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For Weight Loss, a Recipe of Teamwork and Trust

Posted by Susan Diaz in Lipo Laser Treatment - Reiki Healing Expert, 26 February 2015 · 24 views
weight loss, healing, holistic and 7 more...

For Weight Loss, a Recipe of Teamwork and Trust Research has always shown that if you want to adopt and maintain new habits, it helps to not do it alone. Organized religion has always known this - hence Jesus’s fellowship with his disciples and the Jewish law that at least 10 men are needed for public worship.  When churches grew, they divided members into small groups that meet regularly to...


Enrich Your Fruitful Life by Using Chemical Free Food

Posted by The meatman in The meatman, 25 February 2015 · 22 views

An essential thing that is more needed for human being is food and healthy food make a man to feel stronger and more immune person. Which is fully based on what we are having daily life. In olden days our grandparents were eaten vegetables and fruits rather than meat. Meat also having many kind o...


Day 1

Posted by new2jennycraig19 in The long and winding Road to my goal, 18 February 2015 · 66 views

Today is my first day on the Jenny Craig program. I am excited and scared at the same time. I find that I am not even so hungry today, perhaps due to nerves. I have a long way to go to my goal, about 85 pounds to lose. I enjoy the supportive aspect of the program, and relish the fact that I get to have a forum to work problems out. I know that my food add...


The Good and the Bad

Posted by amd08003 in The Never Ending Journey, 05 February 2015 · 142 views

Today was my weekly check in at Jenny. I was very curious to see what my weigh in would look like since it seemed by weight was fluctuating a bit each day and as I mentioned in a previous post with all these snow days things have been challenging. When I weighed in I had gone up .8 from 177.2 to 178 which I was disappointed by but unde...


Food for Your Feline!

Posted by Spoton Carpet Cleaning in Spoton Carpet Cleaning's Blog, 04 February 2015 · 61 views
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Cats make for wonderful pets with their soft fur, adorable claws, intriguing ways and mysterious eyes. Off course their needs, cognition and food habits are different than other animals. It is important to keep these cute pets healthy with the right kind of food. Let us know more about cat food.
Cats have specific dietary requirements. They need nutrien...


Ahhh, the little things...

Posted by AGHill54 in 50+ Fabulous Fashionista Blog, 03 February 2015 · 118 views

For those of you on this weight loss journey with me, I know you've had this experience: "Wait a minute -- I could never do that before!"
This revelation occurred to me this morning as I was sitting drinking my morning coffee. I absentmindedly crossed my legs. 
WHOA. That was unusual. I've never ABSENTMINDEDLY crossed my legs....



Posted by DivaMomma in Need To Get Back Control over Me!, 02 February 2015 · 79 views

So do you ever just check out..........go through the motions.........and not really focus on your goal........That was me the last week.......I started out sick on Sunday thru Tuesday.........then the bad weather gave me an excuse not to weather the storm and do my exercise........then i wasn't tracking my food.........THEN THE MOMENT OF TRUTH......WEIGH...


One Week Strong

Posted by Sapphire Lucy in Sapphire Lucy's Blog, 14 January 2015 · 174 views
stress eating, mindfulness

It has been a week since I decided that I needed to reset and get serious.  I am a stress eater and I realized that the only way that I will be able to reach not only my weight release goals but also any other goal I have, I need to focus on reducing my stress.  
So this week, I have focused on being mindful, following the meal plan and not lett...


Starting 2015 with a term at college

Posted by hoping_to_suceed in My Jenny Craig Journey, 02 January 2015 · 131 views
college, weight-loss, diet

One thing that scares me the most is going back for another term at college because I can never focus on losing weight when I'm trying to pass that final! However, being a college student means being in a mass amount of debt, so I really have no more money to buy extra snacks with the food portion of my budget all spent on Jenny Craig. I hope this time my...


Happy New Year!

