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  2. I signed up for JC today at the encouragement of my naturalpathic doc. She sees how much I struggle with meal planning so thought this would be a good way to see some result while learning to plan in a different way. I'm excited to try something new. I can't keep trying what I've been trying, it's obviously not working. I'm at my highest weight. 262, 5'4 and 44 years old. I have always been heavy, but not this heavy. It's only in the last couple of years with this added 30lbs that I really feel my weight is impacting me. I want to feel better! Right now I have on and off joint pain, not as much energy as I want, NAFLD, I'm I'm creeping up towards high cholesterol and blood sugar. I'm not there yet, but there's a steady climb in my numbers. Time to put that to a halt! A couple of months ago my father was diagnosed with a severe disease and my mother is in 3rd stage kidney failure now (stable though). They are both 70 yrs old. They both only recently retired and we all wish they were in better health to enjoy it. I want to enjoy my retirement with my loved ones! I'd love to hear anything folks have to say about mind set and how you change such old habits? I see the tips about eating all the food, snacks, exercise, which is great! But I'd love to hear more about the mental and emotional sides of this experience. xoxo, MJ
  3. So glad I read this blog it was the encouragement I needed to try again thank you all
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  6. You are SOOOO close to goal! Heck, my uncle would say that “it’s close enough for government work” and label you at goal! I hope you do enter the contest, I think you’ve got a great shot at winning!!
  7. So glad you’re enjoying the shopping for cute new workout clothes!! You look great!
  8. I hope you got great news at the doctor’s office! You and your daughter have both done well!!
  9. Well I hit 32 pounds gone...from 214 to 182. It has been slow but steady. My daughter is 42 pounds down. We are going to our first doctor's appt. since we started Jenny on February 1st. I can't wait to get the results of our blood work. I know my doctor will be happy. I had quit smoking about 3 years ago and also had my thyroid removed. My blood pressure was so high that she put me on three types of medication . I also started pre-diabetes medicine. My A1C had creeped up to 6.1. My pill box looked like my mother's use too. I have felt so good lately. I have not had a cold or flu since I quit smoking, which is unbelievable. I had a huge tumor on my thyroid and was constantly sick. After all the drama I saw the scale continue to go up and up. My daughter continued to gain weight. She hit a high f 272. I had to do something for both of us..This is why I joined this program. I know it's expensive but we are worth it...
  10. Looking good. I'd post of picture of me in workout clothes but... it's not pretty! I workout first thing, bed hair, old tee and pj bottoms! Later in day when I do the bike its whatever retirement garb I've chosen! No fancy gym would let me in!
  11. You look amazing! Love workout clothes
  12. Looking great MissBumble!!!! You are truly an inspiration
  13. so much fun!!! You get sucked in.. and end up buying these outfits... And if you have just lost 60 pounds... well that's my excuse. I actually love my new fitness class... and so grateful to Jenny Craig for 60+ pounds off my body!!
  14. YOU. LOOK. FABULOUS!!!! YES! you must enter the contest!
  15. SO PROUD OF YOU!!! You are a skinny minnie!!!! You just look amazing amazing!!!!! I love what Jenny has done in our lives! It's PROOF that if you just follow the plan ....... It works!!!!!!!
  16. You look fantastic skinny girl! Enter that contest!!!
  17. That looks delicious @Ms Jam The Mac and Cheese with Green Beans is one of my favorites and I love Brussel Sprouts and Snap Peas!! Yummy!!
