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  5. prayerfulprincess


    This past Thursday I had an appointment with my endocrinologist (I'm a diabetic) and I thought he was going to throw confetti in the air. He was so impressed with my numbers and the reduction in my weight. My A1C is down from 9 to 6.4, my cholesterol is great, my blood pressure is good. EVERYTHING was where it needed to be, with one exception; I need more iron. I am going to try to remember to take the iron pills I purchased the last time he presented me with this information. Praise God for the great health report. Princess
  6. prayerfulprincess

    I Need Healthy Snacks

    @Mary Grace Bucad Thank you so very much for your input. I think I will try snacking on nuts. Fortunately, the last several days of intense studying did not result in a lot of snacking. I have two days to relax before two more classes start on Monday. I will keep in mind that snacking on nuts could be a good alternative. I do have some pecans handy and will shop for others. How does the red tea taste? What has a similar taste? I don't really like drinking or eating anything hot during the summer months and have instructed my JCC that I will not be eating soup or oatmeal for the next several months. That being said, I have made iced tea with my Keurig by just putting ice in my cup. Does this tea taste well as a cold beverage?
  7. Mary Grace Bucad

    I Need Healthy Snacks

    I think an healthy snack option when you're studying are nuts.Aside from them being brain food, they are also packed with lots of good stuff. Smoothies are also good, throw in frozen bananas and strawberries to a blender, divine! There's also this drink that I am trying out these days. They make me feel lighter, especially when studying, they kinda keep me alert and awake. I'd definitely recommend you to tr it. https://bit.ly/2IuquZB :)
  8. Elisa - Jenny Craig

    Green Foods That Pack a Nutritional Punch

    Looking to include more green veggies into your routine but don’t know where to start? We pulled 10 different items out of the crisper to see what health benefits they provide and how they support weight loss.
  9. Elisa - Jenny Craig

    Weighing In On Mindful Eating

    Our on-the-go, hectic lifestyles can lead to mindless eating—unintentionally consuming more food than our bodies call for. Taking time to disconnect, slow down and savor our meals can lead to peace of mind around food—and weight loss.
  10. prayerfulprincess


    @Annamarie H - Jenny Craig Thank you!
  11. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig


    That's awesome! Congrats on your success!
  12. I made it to week seven. I am so very proud of myself. Praise God! I have lost a total of 20.4 pounds in six weeks: Week 01: 10.8 Week 02: 03.8 Week 03: 01.2 Week 04: 01.9 Week 05: 01.0 Week 06: 01.7 What a great week. I got to have my favorite (Fish & Chips), which I wish I could have each week, but I was told that I could not. Not sure I understand the rationale behind this, but oh well. It seems to me that folks would be more apt to stay on the program if they could have their favorites at least once a week. Again, praise God for blessing me with the willpower to get to week seven. I know once He brings me to it, He will bring me through it. To God be all the glory. God bless, Princess
  13. BxGirl

    We've Got Our Lives Back

    Incredible results. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  14. BxGirl

    Once again back on Jenny

    Hi ! I am a returning Jenny member too. Like you I am really committed to this being the last time and getting this weight off. Good luck!
  15. BxGirl

    My Story

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far! This is my second go around on Jenny. I love the convenience also and think the food is great even though the portions are small. My life is super busy too. Like you I have been on every plan imaginable. Here is hoping that this time around it clicks for the both of us! Good luck.
  16. Elisa - Jenny Craig

    Take The Quiz: Do You Know How to Lose Weight?

    Do you know how to lose weight? Take this quiz and find out!
  17. Tricia_Marie

    The Finish Line is Near

    My husband and I have both entered. I'm excited for this contest
  18. Serena - Jenny Craig

    The Finish Line is Near

    @Tricia_Marie This is amazing to hear, congrats! You should enter for the Success Story Contest at www.JennyCraig.com/MyStory.
  19. Annamarie H - Jenny Craig

    Cheesy beef enchilada

    @Happilyretired Your Consultant will work with you to build a menu based off of the 28 planned days, and you can still have three subs! Each day is a nutritional unit so this is why we allow you to build off of the 28 planned days if you can't eat certain things.
  20. prayerfulprincess

    The Finish Line is Near

    Tricia Marie: Thank you so very much for sharing your journey with us. I enjoy reading your post. I too look at this journey as a marathon, not a sprint, and this is coming from someone who has actually completed two half marathons, so I know the challenges that lie ahead. I want to lose roughly 100 pounds, but I am taking it a little at a time. My first goal is to drop 50 and then I will tackle the last 50 pounds. I am hoping to reach the 50-pound mark by years end, and if I don't I will just stay focused and press on. Tomorrow is my weigh-in and as of last week, I was down 18.7 pounds. WhooHoo! Again, thanks for sharing. God Bless! Princess
  21. prayerfulprincess

    I Need Healthy Snacks

    MissBumble: Thanks again for your input. Now SF popsicles I can definitely deal with. I started out eating the Chocolat Cookie Dough Anytime Bars but lost interest in them. They no longer appealed to my palette. However, after reading your post I took one and threw it in the freezer for my 10 AM snack. I have an air fryer and absolutely love it. After microwaving my Fish & Chips, I took the contents and threw it in my air fryer to get both the fish and the potatoes a bit of a crisp. They came out perfect. God Bless! Princess
  22. Tricia_Marie


    On Saturday my husband hit his Jenny goal! He went from 265 pounds to 179.4 in 45 weeks! So incredibly proud! As a family we have lost at total of 243.8 pounds!


