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Beginning a new day

Posted by XimeGarciaG in My Journey, 21 July 2015 · 93 views
new, day, lets see, nervous and 2 more...

Today is a beutiful day, not because of weather as it is actually cloudy and gray, i'm not sure if cold or humid yet, I haven't been out. Now, if you are like me and prefer this weather then yes, it is a beautiful day, if you are not then, well it's still a beautiful day. Just for different reasons.
I am writing this morning because I got up feelin...


Walk it out!

Posted by Gogurl135 in Gogurl135's Blog, 23 June 2015 · 203 views

I started my last two mornings with a Leslie Sansone walk. I probably worked out once a week before starting JC. Now I've walked twice in two days! Says a lot about motivation. If you are new....just start. If you fell off the wagon...today is a new day. Forgive the past. The past shouldn't be why you are not doing what you need to do now. You can...


Crazy, Busy Month!

Posted by MizzM in MizzM's Blog, 20 June 2015 · 156 views

So, I have not been "On Plan" for nearly 3 weeks due to work-related activities. I spent one week in travel status attending a leadership training class.  All meals were provided at the hotel, but they were served up "buffet style," which was great because I could control the portion size and had access to fruit and yogurt for breakfast and a salad b...


First Weigh In

Posted by imajerseygirl in imajerseygirl's Blog, 19 June 2015 · 170 views

I lost 2.6 pounds.  I am happy but I sure wish I could express it.  I guess I have to build my confidence.  I'm still waiting to fail but I am doing something right. I need to feel proud of myself.  I'm doing great.  Only 1 week on this program and it is already so clear to me how out of control my eating became.  It was only...


Fair Food

Posted by liz101 in liz101's Blog, 15 June 2015 · 172 views

Okay its two days away, I am going to the county fair.  I am a foodie when I go to the fair I love my corn dogs, funnel etc.,  I want to enjoy the fair and eat too.  I do not want to go off of jc food but I also don't want to stay on jc food for that one day.  I am confused.  I am frustrated and mad at myself.  i am so confused


Just Curious...

Posted by dolphins5407 in dolphins5407's Blog, 12 June 2015 · 162 views

Does anybody actually read these blogs? I started my blog to get my feelings into writing instead of bottling them up, or, worse yet, "eating them". But I also thought maybe it might help or encourage anyone else dealing with the same feelings. But there seems to be much more activity and responses on the forums, so I was curious to know how many people e...


Day 6

Posted by Livid in Shrinking Violet, 06 June 2015 · 155 views

I am nearing the end of my first week on Jenny Craig.  I did great the first two days and lost 3.2lbs.  However, I kept slipping up here and there all the other days.
Extra things I ate this week included:
A half doughnut
A half pastry
Cocoa Puffs cereal with almond milk
3 Chocolate Coconut Almonds
A whole mango (instead of a half) t...


Back on Jenny

Posted by pattyb352 in pattyb352's Blog, 24 May 2015 · 181 views

Well I hope fourth times a charm.  I'm back on Jenny for the forth time and once again will try to get to my goal weight and stay there.  That's the hardest part, staying there.  I've got to my goal weight the first time, felt great, and slowly it came back.  The other 2 times I quit before getting there for one reason or another....


Day Three and already not sure

Posted by tigercrazy in tigercrazy's Blog, 14 May 2015 · 396 views

Day Three and already not sure   :) Ok, I'm a newbie with Jenny Craig. I've done every "diet" that was actually good for you, excluding the kind that focus on one type of food; grapefruit diet, Atkins, etc... so under my belt are the Optifast, ViSalus, many WW attempts and "do-it-yourself" diets. I've been successful at all of them but never finished because I didn't follow t...


May 2015 Kick-Off, or... errr... Limp-Off

Posted by 2ndStarRight in 2ndStarRight's Blog, 14 May 2015 · 194 views

First entry at Jenny website.  I couldn't find the 60+ thread I was seeking.  I don't know if it exists. This is my first blog effort, so forgive me if it falls flat in places.
At 61, female, 5'0", SW 176.6 on 5/2/2015, GW is 115, haven't been there since I was in High School, but according to the charts, that's where my BMI needs me to be!...


