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  4. "Now on the way down I won't forget how great it feels seeing that 260 again from the other side." I totally understand this! I am currently weighing just under the weight that I was when I was 9 months pregnant with my kids -- and I'm proud! It's such an amazing difference to feel the weight coming off instead of piling on.
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  6. That's the secret to long term health and weight management! Committed to staying the course ... progress ... not perfection!!!!! You go girl!
  7. Even though tonight I wasn't perfect (I made excuses for not feeling well and hardly eating during the day) tomorrow will be better in the health department. I enjoyed the evening and I can't let anything ruin that! Definitely still committed to my JC plan!! Keep looking up, my fellow JCers!!
  8. Tonight my attitude is to be calm and go with the flow! While kicking it on Jenny
  9. Am so grateful to have my health. Being home sick today isn't so great, especially because there is so much I'm missing out on doing at work. The way I feel about work is how I am beginning to feel about my lack of action at home. In the past year there has been a lot of change. Some of that change is not good, and there is a lot for the better. Bottom line? I'm grateful to have a husband who supports me even when I make bad choices, a job that affords me a life in southern California and a gym membership (and Jenny too!). My attitude is adjusting. I know I can do this. I'm beginning this blog to make myself accountable and lose this weight and 10 more pounds than I did when I joined in my late 20s just over a decade ago. Thank you for reading. I'd love to hear where your attitude is today...
  10. Marvelous Monday! Yes. I hate that programming about Monday. At any rate, its a lovely day out and I got in a mile. I was thinking how irksome it is ...don't eat that, can't have this. Or if you do indulge it has to be some modified, paler, imitation. I don't want to be overweight and I also don't want to not enjoy meals. Cause let's be real, more often than not those low cal etc imitations just don't do it and are overly sweet, sweeter than if you had eaten the real thing. Take sugar, for me, I'll learn to deal with the real thing...rather than all the substitutes. I have lived long enough for sweet n low and equal to be proven worse than and yet they are still on the table. No splenda or any of the others for me either. This is my blog and my thoughts, not knocking anyone and why should I have to qualify my own opinion. No snark just this is my opinion. Ah well,
  11. Yes! I heart Peter Pan!
  12. Awww thanks gang for the sweet comments!!
  13. It looks like a sailing ship floating in the sky. It reminds me of Peter Pan.
  14. One of my favorite singers passed this morning, felt like I was kicked in the stomach. Love you Al Jarreau, ah you will be missed. Woke up feeling okaaaaaay then. Yet gave thanks and glad to see the day the Lord has made. It was lovely after the storm yesterday. So today I did my own meal and well followed the J Craig format so lose or no...ok. whatever. Me and my little dude walked for a little over a mile. Then I went out and walked another mile and a half. so perhaps got in almost 3 miles today. Just blogged this cause I needed to see that I really did keep to this commitment I made to myself.
  15. Hello Ms Jam. No I don't. It's a photo that I really liked.
  16. That picture is beautiful! Is that where you live? Lucky you!
  17. Waiting and hoping for rain and wondering.....why am I hungry? It must be part of the process..answered my own question. That happens often. And yeah, I'm thinking it must be part of the process and adjusting to eating a reasonable amount of calories and relearning to eat properly(?). At any rate I came to this blog and have decided that I will do so when I feel I must eat and I know I am not really hungry just ..something...I don't want to use bored because I don't feel that is it. I am wondering though why I want something sweet after I have just eaten a meal and, the ways I have programmed myself to sub food for some other things. I am thinking when I reach goal weight 1200-1500 will be my caloric limit and no less than 3 days a week for exercise. Alright then the eating urge has passed...I think.
  18. Beautiful day walked my little dude and later kept a promise I made to myself...walked one mile. 1.23 to be exact. Overall strange day, woke up scratchy throat and mild headache but I had to run out to get my little dude some groceries. Returned and was restless yet sleepy? I laid across my bed and watched some AcornTV..maybe dozed. Then thought..get that walk in. Well when I returned I found that restlessness gone and the sleepyness... So preparing my JC chickenpot pie and veggies and watching Midsomer Murders...have a mild crush on John Nettles. ** don't judge me** smile Ladies............Here's to less of us!
  19. Great idea - scale in the kitchen. I will try this !! Hope no one looks in the windows as I always weigh in my bday suit !
  20. Such an exciting journey and path we are on.. Funny how this time on Jenny - it really works and I am still here! Glad you have climbed aboard. You Got this!!!
