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  3. Great ideas!!! I LOVE "organized"!!
  4. Awwww .... Thank you Sue!! This means the world to me!! It IS a journey and we are on it together!!! This is for LIFE! I've lost a total of just under 40 pounds! We HAVE GOT THIS!!!!!!!!
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  6. Bravo!! stick to it.. so awesome that you may be off medication... JC definitely will get you thinner... Its been a great year getting and staying thin with JC!! You got this! My cholesterol went from bad to fabulous with Jenny.
  7. I am now, officially, an Empty Nester! My daughter graduated from high school and moved in with her father, because he has an apartment within walking distance of the University of New Mexico Campus where she will be attending classes, starting tomorrow. My son now has an apartment with friends and rarely visits me. They no longer require my culinary services, just financial support. My doctor put me on diabetes medications (Invokana and Metformin) awhile ago. I lost 20 pounds, but need to lose another 40 through "lifestyle changes," so I can get off those insidious medications and preserve my kidneys. So, I am back on Jenny Craig. First week went well, but I had to go "off menu" today for social obligation. Local pizza joint, but I did well by choosing salad over slices. Must admit that I feel a little "hungry" and deprived, but I am reminding myself that I need to feed my body healthy food, not junk. Took my son's dog for a 2-mile walk on Saturday and am pleased to report that I wore her out (instead of the other way around--usually she "walks" me!)
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    I think of you often and wonder how you're doing.  I remember how hard it was to get a life never mind lose weight, after my children were born.  Hope you rejoined and are hanging in there.  

  9. I pin the week's schedule on my fridge so that it's easy to know the day's meals. I also use transparent bottles to store food and write on top of the lip what each bottle contains and the day. And I also keep closely related food item together. So all the food with proteins are together in a separate drawer, the snacks and eatables for calories in a separate shelf etc. I liked the idea of sticking stickers on the packets too. You can get more ideas at this link.
  10. Thank you!
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  12. Good grief! No one here would leave a hateful comment! This is a perfect, non-judgemental forum for you to get support! Labor Day is still a few weeks away--plenty of time to get started and regain your motivation! You can do this!
  13. I am excited. I rejoined Jenny today. I feel more motivation this time around. I made a fancy signature and everything! I want to do the labor day challenge even though I am late to join it I think. That is ok. I still want to lose weight for Labor Day and for lots of other future days. I want this time to really stick with the program. My problem is I give up easily. I get very discouraged and I don't know how to talk myself out of how I am feeling. I can be very negative and discouraging for myself. Today my consultant talked with me about the child within that is having a temper tantrum when I want to overeat or eat something I shouldn't be having. I need to learn how to talk to myself. I guess this is my inner child? I know I get very anxious and the only way it seems sometimes to calm myself is to eat a lot of food. I want to learn healthier ways of being. I think I'm going to use this blog as a public journal. Hopefully no one will leave a hateful comment. But I feel safe in this community. I have read what other people have written. A long time ago I wrote something here and people were nice and helpful to me.
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  15. I'm with you Babe!!! These clothes are going to fit me a year from now!!! YESSSSSSS!
  16. Thank you Susan C - very sweet note!!I appreciate it.
  17. @missbumble I just love you bubbly personality as it shows through everything you say on here!! Awesome!! You always inspire me to keep on going and I can do this. I'm at my half-way point to my goal weight and I've been thinking about maintenance and how tedious it will be-I'm hoping it won't be too hard. I refuse to gain this weight back! I plan on staying with JC for as long as I can afford it. It all depends on my husbands employment status-Oil and Gas Industry (Very fickle). I have my favorite JC foods so I know I will be using them as well as MOMO on maintenance. Anyway, I have time to think about all that until I hit goal. The Chocolate Lava Cake, Chocolate Cheesecake and Florentine Pizzas are some of my very favorite JC foods too. The exercise is something I get to get going on which isn't easy for me due to the chronic pain, etc. I've got to start doing it slowly and plan to starting tomorrow when my husband is working out. You have done fantastic and look great! Size 6 is Great!! I use to be size 6-8 until I gained the weight back. Congratulations!! Buy the clothes and enjoy them. I'm with you and Let's Do This!!
  18. Today I visited jenny Craig center to say hi and hit Marshalls. Looking for a white t-shirt. Did not find it, but found some nice Size 6 Calvin Klien shorts and beautiful sexy shirts for work and fun. As I was shopping I was thinking.. So you are going to spend this money on clothes... and what stay this weight? The answer was yea I am!! Yes we can So maintenance is tough - I love food! But Jenny Craig is here for me - and I believe I will do this ... one day at a time .. just keep on keeping on. So I picked up some food at the center and told them I was going to stay connected every single week for the next year. Really for a lot longer. But you know, this works for me. Jenny Craig works. Maintenance is a work in progress. Figuring out the right level of exercise and food to sustain me. So if you haven't figured out by know I am a huge Jenny Craig fan!! It's hard - we may not always want to eat smaller portions or something - whereas other times we may think its the best thing ever (Chocolate Lava Cake, Florentine Breakfast Pizzas and my new favorite the Chocolate cheese cake...) On maintenance I get meals on my own (soon as my stove gets fixed!!! Tuesday yay!) and have Jenny as needed/desired. So it really is a great program especially for me and my travel schedule. Anyway I am meandering.. but it just hit me as I was shopping. It's ok to buy size 6 or so outfits... I will be this size next year. So forurm friends - Lets do this together. All be here one year from now! Who's with me???
  19. So happy to see you back here! Looking fantastic and so happy!
  20. You look great! So happy to see you! You've been missed!
  21. So I cant recall how much you lost off hand - but you are like the poster for Jenny Craig. So beautiful and such an amazing spirit!!! This journey is so worth it!!! Gorgeous woman! Just went to your Blog post Before and After, you are a miracle and testament to this program. I am so grateful to have you here on the forum to inspire me. Even when you are busy and not posting daily - just know you have made a huge difference in so many people's lives. Keep posting the pictures!One day, one meal, one experience at a time - We got this!
  22. Thank you Ms Jam - Love seeing you on the forums and reading your inspiring posts!!!
  23. Whoooo Whoooo! Strips for the skinny girl!! YES!!
  24. So great to see you embracing COLOR!! You look just incredible Lady!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!
  25. Journey update: I am almost 5 months into Maintenance and just want to report in that maintenance has good overall - I've had a few too many BBQ outings and a couple of vacations this summer that has me needing more accountability lately - so decided I need to keep posting my Journey! Weight Maintenance at my age is more work than I wish it was - but worth every ounce of effort!! I feel great and have WAY more energy than I did a year ago! Yeah! This photo was taken over the 4th of July.
  26. You look fantastic - so skinny and so happy!
  27. Love the shirt! You look great!
  28. You look awesome!
  29. You look great in bright colors!
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