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  4. Yay! All of your hard work, and here to stand. I am so glad you are relishing it and sharing with others. It helps us remember why we're doing this.
  5. Sue, you and your green polka dotted dress are amazing! I love it!
  6. Several warriors come to mind, but I think Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich is quite fitting!
  7. Cute dress, Sue, and I love your happy attitude! Can’t wait for the day I can buy “standard” sizes again. with a much better selection!
  8. Lol!! It will be our turn too eventually. You before me!
  9. Sue you look amazing! I love the smile the most!
  10. love it, great colors
  11. Now you are in that category of "skinny girls we still have to like because they are nice"!
  12. Did I mention it was a size 8!!!! OK girls - lets go dress shopping....
  13. Love anything polka dot! You and the dress are sooooo cute! I don't wear dresses much anymore, being the old retired lady! But I just found a casual one and bought it any way. Now where to wear it? Az is pretty casual so I will just have to start a new trend! I also just got a black and white polka dot cross body bag that I love. Wish we had a dress barn here, will have to check it out online. I was raised to be a Bloomingdale girl too but it didn't take!
  14. You look beautiful! Love the dress. I'm always wearing dark or solid tops and always black slacks. Haven't worn a dress since my wedding and then wore it to my nephews wedding. It showed all my rolls. Lol you have to feel pumped. Good job!
  15. So one of my favorite stores is Dress Barn... I grew up in a family that would only shop in Bloomingdales.. so this is quite a controversial move.. but I just love the dresses and clothes that I think thin people wear!!! I have a pair of their Signature Fit shorts on now So I picked out a ridiculous dress, in a ridiculous size... and wore it to see my client in Houston yesterday. So without further ado....
  16. I just have to say I had the pot pie that I normally LOVE and it was terrible. That little disc did something.
    • Sherileeaz
    • Susieaz

    Just curious, what does your AZ stand for? Mine is Arizona-AZ.

    1. Susieaz


      Same her!

  17. Break up with Medusa, wake up the Warrior. Walk away from the self-doubt and self-criticism. Step into the light and kick some arse! Head high, shoulders back, deep breath. Food worries, I'm taking you down. I've been wrestling with you for too long. It's time to knock you out and flex some muscles with a warrior cry. No more, "Oh no? what will I eat at dinner? what if I can't resist the chocolate bowl?" I hop around like a worrisome bunny anxious, hiding, wringing my hands. What if I can't do this? What if it's too hard? What if I gain in back? What if...? what if...? Shut up! Just shut that up right now. Put on your Schwarzenegger face. Scowl a little, bring out Dirty Harry, Embody Thelma and Louise right before Thelma floors it off the cliff What about some of those super cool chicks in movies who kick some major butt? She's/He's inside you. The warrior is inside. Wake her up! I'll snarl at that stubborn scale and say, "Really? You're going to give me that kind of lip? Oh no. That is just not an acceptable answer from you. You watch, you watch. I'll be back here tomorrow, same time, same place. Yup, I'll be naked, with shaved legs, flossed teeth, clipped nails. And I'm going to stare you down again. and you WILL, you will eventually bend to my will!" Tomorrow. and tomorrow. and tomorrow. Let's decide warrior names for ourselves- Let's brainstorm favorite kick-a$$ characters and start taking on that attitude on this journey. It will be a LOT more fun! Please post your names Pictures and ideas.
  18. I can relate to that. Last time I tried Jenny I stayed one week! This time I wanted to quit after a few days but I went back. I am not perfect, but having the food available is a big help. Before, when I went off a diet it would take a few weeks to regroup and return. Now I have been going back to JC the next morning, and it helps. We are all her for the same reasons, and if we persist, we will succeed!
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  20. Great idea!!
  21. Thought I would start a blog entry of my favorites and not so favorites.. to help me remember during my weak moments at JC center when I think I should l mix it up. willl edit this and update. Keep in mind what I like - you may hate and vice-versa... Work in Progress Favorties 1. JC French Toast 2. Chocolate Lava Cake 3. Frozen Cookie Dough Anytime Bar 4. JC Vanilla Shake to use in shakes or for coffee creamer 5. JC Loaded Baked Potato for lunch 6. October - JC Pumpkin Loaf (When they come in -you need to stock up as they run out... and then you wait a year!!) 7. Italian Style Pasta bake or Lasagna on top of spiralized zucchini, onions and mushrooms Honorable Mention 1. Cheeseburger Not great - But I eat them and they serve a purpose 1. Chicken Salad Kit - Helpful if at airport and tempted to eat dinner out 2. Barscotti - Low cal and is good for breakfast on the road when paired with a fruit Not My favorites.....I can avoid 1. New Chicken Pot Pie 2. Turkey Burger Best Volumizer 1. Zucchini with spiralizer form bed bath and Beyond 2. Cauliflower rice - filling and when added to other sauteed veggies is good Non JC Food I incoporate as Meal On My own (MOMOs) or as substitutes... 1. Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk 2. Breakfast: Using egg whites form a carton I purchase... Omelettes or scrambles with veggies and a level tbsp or tow of Parmesan on Thomas Lite English Muffin 4. Breakfast on Golf Course: Cliff Bar - White Macadamian Nut - Breakfast out - 260 calories.. good if need calories Things to Avoid to help weight loss 1. Too many veggies... (I love them alot) 2. Wine too often - every few days ok (better to skip for weight loss). Every night at dinner is too much,
  22. So pretty!!! You should be very proud!
  23. Yipeeeeeeee!!! You look you incredible!!!!!
  24. Lourdes - SSS LATINAS

    048a0153-ccdb-4fed-9ee3-13234ad45365-original.jpg.b125e0a54a0ef0f03bde2e038f801f74.jpgReady to MAKE a FIRM FOUNDATION....Let's do this.....!!!! :)

  25. Tomorrow, I’m buying that syrup! That meal looks delicious!!
  26. Reading this after a difficult evening of too much snacking. Wish I would’ve read it a couple of hours ago!! Well done, Pam!
  27. I’m so happy for you, Sue! Congratulations on fitting the “thin” outfits! The smile on your face says it all!! You inspire me to keep moving forward! Funny, I just took my thin clothes out of the donation bag a few days ago.
  28. brookiebee

    Hi Everyone!  I'm brand new here, today is my first day on the program.  I'm really looking forward to this journey!  My end goal is to lose 65 pounds but I'm starting small and focusing on the first 20.  Does anyone else use a fitbit to track food and activity?

    1. Patsgirl


      Welcome to JC.  I just recently rejoined and love this community group.  It's great to share with each other our goals.  Best of luck, remember one day at a time.  Baby steps :)

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