  21. Very good stuff
  22. I posted about the scale on the forums when I first started Jenny Craig. I dug around to find it - and want to keep it where I can find it easily - because the scale is the one thing that can ruin an otherwise good day, (even though I know the "truth" about the fickle scale). She can be a real mood wrecker! I have conversations with my scale. I call her Lady Di (my short for obedience!). (Well - in truth some days I call her the B word, or worse....). I actually have conversations with Lady Di. They go something like this: "Come on Di, ... we're friends!!!!" She usually says ... "It's not my job to blow sunshine up your arse." Or I say, "I'm putting you in the corner, and that's where you'll stay until you change your mind." She'll say, "why don't you put me in the kitchen, and then you can apologize". Sometimes I'll jump on it and say, "Skinny Up!" Sometimes I shout "Flab-U-Less!!", and of course there are times I mumble ... "What the ***#exploitive^***" And on and on go the scale conversations. But the truth is - I need to remember the TRUTH about this crazy relationship with the scale! Scale Weight = True Weight + Weight Variance (AKA weight of the annoying little gremlins that mess with your weight) One of the things I did to help me overcome my frustration with the "daily scale fluctuations" was to create a weigh in chart on graph paper - so that I could see the patterns over the period of a month. That completely changed my mind set on how our bodies deal with weight loss. My chart bounces all over the place in a weeks time - but when I draw a line from the first of the month to the end of the month the line goes straight down!! (well ... not straight down --- but one of those nice angles we use in geometry!) "Daily" Fluctuations are normal and has nothing to do with body fat. The things that make the scale bounce around are: Water Retention Water intake Excess Salt Intake Waste products Consumption of a late or bigger meal Constipation hormone changes Slow digestion Lack of a morning bowel movement Building muscle (lean muscle mass) Even if you have eaten more than you should, your TRUE body weight does not increase significantly over night. True weight gain or loss is a process that occurs over a longer period of time! This is key to remember! I wrote this down from some research I did on the subject: Mandatory Mind Training 1. Recording daily weight is just DATA. Your "indicator" is looking at the data from one week increments. 2. The best judge of your true body weight will be how your clothes fit, measuring your body fat % and measurements with a tape measure. 3. Short term Fluctuations in body weight are caused by factors irrelevant to your long term progress!!
  23. I need to start from over there first. January 2016 had me knowing I needed to restart.....again x?????. I was weighed and weight was 197...I couldn't believe it and yet I did. I started walking and joined every weight FB place and group ** sparkpeople and the like ** I came across. I was walking a mile and actually I was walking two miles when you counted the return trip. I got up to 5 miles..walking and run/jogging. I went too fast and would have sore heels that kept me from walking for several days then weeks. I wanted to get back into exercise mode however at my age, all the extreme, beastmode and killer routines just weren't for me. Heck, let me be real here....they weren't when I was younger!!! For some reason I just couldn't get into it...I think it was because I wanted to be outside and feel that rush when I am walking..feels so good. I started watching what I was eating. I decided to go to a weight clinic....ok..hold on! I went got weighed and was at 180-something...I had lost some weight! However the lady there told me she would NOT give me the usual program but would give me a food list. Pretty much what I was already doing. Ever been turned away from a weight clinic? lol lol lol. Then and there Jenny Craig popped up...I thought ok, it worked last time and if I could just 'get started' lose 20 to 40 pounds I could do the rest myself.....cost, cost, cost,cost of food. I bit the bullet. So there I am sitting with a JCC....I told her I didn't want to know how much I weighed...yet I did find out. She asked what my goal weight would be I said oh, much weight do you want to lose...oh, about 40 pounds....HA! losing that 40 pounds will put me under my goal weight! oh happy day. So I started and completed my first week. 4th day on, I could feel my energy levels rising. I only disliked one food selection, and I got in some exercise. I went to my JCC today..8-2-2017 and I have lost 3 pounds. No pooh poohing that amount for me!!! I am JAZZED to meet my second week and relearn,realigned and think forward NOW on a healthy calorie limit per day, real food portions and amounts to keep me at goal weight. Starting my next session of belly dance also! And no that is NOT me in the photo.....** smile ** Here's to less of me!!!
  24. Ms Jam.....Thank you! I wanted to blog as it were, my real thoughts as they happen. So I wanted to say something, that if I looked back on it I can remember this is what you felt and thinking when you started.
  25. This is from Think yourself Thin by Darcy Buehler .... I didn't actually like the "diet" part of the book - but she has some fantastic behavior modification techniques and advice. I have never used her "programing cd's" but I'm sure they are good.
  26. You look FaNtAsTiC!! Gorgeous Girl!!!!!!! I'm going to Phoenix next month .... CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Golfing here I come!!!!! (A little hard to keep my game sharp on the snow). You are proof that what you are learning with J.C. is CHANGING YOUR HABITS for the LOOOOOOOOONG HAUL!! Sorry to cap ... but I just have to shout!!!! YES! We can go on vacation and lose weight!!! WHO ARE WE?? Okay ... done shouting ... but I am truly excited. YOU ARE INSPIRING!
  27. What an inspiring post! Can't wait to see what the weeks ahead will have you posting ... as this first week is so full of POSITIVE! I love the spring flowers you posted. Makes me realize how close we are to Springtime - when everything feels brand new, and we get that extra pep in our step! You're going to arrive this spring with a bounce in your step for sure!!!!!!
  28. Thank you! Will do.
  29. Sounds great!!!! Good luck tomorrow on weigh in... Remember it's how you do for the long haul.. if one week is not good - just wait as the weightloss may be better the next week.
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