Posted by BubblyBlonde86 in BubblyBlonde86's Blog, 02 January 2015 · 130 views

Thinking over the last year, a lot has changed. Last Christmas was when I realized things had gotten way out of control with my weight. I was getting fast food pretty much every day, and trying to sneak around about it - I told myself if no one else saw me with the food/eating, then it didn't really count, right? But my body knew and kept track of al...


Losing It Inch by Inch!

Posted by ilovemeeveryday in ilovemeeveryday's Blog, 28 December 2014 · 157 views
inches lost

I have lost 2.6 pounds and 11 inches. I have been lifting weights and walking on the treadmill and aerobics room. I am fine with the low amount of pounds, because, prior to Jenny Craig, I was gaining at a rapid, and what seemed uncontrollable, rate.
For now, I am learning to space out my meals. I am hungrier earlier in the day. I can have my u...


healthy fats

Posted by cogs2159 in cogs2159's Blog, 28 December 2014 · 112 views

hey I am brand new to this. I am supposed to have a healthy fat. Is there anywhere a list of healthy fats? 


Twas the Night Before Christmas

Posted by Kristine O in 51 is Fabulous, 24 December 2014 · 172 views

My journey with JC began in October.  As I reflect this Christmas Eve I do so 21 pounds lighter than I was when I started.  I have more energy, I feel better, and I am so looking forward to celebrating with friends and family who I haven't seen since then.  I'm not worried about managing my program over the holidays - I know what I need to...


Down 21lbs, better than nothing

Posted by Janie_JC in Maybe this time..., 21 December 2014 · 169 views

The last few weeks, I have been nibbling here & there and not following the plan exactly. I got relocated for work and now I'm even further away from a JC center. Not sure what to do, I might have to go back to ordering the food online.

I'm down 21lbs total, I can't even remember how long it's been since I started. I was really hoping to be under 30...


My joining day!

Posted by ladyh in ladyh's niteingale , 02 December 2014 · 172 views

I am excited!
This for me! No more catering to others!. Kids are moved out its just me!.


Top Weight Loss Supplements

Posted by mariofillip in Weight Loss Blog, 27 November 2014 · 179 views

Burn fat fast. Crank up your metabolism. Get a beach body by summer.

You've read the hyperbolic promises fat loss supplements often make, accompanied by before-and-after pictures of a former overweight person who used that product and now looks absolutely fabulous.

Then you read the fine print. Maybe that "miracle supplement" isn't such a miracl...


The scale looks good after 2 weeks in California

Posted by msbonjovi in msbonjovi's Blog, 07 November 2014 · 151 views

Gained ONLY 0.04 lbs. after 2 weeks in California with my 2 little grandsons and his parents - my younger son.  Did manage a few days in San Francisco.  I did NOT manage to track anything I ate.  Obviously in San Fran it was all restaurant food.  At my son's, it was mostly home cooking but was NOT JC food which I was used to.  I t...


Doing the Happy Dance!

Posted by domesticatedbeauty in domesticatedbeauty's Blog, 24 October 2014 · 173 views

I'm down 2 lbs this week! I'm at 133.6!


Hit a plateau need to push through!

Posted by legallyblonde in legallyblonde's Blog, 09 October 2014 · 270 views

Hi everyone!
Well I have reached 150 Ibs and I am super happy with that BUT I really want to hit my goal of 130 Ibs by christmas.
Any tips??? Should I be reducing calories???
I have been wavering around 150 for about two - three weeks...
I need some motivation here! It is getting harder now that the autumn is arriving and holid...


Decided I Needed Help

Posted by Sunnshine77 in Sunnshine77's Blog, 24 September 2014 · 317 views

I've been overweight/obese most of my life. My highest recorded weight was 264 back in 2006. Through several diets I was able to get down to 163 in 2010. Then I gave up and the weight started to creep back on to where I was over 200 pounds again. I tried and failed to get it back down, I would lose 5 pounds give up then put on 10. If I kept at i...

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