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Hello again, need advice

Posted by Elise Freda in Elise Freda's Blog, 21 September 2014 · 16 views
success story, losing weight and 4 more...

Hello again. In my previous post I shared my success story in losing weight. I am still on my diet and attending dance classes. And today I am here to ask for advice. The parts o my body where I’ve lost few pounds look loose now. I would like to change it and make them stronger and fit. I bought a DVD with set of different types of exercises. I repe...


Getting Into The Exercise Routine

Posted by Bunker in Bunker's Blog, 18 September 2014 · 26 views

I've found if I write it down, it gets done.  So, each day on my to do list, I go upstairs, turn on Dr. Phil and workout during the entire show.  I use a stationary bike, weights, balls, and wrap up with relaxation yoga.  Three easy steps, plan, write, do it!  It works for me.


Here we go!!

Posted by CarolPMotley in CarolPMotley's Blog, 17 September 2014 · 37 views

OK. Here it is. The time to lose weight and keep it off. I can pretend, ignore or delay it but the truth is the time has come. I am ready to do this and I can change my behavior for lasting success. Back to the "real" me. Here it goes.


53lb pounds down and counting.....never give up hope - life is full of curves!!!

Posted by DivaMomma in Need To Get Back Control over Me!, 15 September 2014 · 55 views

It's been one month since I put words to paper......I wanted to give you all some words to live by...  It's been 10 months of Jenny, and I am 53lbs down.  I really thought that number would be bigger.......given how much i have left to lose.......I found out this summer that that number doesn't represent how far I have come but how much i have f...


UGH!!! I need advice, help something

Posted by Jardette in Jardette's Blog, 09 September 2014 · 152 views

I am feeling so down....I have been on Jenny 4 weeks now and I got down 1.5 then the next week up 1.5 then down 1.5 then up 1.5...sheesh!
I'm feeling so disheartened, spending all this money on food and I just am not moving in my weight..I want to quit...say Why bother...but I also want to win, to not quit...good heavens what am I doing wrong!?!?!?


The first week

Posted by Kayla J in The Long Road, 09 September 2014 · 95 views

So last week I'm sitting at work (wasting time) and I start looking at different weight loss solutions.  I have been ignoring my weight for a while now, but I just got back from vacation and I was trying to make a change.  I had tried and failed to lose weight on my own before.  I knew I needed something to help me. I'm taking a healthy lif...



Posted by AJ Haimes in AJ Blog, 04 September 2014 · 105 views

I have been a member of JC for more than 10 years. It's a great program when I use it. I have met my goal on several occasions but bounced right back to a heavier weight. I can't stay on track. I get overwhelmed when I have specific "date" to get the weight off. I don't do well under pressure. I am an all or none person. I am just not motivated and am dow...


Frustrated but Determined

Posted by KrisC55 in KrisC55's Blog, 02 September 2014 · 66 views

For the last 2 weeks I have been struggling with some unknown medical issue with extreme fatigue, abdominal pain and back pain.  After 2 trips to the doctor and a ridiculous amount of tests the doctor came back with I am a perfectly healthy woman.  The problem is that I still am not feeling well... anyway... the reason behind this post isn't abo...


Natural Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Posted by EvlinSymon3 in Health & Fitness Tips, 02 September 2014 · 231 views

Natural Home Remedies for Weight Loss Are you tired of putting your faith in the latest weight loss pill? Are you tired of starving yourself by trying the newest diet? For centuries, people have lost weight using home remedies. Home remedies are natural aids to weight loss. To start a home remedy weight loss campaign, you just have to eat particular foods that act as natural weight loss aids....


The "160 pound" journey thus far...

Posted by MindyG in MindyG's Blog, 24 August 2014 · 153 views

While I technically started my journey on February 3, 2014, it really began a few months prior when things went from bad to worse with my weight and I was feeling completely out of control. I had gotten to the point where I could barely look in the mirror without crying, would see photos of myself and literally feel sick and then there was the daily chore...


October 6, 2014

Posted by grievous in Ruby's Ramblings To Weightloss Success , 13 August 2014 · 108 views

My "restart" date. The day I turn 47, can't think of a better birthday present to give myself!!!


Can I do a cleanse on Jenny Craig?

Posted by legallyblonde in legallyblonde's Blog, 05 August 2014 · 156 views

I am getting a little frustrated by my slow weight loss and I am wondering if I can do a cleanse while on Jenny Craig? This would probably involve drinking some kind of maple syrup lemon juice while fasting for like 10 days. Some people swear by this kind of thing. I would then continue with Jenny food after this. Any thoughts?


Starting August 8th

Posted by Blueday in Blueday's Blog, 04 August 2014 · 141 views



My Beginning, Again.

Posted by Valkara2 in Valkara2's Blog, 03 August 2014 · 95 views

Eagerly awaiting my food.  Excited to be getting back on track with my health!


Ive been at this a month now

Posted by Binnae in Binnae's Blog, 31 July 2014 · 276 views

Ive been at this a month now I decided to start a blog so I could find some support out there.  I am getting discouraged, I am down around 5 lbs, but for the past 3 weeks have stayed pretty much the same.  Why?  What am I doing wrong? 
I do a spin class 3 nights a week, go to aquafit 4 nnights a week and do zuma once a week.  I am getting enough of a workout...


Thanks everyone!

Posted by Joyawakes in Joyawakes' Blog, 27 July 2014 · 87 views

Yesterday was the conclusion of my second week on JC. I weighed in 1.4 lbs less than the week before. I found the second week to be easier than the first. I've been reading a lot of the forums and blogs on here for tips. Thanks everyone who posts advice!!! You are all very much appreciated. I have lost a total of 8.4 lbs in two weeks. Ha!


7 Week Weigh In!

Posted by Kiki1970 in Kiki's Blog, 15 July 2014 · 156 views
weight loss

Ok so I am on a good path, and I hope this keeps up.  Yesterday was my 7 week weigh in an I lost another 3.2lbs total to date 23.2lbs.  I am very proud of myself.  I did have a cheat day yesterday and have to work hard this week to make sure I still have a loss.  I broke down, but I am back on track now and know I shouldn't have broken...


Time to start over from the beginning

Posted by Michelle Nelson in Starting Over, 12 July 2014 · 187 views

I did the Jenny Craig program 2 years ago for about 7 months.  I had great wins and was on track to lose this weight I have put on for the last 15 years.  I was derailed and have made the decision to finally return and start again.  Anyone else going through the same realization?


My favorites that are soon to be retired

Posted by Rhonda8 in Rhonda8's Blog, 04 July 2014 · 319 views

Has everyone heard about the products JC is retiring? Rising crust pizza, chicken fajitas, ranchero breakfast skillet?


3 1/2 weeks in...starting to feel discouraged

Posted by elysa66 in elysa66's Blog, 26 June 2014 · 288 views

I told myself that I was going to stick with it to the letter for at least a month and see what the result is. July 6th will be a month for me and to date I have only lost 4.8 lbs. I havent cheated at all. I eat only the JC food and I force myself to eat the salad. I admit I may not be drinking as much water as I should but im not eating badly. in fact I...

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