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My Jenny Journey

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Jenny and Me



I have had ups and I have had downs since starting this program, but it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Comparing who I am today with who I was just a year ago, is completely shocking. I have a whole new perspective on life, and I feel like I have been given another chance. An opportunity to lengthen my life, strengthen my marriage and just be truly happy with who I am.


Today marks day 402 since joining Jenny and I am down 146.4 pounds, that is more than I currently weigh! When I started this program it was a dream to lose half of myself, and I have done that and so much more. I currently weigh 132 pounds and have a healthy BMI, something that I have never been able to say, as I have been overweight my entire life.


I reached my Jenny goal at 137, but I wanted to get to 130 on my own, showing others that Jenny Craig also taught me how to eat, what I needed to do to be successful. I wanted to prove that I could lose the 7 pounds on my own, using everything that I have learned while on program, and guess what! I'm doing it!  Anytime that I had a gain, it was a result of a choice that I made.


I feel like my blogs always turn into Jenny commercials (not my intent) I am just so excited about my life now, in ways that I never thought that I could be. From a 20 to a 4 pant size, from a  3x to a women's medium, from a 10.5 ring size to a 6 (knuckles won't let me go smaller). Just too many to mention.


Recently, I have read a lot of negative things, whether it be about Jenny, weight loss, or just in general. I am choosing to talk about the good things, and be thankful for all that I have.


Even if you are having a bad day today, tell me three good things that have happened this week, today, heck even this month. Let's not let the bad derail our focus and determination, we've got this!


My good things:

1. I have a wonderful support team: My family, these forums, my Jenny consultant, and my friends always there to lift me when I am down.

2. One of my leads comforted me, and told me that she needed me.

3. I am a officially a senior in college and this time next year I will have a bachelor's in HR Management with a minor in Logistics Management.

     I will be the first member of my family to attend and graduate from college!

4. I have been smoke-free since 12-24-16


What are yours?



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Congratulations Tricia!!  I love this post!  I am SO trilled for you!  I find that negativity really is a true tell of people that will struggle with ANY self improvement process.  It's almost like people need to heal from a negative mind set before, or certainly at the same time as embarking on lifestyle changes.  I see it over and over - 


I can be like a JC commercial too - It's hard not to when you find something that ACTUALLY works!!!  I really love the fact that you have followed this all the way through - to the point that YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO from here out!!!   I have learned HOW to eat - HOW MUCH TO EAT - and WHAT TO DO WHEN I GET OFF TRACK in this Jenny Craig journey!  I just LOVE IT!


Congrats again!!

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I am amazed for you. Your blog has given me new energy and re-thinking my goal. I may lower it a little. Have a great day!

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