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I feel scared that this won't work.  I am 47 .  What if it is too late?  What if my metabolism has slowed down too much? 


I cannot believe how horrible it feels to gain weight back.  I feel repulsed and depressed.  I am not hideous, and for that I am glad.  I just hate the thick layer of fat around my waist and hips. 


Can a person really lose weight eating processed food?  Can I?  


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I just posted a response about this very topic.  The gist:  I'm 70, had gained weight over time and couldn't lose even a pound on my own.  Even tried WW, nothing.  I was afraid my age plus all those past diets had messed up my metabolism beyond return.


I tried Jenny, highly skeptical that I could lose weight at this age.  That was mid April.  As of today, I'm 20 pounds lighter, even below my goal weight.


If I can do this, YOU can do this.  Just follow the plan exactly, add exercise if you can, keep going, and you will see results. 

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