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  4. You look fantastic - so skinny and so happy!
  5. Love the shirt! You look great!
  6. You look awesome!
  7. You look great in bright colors!
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  9. Had a great weekend with a friend in Savannah! I bought a colorful shirt and was pretty shocked it wasn't black! So happy with jenny Craig and my life because of this way of life!!
  10. I've been wondering about bankruptcy for a long time. Really sketchy things going down at my center with staff turnover, sudden retirements, etc, feared it was the I wonder if it's something else.
  11. Well! This is all bad news to me. The "My Tracker" is going away as well. I asked the representative when I called and asked are they going bankrupt? Why are they removing tools that enable progress. In this time of age why are they limiting the technology capabilities to help you better yourself. Yeesh!, I must add this venting is fine but I still feel no matter what the customer says its accomplishing nothing.
  12. Nikki812

    The chocolate lava cake is by far my favorite dessert/food item in this program. :P Delicious!!!



  13. Don't ever get sick of it, Gorgeous!
  14. @susieaz - I'm so sick of hearing it!! It is such a transformation.. How dd this happen and when?? IT happened slowly and yet I feel like it happened over night. YAY JENNY!
  15. Getting sick of telling you how gorgeous you are!!!!πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘—
  16. Wow! You look amazing!! Work it!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
  17. Wow!! You rock!!! Enjoy!
  18. So I am off to happy hour in my new dress. Jenny Craig rocks!!!Never ever give up - this is your time! If you are new or struggling or thinking about straying. Don't.... This is how we do it. It works!!! I have come to love the food. love the people, love the plan. So today went out with my fitness coach, her mom and another friend- needless to say they are breathtakingly beautiful women. After lunch (salmon power bowl, cooked dry with JC dressing - about 400 calories). We went to the Vegan bakery where I ate zilcho. (and was not tempted... Afterwards - I bought this new dress. I barely own a dress. I do not wear them. Well I am off to happy hour in my new dress. Man it is sooo refreshing to be able to wear clothes like these. Or even shopping in a regular size store. Me(1).zip
    • BlueEyedAngel
    • SonyaCele

    I thought it was a baby in your profile pic and was like 'OMG! SONYA has a Grandbaby? Or another baby?!" and then realized it was a goose :P

    1. SonyaCele


      thats so funny! Β  its my baby goose, Β  shes' about as noisy and demanding as a baby. Β  Congrats on your baby!!! Β glad to see you back! Β  I've been back on the plan since march 6.

    2. BlueEyedAngel


      Im hoping to be back in August! Trying to work on it before then, but I feel like itll definitely be a lot more "real" once I join again!Β 

    3. SonyaCele


      august is so far away.Β  but i totally understand needing to get everything in life prepared and pick that formal "start" date. Β  You did great before, you'll do great again! Β  I started back March 6 and i'm down about 30 pounds and feel a zillion times better. Β  You will too.

  19. So some of you know I have been working out at my fitness class I take (Orange Theory) but tonight I was inspired by SFMOM who was dancing at home. So I searched for dance videos... and found one that is a little Silly - but got me up off my chair and sweating - and not heading right to dessert and bed. So I think I will see if I can keep this up for 7 days. So this is the 7 days of you tube videos... None of them are my videos... and I have a bunch that I love that really work you out that i have posted on the JC Forum. My intention here are gentle videos - that stress having fun - rather than a million squats... as I do those in my class. OK I could do more... but never mind. CIZE Dance Video _ Shawn T Day 1:: 6/25 - It was a bit silly - but by the end of 30 minutes I was sweating. And if you are ever depressed or have any issues - working out always helps. You may not want to do it - but you never ever finish and say jeez I wish i didn't do that. 6/29 - Day 2 - Did the next CIZE Dance video it was fun. Not much of a workout for me - but a good way to breakup the day and step away form my desk and pc work. 21 Day Fix Well lets dance turned into lets see what else Beachbody has - and so now I have just completed day 3 of 21 Day Fix. An outstanding workout program. Really making me work, but with modification I can do. Its available to buy DVDs or just use use the app or website - beachbodyondemand.(for a monthly fee). 6/30 Day 4 - Pilates (Think planks and leg lifts) it was what they call an active rest day - but leg exercises are hard. Imagine if I did them al these years (I did not).
  20. Not many better feelings in the world than easily slipping into clothes again having outgrown them years before. Thanks for sharing!
  21. Amazing transformation! Congratulations!
  22. Good luck in the contest! Can't wait to see you win!
  23. Love the black dress! So flattering and chic!
  24. Thanks for sharing your blogs with us! I am so inspired reading about all of the ways your life has changed in those 333 days, and I look forward to reaping those same benefits in the coming months as I continue my JC journey! Also, I love reading your posts on the forums! Thanks for all you do to support others xoxo
  25. You look like you've been skinny your whole life (i.e., you look great!).
  26. So life is soooo good. I just spent Sun eve thru This morning on a work trip in Toronto. FANTASTIC. I loved running and sightseeing... Fantastic city. Glad to be home.. and looking forward to being home and staying more on track with jenny. I did ok while away - but kind of like being back. Anyway great trip...
  27. I started over 1 week ago in a center. I gave a list of what foods I want and she gave them to me. I cannot follow their menu plan because I dislike alot of the foods and will not stay on the diet. They were great about it. So sorry your having trouble. Hope they get back to seeing the person and not the dollar soon. That's why Jenny Craig was started. The individual...
  28. Can I go too??have fun!!
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