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  24. Tricia_Marie

    I Need Healthy Snacks

    Wow! Now I really need to get an air fryer! I love learning new ways to cook veggies
  25. missbumble

    I Need Healthy Snacks

    Ok so some healthy options.. Buy celery and have it cup up and available. I also take green beans and airfry them - or just put on a cookie sheet in oven for say 30 minutes. Yum!!! Tee is always good with stevia... and lemon. Or even just hot lemon water (1/2 lemon in a cup of hot water - with a little stevia... Always have water on hand. I do 64 ounce of cranwater (8 ounces fresh cran juice (JUst has cranberry - very tart) in 56 ounces of water and add a little stevia. Yes it's not legal but it help s if you sip it all day, My favorite legal snack if it's on your plan is the anytime bar. I take the chocolate cookie dough one and freeze it. Sugar free popsicle... You got htis!
  26. Tricia_Marie

    The Finish Line is Near

    Currently I am 20.2 pounds away from achieving my goal! In 45 short weeks I have managed to lose 128.2 pounds! My husband hit his goal on Friday losing a total of 85.6 pounds. He started this journey at 265 pounds and finishes at 179.4! I couldn't be more proud! My family is so much healthier and happier thanks to Jenny Craig and we will be forever grateful. This journey has been amazing (the good and the bad). I am not blogging this to make anyone feel bad about themselves on their own journeys. Weight loss is an incredibly difficult journey and being knocked down in society is hard enough. My intent is purely to share my successes as well as letting others know that they can do it to. We are not our weight and our weight does not define who we are! We are all on the same journey, but our trips will not be the same. Some lose fast and some will lose slow. Like @missbumble always says, "this is a marathon". If there is ever a time that you want to give up, that you'll never reach your goals...don't. Come to these forums and simply read the stories of others. Send me a message! You can do this! I was lucky enough to have had my husband on this journey with me, so I already had this great source for support. My center consultant Janie Long has also become more than a consultant to me, I am 100% comfortable with her and know that we will forever be a part of eachother's lives. These last couple of months have been a challenge for me, and I still struggle to understand why they needed to happen, I am finding myself a stronger woman because it did happen. There are going to be good times and there are going to be bad ones as well but as cheesy as it sounds, everything happens for a reason (whether we understand them or not).
  27. Tricia_Marie

    I Need Healthy Snacks

    My favorite healthy snack is cucumber slices, they are a great way to curb any cravings. I also drink water when I feel like snacking. I have been on program for 45 weeks, and as time has passed my body has gotten used to these new eating times and the cravings have gotten fewer and fewer. Any of the 'free in moderation' veggies are a great snack. Snap peas are another good one. I hope that this helps
  28. Serena - Jenny Craig

    More flavours in Nutrition Bars

    Thank you for your suggestions, I will forward these to our Food Development team!
  29. Carole Anderson Lucia

