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  3. so some of you know I have been working out at my fitness class I take, but tonight I was inspired by SFMOM who was dancing at home. So I searched for dance videos... and found one that is a little Silly - but got me up off my chair and sweating - and not heading right to dessert and bed. So I think I will see if I can keep this up for 7 days. So this is the 7 days of you tube videos... None of them are my videos... and I have a bunch that I love that really work you out that i have posted on the JC Forum. My intention here are gentle videos - that stress having fun - rather than a million squats... as I do those in my class. OK I could do more... but never mind. OK workout tonight Sunday 6/25: It was a bit silly - but by the ned of 30 minutes I was sweating. And if youa re ever depressed or have any issues - working out always helps. You may not want to do it - but you never ever finish and say jeez I wish i didn't do that.
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  5. Not many better feelings in the world than easily slipping into clothes again having outgrown them years before. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Amazing transformation! Congratulations!
  7. Good luck in the contest! Can't wait to see you win!
  8. Love the black dress! So flattering and chic!
  9. Thanks for sharing your blogs with us! I am so inspired reading about all of the ways your life has changed in those 333 days, and I look forward to reaping those same benefits in the coming months as I continue my JC journey! Also, I love reading your posts on the forums! Thanks for all you do to support others xoxo
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  11. You look like you've been skinny your whole life (i.e., you look great!).
  12. So life is soooo good. I just spent Sun eve thru This morning on a work trip in Toronto. FANTASTIC. I loved running and sightseeing... Fantastic city. Glad to be home.. and looking forward to being home and staying more on track with jenny. I did ok while away - but kind of like being back. Anyway great trip...
  13. I started over 1 week ago in a center. I gave a list of what foods I want and she gave them to me. I cannot follow their menu plan because I dislike alot of the foods and will not stay on the diet. They were great about it. So sorry your having trouble. Hope they get back to seeing the person and not the dollar soon. That's why Jenny Craig was started. The individual...
  14. Can I go too??have fun!!
  15. Wow that's great!!I have about 50 lbs to lose myself. It can be intimidating for sure. My feet have issues also and I also have low energy. I'm starting week 2 and feel better already. Let's get this done...
  16. I'm on week 2. 5'4 and 186 at first weigh in. At 55 I can get a new beginning and live healthy or continue as I am. Hope your journey is successful and our lives enriched.
  17. My body hated me so much when I started JC. Thought I'd use my blog debut to record all the weight related issues I faced/am facing: A chronic cough due to GERD that I'd had for 16 mos. Plantar fasciitis in both feet Aching knees Low energy Lower back pain Inability to do things I used to easily, like cross my legs, go for long walks, skate and hike up hills with the ease of a mountain goat. I just started JC 3 weeks ago, but I've lost 10 lbs, my chronic cough has gone away and my feet and lower back are already feeling a little better. I still have 73 lbs to lose and it gets overwhelming thinking of just how long it's going to take to get back to a healthy weight so I can't let myself dwell on it. I can only focus on sticking with the diet for today, so that's what I do.
  18. You poor thing. I tried Medifast too and the "food" was so awful I couldn't stick with it for very long. I was afraid the JC food would be similar, but hallelujah! it's nothing like those Medifast freeze dried packets of awfulness.
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  20. You look amazing! Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!
  21. Just decided to count my Days (ok google did that for me)... and we are here at Day 333. 2 days from my birthday. What a fantastic present. I can tuck in a shirt. Priceless!!!! I am so very happy I went to Jenny. I am definitely my thinnest ever. I buy size small. Whaaat? Bought a jean jacket to where on my date (yes date) next week. Oh wait the point is I bought it at Banana Republic (Which for the record I could not fit into their clothes 333 days ago) and it's a size small. It might be on the smaller side.. but my workouts at OrangeTheory seem to make you smaller - so I think it's fine. Anyway I am so thrilled with Day 333. I played golf (shot a 98 which was ok considering I have not been focusing on golf lately), had lunch with my golf partner - big salad - no cheese or croutons, Added Ahi Tuna, and brought the new JC Creamy Herb Dressing (45 cals) and added some healthy anchovies and avocado. Then had my nails done (for the aforementioned date - red toes, French nails) Now home had my snack off to shower and try on work outfits and date outfits. Have to see what fits for work outfits. I do not get tired of outfits. I am still shocked very day with how I look. You think I would be getting used to it.. nope! OK Well.. just wanted to share Day 333..... Sue
  22. Have a great time!!
  23. Have a wonderful time!
  24. We are at Jennie Craig this morning getting weighed in. My daughter has lost 47 and I'm down 37.Woot woot for us. We are going on vacation this Sunday to Hawaii and plan on taking loads of snacks. Wish us luck
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    • Mrs Kelly

    Hey I'm just getting started in the JC forum community too...  saw you would be interested in an online friend to help with accountability. I'm game. :)

  25. Thanks everyone!!! Means a ton!!!
  26. You look wonderful!!! Love your excitement! Hope you win. You deserve it!
  27. Love your passion about weight loss, exercise and Jenny...It's contagious! Wow, you're in my town. Hope you enjoyed DC 😁
  28. Love reading your blog! That outfit looks great.
  29. @Susan C. Broccoli and Cheese version is also very tasty. Nice that we have a choice.
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