  18. Yippeee.... So I am trying to get to goal... and now it is .8 lbs away. I lost 2.4 lbs this week. Ok so I lost 0 last week - but even 1.2 lbs per week this close to goal is very exciting! Jenny Craig is an awesome plan!!! If you are considering it - Just do it. If you have lapsed.... so...come on back!! You got this! Chocolate Lava cake awaits. I have been working out at a gym I adore (Orange Theory Fitness). (Note: You don't have to workout to be on Jenny - Physical Activity helps!!! And it's great for you - but most of my issue is around food and well I was pretty out of shape so I'd like to get in shape... ) The concept is - you go for an hour and get cardio and weights in with a coach telling you when to run at Base pace, when to push it up and when to run all out (or walk, or bike, or elliptical). Then I do weights or squats or rower - more exercises they lead you through. The people are great - and I look forward to it. This week twice I went twice a day. It kept me from snacking on veggies before my meals (somewhat) also kept me away form a bar drinking a glass of wine or two for happy hour - hence the reason I went twice. It helps that I am in a weight loss competition at the gym that ends in 1 week or 2. I can't possibly win - but I wanted to be supportive.. and hitting my goal would be a win in my book. I am always looking to meet new people - working form home makes it a bit hard. So this helps as well. Anyway - So excited to lose weight and be near goal. I am thinking of entering the JC contest - need to get a good picture of me and my consultant. We took one today - but it's boring. I think I will wear a dress, get hair done etc. Anyway - here I am at the center (after golf). Behind me is my consultant's office. I know all the consultant's there - and we have fun every time I go in to visit/// Its like my own fan club, My mom also goes to Jenny... So they know my family - and are proud of my mom (as am I).
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  20. Exercises are important in our daily lives. The exercises improve both the strength and the efficiency of your cardiovascular system to get the oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Staying active keeps muscles strong and ligaments flexible. I recently found about the élastique sportif on the web. I got here more info about it. People who exercise burn more calories and look more toned.
  21. So this is my first time blogging. Like ever. Usually afraid to put something out there in fear of trolls, but hey we're all in the same boat here right?! On week 5, was expecting a loss as I've been really diligent and exercising, but was up .6lbs. My consultant saw I was disappointed even after assuring me it's normal and probably sodium retention. So she did my measurements and I've lost 6 inches in a month 🙌. I'm still not happy when I look in a mirror, I've always been thinner, but after my 2nd pregnancy yikes, hello 30lbs! I want it gone quick and get ahead of myself, so I need to remind myself it's a journey and it WILL come off because I'm determined. In the mean time give myself some credit for what I have done and just keep pluggin away. Here's to all of us workin those lbs away ✌️
  22. I stick them in the freezer as soon as they are cool so that I'm not tempted to snack on them!
  23. Hey Sue - Just try them with the brown sugar! It's only 1/3 of a cup divided by 8 ...... so not that much per serving!! You might like them better -
  24. I have to provide an update! I had these muffins....defrosted and warmed in oven with tinfoil. Ate them with coffee...they were really good!! So they got better and a little crunchy on edges!
  25. Sue, I too am an egg girl for breakfast. Bring on the protein!! Sorry the muffins were a bust. I cannot tolerate the taste of artificial sweetener; I’d rather go without than be forced to eat it!
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    I have twenty pounds to lose. I gained .5 on my first week because I didn't stick to plan. My schedule this week allows me to stay home so I should be more focused. I am so happy I can talk to you about this. 

  26. I forgot to mention that the Zucchini chocolate chip muffins are from Emily Bites. You can use sugar, I watch my added sugar intake for health reasons.
  27. Hi Susie! Ok maybe I could try blueberry bean muffins..eventually thank u so much! I'll buy the right sweetener too.. then did not have low gold in my Whole Foods.. but I'll find it! Ty
  28. Those "muffin" are baked oatmeal, not cakey muffins. I make different variety of muffins all in the 80 -150 calorie range. All whole grain, healthy and tasty. If you want any recipes let me know. Thiscweek I made zucchini chocolate chip at 89 calories each and pineapple carrot wheat bran muffins at 98 calories. I freeze them, also have the blueberry bran muffins at 100 calories in the freezer. I also want protein for breakfast, so have eggs or Greek yogurt most days. Except for the Kodiak cake/waffle days, but they are also high protein.
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