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My Jenny Journey to Success

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I made it to week nine, but not without a glitch that cost me a 1.8-pound setback but not a defeat.


I have lost a total of 20.3 pounds in eight weeks:

Week 01: -10.8

Week 02: -03.8

Week 03: -01.2

Week 04: -01.9

Week 05: -01.0

Week 06: -01.7

Week 07: -01.7

Week 08: +01.8


Saturday I had to work from 0600 hours-1800 hours. I packed up my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and off to work I went. Unfortunately, when I arrived at work and grabbed my handbag, my canvas tote, I realized that I left all my food at home. ALL OF MY FOOD. Because I work alone, I didn't have the liberty to leave and come back. I had to stay until my relief arrived that evening. Luckily I had some waffles (4) that I left in the freezer before I started JC. I had a waffle for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. Someone gave me money and I purchased a nut mix from the vending machine and a Rice Krispie Treat. When I arrived home I was so hungry. I had my JC dinner and ate all my chocolate snacks, which were two.


This is just a minor setback that does not define me. Again, praise God for blessing me with the willpower to get through week eight. I know once He brings me to it, He will bring me through it. To God be all the glory.


God bless,



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