Getting Started

Posted by Loleighla in Loleighla's Blog, 14 May 2015 · 174 views

I just received my for two weeks of JC food. I am very excited to get started and hoping for a strong first week!



Posted by puzzled in puzzled's Blog, 12 May 2015 · 179 views

I have been with Jenny Craig almost a year now and a couple of pounds off my goal weight. I am now rethinking I should try to lose about 10 more pounds. Has anyone else made this decision?


4th week results

Posted by Procyon4092 in Procyon4092's Blog, 06 May 2015 · 157 views

Down 14 lbs. total!  
Super pleased with myself for following the program and super pleased with the program for making it easy to follow.
I expect things to wind down in the following weeks to a slower, but steady pace.  
Heck slow and steady in the right direction is way better than were I was headed!


Success at TGIF Fridays

Posted by strivingtosucceed in strivingtosucceed's Blog, 26 April 2015 · 200 views
TGIF Fridays

If you've ever looked at the menu at TGIF Fridays, it's loaded with unhealthy stuff. Sure, on the surface you see fish and salads and grilled this or that. However, if you dare to click on the nutritional information PDF it gets real. Yeah, thousands of calories with loads of fat real. My aha moment came when I realized the fat grams column I had been per...


Get back at it!

Posted by SLK413 in SLK413's Blog, 21 April 2015 · 132 views

Hi all, Thank you for all your comments thus far. It has been a hard journey for me up to this point. So far I have lost just about 10 lbs. I had my first fitting for my bridal gown (big day is June 14) and they had to take it in quite a bit.  My nerves are now in full force as I am afraid that I may not stay on track. My next appointment with my con...


Day 1_ DONE!

Posted by BelieveToAchieve in BelieveToAchieve's Blog, 15 April 2015 · 163 views

Yesterday I took the first step to call Jenny. This morning I had my appointment at 9:30 AM and I completed my first day back on Jenny! My happiness level in through the roof!
I've decided to use this blog as a journal to motivate myself and other because god knows I need it as I am sure others do! 
Day 1 Thoughts:  


A New Day...

Posted by LB1 in LB1's Blog, 12 April 2015 · 216 views

On April 10th, 2015 I made the important decision to take control of my life. My weight is at an all time high...253.6 to be exact. My goal weight is 160. I feel embarrassed about how I look, I feel frumpy, I am definitely not confident, I am not active, my blood pressure is high and I am a borderline diabetic with borderline high cholesterol. I have beco...


Going Broke....DIY Meal Ideas?

Posted by HealthyRN in HealthyRN's Blog, 23 March 2015 · 478 views

Hi Everyone,
It is almost the end of week two and while I am excited to weigh in, I am also dreading the purchase of this coming weeks food.
Does anyone make their own meals?  
Any meals I can store in the freezer?
Let me know!  So far I have made my own mini pancakes and froze them!  I bought veggie sausage too!...


Down 4.2 First Week!

Posted by Good4Me in Good4Me's Blog, 19 March 2015 · 247 views
first week, lost weight, lost and 3 more...

Well just got back from my first week weigh in ... down 4.2 pounds today!!  :D
What a great first week!!  :D :D
It was a little hectic this week... and we ate out a couples times, but its all about choices and not letting a little bit of "real life" distract ya! 
Each meal is a meal back on track... :P
Hope your...


Missing in Action

Posted by amd08003 in The Never Ending Journey, 04 March 2015 · 183 views

I haven't written on this blog or in my personal journal in a month! It's crazy that I let this much time go by with out reflecting in written words. I have my weekly check in tomorrow and measurement day and I am feeling very nervous. Though I have been sticking to my drink more water goal this month has been up and down in my getting to the gym consiste...

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