...


Time to commit

Posted by jenrdn69 in jenrdn69's Blog, 26 December 2015 · 212 views

Here I sit for the (fill in the blank high number) time of my life.
Disappointed in myself.
Mad at myself.
Tired of myself.
And I wonder, why won't I commit?
I can come up with all these reasons and excuses.  I sit here thinking, maybe if I go back to weight watchers...maybe if I do the plan my trainer gave me...may...


Bring back the ziti!

Posted by shoesan in shoesan's Blog, 15 December 2015 · 181 views

I just went to my center today and found out they are discontinuing the three cheese ziti.  There isn't too much to choose from and that is one of my favorites. If you like the ziti as well, I think we have to let the Jenny people know that we want the ziti to stay!


OK so I made my "goal." Now what?

Posted by MattTC in Seriously? THAT's what I'm "supposed" to weigh?, 07 December 2015 · 282 views

Saturday when I weighed in I was at my goal. I lost 50 pounds in 116 days. I feel (and look, most of the time) thin. BUT I'm still 23 pounds over the highest weight in the "ideal" range. Hmmm. I should have set my goal lower. I just blurted out "50 pounds" when they asked my how much I wanted to lose because I didn't think I'd do it. It seemed like a...


Second time

Posted by 2dogsnocats in 2dogsnocats' Blog, 10 November 2015 · 256 views
Encouragement needed

This is my second time using JC . My first time was over 10 years ago. Since that time my weight has been up and down. At the beginning of the summer I weighed 155 which was where my doctor wanted me. I was also walking 2 miles 4 x/wk. Then my psychiatrist started me on a new medication and a side effect was increased appetite, and I gained 30 pounds. I...


Messed up on third week...but i will go on....

Posted by Sydsmom in Sydsmom's Blog, 06 November 2015 · 309 views

Messed up on third week...but i will go on.... So I'm on my third week of JC after starting over after having knee surgery in July.  I'm back to my heaviest so i'm really focused, or at least I had been until a co-worker has set a whole can of Virginia peanuts on the front counter at work.  I had my 3rd week weigh in last night and was a little discouraged because I only lost 1.4lbs.  I...


Stepping Out of the Background

Posted by dolphins5407 in dolphins5407's Blog, 02 November 2015 · 263 views

Halloween has come and gone. In my 48 years on this Earth, I've celebrated many a Halloween. This one was different. I have spent many years of my adult life hiding. My shame about my weight made me extremely uncomfortable in social situations. Halloween made it possible for me to hide behind the anonymity of a mask or costume. I always had to make my own...


Round 2~ish....

Posted by Flitweep in Flitweep's Blog, 21 October 2015 · 269 views

So, this is technically my 3rd time though the Jenny program. The first time I did it I lost over 70 lbs, and was almost at my Goal. Then.... I got into a horse back riding accident. I Shattered a Vertebra. 
Enter round two.... Lost 35 lbs. Ended up getting divorced and had to put Me on hold yet again. 
Round three.... Here we go....


Almost one week down

Posted by Anita_Newbody in Anita_Newbody's Blog, 19 October 2015 · 273 views

in two days, I will have completed a full week worth of JC. I feel proud of myself. I still have to work on getting everything in, but so far so good. I will hopefully see a good drop in weight. So far I have, but I had lost down to 143 and then went a week off a different plan, and jumped back up to 148. So when I started I was 148, and now I am 144, but...


Chat Option

Posted by KrisC55 in KrisC55's Blog, 08 October 2015 · 183 views

I am a 2nd shift staffer that gets home approximately 12:30am EST.  I would like to find some chat buddies at that time because it always seems like this is the most difficult time of the day for me.  Please reply to this post if you are interested in chatting with someone who is working toward staying focused and losing the weight.  ...


To Quit or not To Quit

Posted by pmiller1 in pmiller1's Blog, 02 October 2015 · 410 views

So day 2 (day 3 but the first day I only ate breakfast) and I'm ready to quit. Not because I feel I cant do it but simply because I'm already bored. The food is delicious but having a schedule or saying I can't eat that is what's stopping me. Call it self-sabatoge. 
I think to me staying on track means "don't eat this and you will lose weight"...

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