    How to Maximize Your Sleep as a New Mother

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a whopping one-third of U.S. adults get less sleep than is recommended for good health.1 And if you’re a mom, chances are you’re seriously behind on your Z’s, especially if you have a new baby in the house. But sleep is not a mere luxury or indulgence; it’s necessary for good physical and mental health. Research shows that chronic sleep deprivation increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, as well as other health problems.2 Furthermore, people with insomnia are more likely to suffer from depression and to have anxiety than people with regular sleep.3 But what can you do if you’re the mother of a newborn, or if you have older children who continue to wake you at night? Read on for some tried-and-true solutions. The problem: Your newborn wakes to eat every two hours. Why it happens: Newborns’ tummies are tiny—only about the size of an apricot at 1 week of age4—so they need to eat often, usually every two hours or so in the early days. This can add up to unbelievable sleep loss for you, especially when you factor in that it takes the average breastfed newborn at least 20 minutes to feed, perhaps a bit less if you’re bottle-feeding. Coping tips: Aside from hiring a night nurse to handle the night-time baby duties (which won’t work if you’re breastfeeding), there are no magic bullets. However, there are a few tips that can help: Follow the age-old advice to nap when the baby does. Let your partner handle the housework or call on family and friends to tidy up so you can get some rest. Keep your baby in the same room as you. Doing so can not only help to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome5 (SIDS), but it also can mean less time padding down the hall to fetch the baby. While the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against bed-sharing, you can put the bassinet or crib right next to your bed for easy feeding.6 Sleep in shifts. This, again, won’t really work if you’re nursing, but if you’re bottle-feeding, you and your partner can trade off with the feeding/changing duties. Other than that, pace yourself … most babies don’t begin to start to sleep through the night until 6 months of age or older7 (although their sleep stretches do tend to get longer as their stomachs grow). The problem: Your older child is still waking at night. Why it happens: Whether it’s due to teething, reaching an all-too-exciting milestone such as walking (which makes many babies want to do anything other than sleep) or a dozen different reasons, some older babies awaken once or more at night. Coping tips: Look at the number of books on sleep tips for babies and you’ll see how big of an issue this is. In the meantime, try these tips: Don’t jump at the first sound. Babies can be noisy sleepers, so give it a few minutes to make sure she’s actually awake before fetching her. Establish a soothing bedtime routine. Starting at approximately the same time each night, give your child cues that it’s time for bed: turn down the lights, use quiet voices, take a warm bath, read a book. Look for an underlying problem. Virtually from the time she was born, my daughter snored as loud as a semi-truck, and not just when she had a cold. She also woke, crying, several times a night, even as a toddler. My mama’s hunch told me this wasn’t right, so I asked her pediatrician about it—turns out her adenoids were inflamed and needed to be removed. Presto! Sleep problem solved. The problem: Even though your child is sleeping through the night, you’re still sleeping poorly. Why it happens: A dozen different scenarios might apply. Coping tips: Practice what the experts call “sleep hygiene”8: Don’t eat too close to bedtime, and avoid carbonated drinks, which can trigger indigestion.9 Watch the alcohol. Even though it can help you fall asleep faster, your sleep can be disrupted later as your body processes the alcohol.10 Get regular exercise. Just 10 minutes of aerobic exercise can help you sleep better. Don’t do strenuous exercise too close to bedtime, though.11 Set the right temp. Your bedroom should be cool to get the best sleep, preferably between 60° and 67° F.12 Get the right light. Natural light is sleep-inducing; artificial light is not. Research has shown that artificial light, especially the blue light emitted from cell phone and computer screens, disrupts your body’s circadian rhythms and suppresses the production of melatonin, which helps with sleep. So, reduce or eliminate your screen time for two to three hours before bed, if possible, and try to get a healthy dose of bright outdoor light during the day. Also consider ditching your fluorescent light bulbs, as they, too, emit sleep-robbing blue light.13 Ask your partner if you snore. Sleep apnea is a major cause of disrupted sleep; snoring is a classic sign.14 Have your vitamin D checked. Research is increasingly showing that low levels can cause sleep problems.15 And although it may be little comfort now as you stumble through your days, bleary-eyed, know that with time, you will actually come to miss those middle-of-the-night wakeups and quiet, peaceful feedings, when it’s just you and your child, together. If you want to join or restart back on the Jenny Craig program, you are eligible to do so once you are six weeks post-partum. If you are breastfeeding, your consultant will ensure that you are on an appropriate calorie level so that you and your baby receive the proper calories and nutrition you both need during this special time. Sources: [1] https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2016/p0215-enough-sleep.html [2] http://healthysleep.med.harvard.edu/healthy/matters/consequences [3] https://sleepfoundation.org/excessivesleepiness/content/the-complex-relationship-between-sleep-depression-anxiety [4] https://www.lllc.ca/thursday-tip-newborns-have-small-stomachs [5] https://www.aap.org/en-us/about-the-aap/aap-press-room/pages/american-academy-of-pediatrics-announces-new-safe-sleep-recommendations-to-protect-against-sids.aspx [6] https://www.aap.org/en-us/about-the-aap/aap-press-room/pages/american-academy-of-pediatrics-announces-new-safe-sleep-recommendations-to-protect-against-sids.aspx [7] https://sleepfoundation.org/sleep-topics/children-and-sleep/page/0/1 [8] https://sleepfoundation.org/sleep-topics/sleep-hygiene [9] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/behindtheheadlines/news/2017-09-12-avoid-eating-just-before-your-bedtime-study-recommends/ [10] https://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/news/20130118/alcohol-sleep [11] https://sleep.org/articles/exercise-affects-sleep/ [12] https://sleep.org/articles/temperature-for-sleep/ [13] https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/blue-light-has-a-dark-side [14] http://www.sleepeducation.org/essentials-in-sleep/sleep-apnea/symptoms-risk-factors [15] https://www.thesleepdoctor.com/2016/02/26/low-on-vitamin-d-sleep-suffers/
  30. prayerfulprincess

    I Need Healthy Snacks

    MissBumble: I have a Wii, many Walk off the Pounds videos, but I just don't have the time right now. I do take a 20-minute break at work to walk, but when it comes to my studies, I just can't afford that break. I am heading down towards the finish line. I will be completely done with school on Friday 24 August. After this time I am going to drastically step up my aerobic activity. If I plateau before then, I am going to step up my walking to a 30-minute walk. Right now I am a bit worried about my reaction to this entire week off with no work. But then again, I have nothing to snack on here but pecans and raisins, but I am going to stick to my JC snacks and only them when scheduled. I cleared my house of unhealthy foods prior to starting down the road of weight loss. So perhaps I am OK. Thanks for your input and God bless. Princess
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