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My Jenny Journey

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On my Own



On June 29th, 2018 I met my adjusted goal of 137.4 pounds, bringing my total loss to 141 pounds and 70.5 inches. I met my personal goal of having lost half of myself!


I have chosen to finish my journey utilizing the tools that I was given from Jenny Craig, to prove to myself and to others that this journey works. Not only do the planned menus allow you to lose weight and meet your goals, your consultant is with you every step of the way providing you with the tools to be successful when you are on your own. I am sad that I was unable to renew my membership, but I know that because of everything that I have learned over the last year, that I will be successful.

I will continue to be active on the forums and share how I am doing on my own as well as sharing weekly weigh ins as usual, while continuing to show support to this outstanding program that has given my family a new beginning!


Last weigh in results:

Me: from 278.4 to 137.4 for a total 141 pounds lost.

Nick: from 265 to 176.4 for a total of 88.6 pounds lost.

     Aaron: from 133 to 102 for a loss of 31 pounds. (he was not on plan, but I was able to create meals for him based on what I was learning on program)

A combined loss of 260.6 pounds lost!


Thank you Jenny Craig! You're the best!


For those of you trying to decide if this program is worth it, it really is! Read my blogs, view my pictures. I am living proof that this program works. I have struggled with my weight my entire life, and now thanks to Jenny (these forums too) I am no longer that woman. I have been given new life, and now that I have seen this side of life, I will never go back! I am in control and Jenny helped me to finally see that. What are you waiting for? Join! Share your journey on these boards and make a difference! You've got this!




Jenny Goal.jpg

My Boys.jpg


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