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    • caroline_269627
    • SandyLea

    Hi I. Am looking for a buddy.  I can't stop eating.  

    • Yo_Momz
    • a_red_dress

    Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you and you are feeling a little better.  :rolleyes:

  4. Yo_Momz

    Headed to my JCC today at 3.  Finally getting back on track.  let's do this!

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  6. Yo_Momz

    Trying to get the motivation to restart.  I am absolutely miserable and disgusted with myself.  I need this, I want to just do it.

  7. Stefania Willet

    Hi All it has been a hard couple weeks stuck t 22 lb weight loss, back on track but am finding myself to be so hungry lately and missing the pizza  etc. who out there has cheat nights? and how often?

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