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My Jenny Journey

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The Finish Line is Near



Currently I am 20.2 pounds away from achieving my goal! In 45 short weeks I have managed to lose 128.2 pounds! My husband hit his goal on Friday losing a total of 85.6 pounds. He started this journey at 265 pounds and finishes at 179.4! I couldn't be more proud! My family is so much healthier and happier thanks to Jenny Craig and we will be forever grateful.


This journey has been amazing (the good and the bad). I am not blogging this to make anyone feel bad about themselves on their own journeys. Weight loss is an incredibly difficult journey and being knocked down in society is hard enough. My intent is purely to share my successes as well as letting others know that they can do it to. We are not our weight and our weight does not define who we are! We are all on the same journey, but our trips will not be the same. Some lose fast and some will lose slow. Like @missbumble always says, "this is a marathon". If there is ever a time that you want to give up, that you'll never reach your goals...don't. Come to these forums and simply read the stories of others. Send me a message! You can do this!


I was lucky enough to have had my husband on this journey with me, so I already had this great source for support. My center consultant Janie Long has also become more than a consultant to me, I am 100% comfortable with her and know that we will forever be a part of eachother's lives. These last couple of months have been a challenge for me, and I still struggle to understand why they needed to happen, I am finding myself a stronger woman because it did happen. There are going to be good times and there are going to be bad ones as well but as cheesy as it sounds, everything happens for a reason (whether we understand them or not).


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Tricia Marie:


Thank you so very much for sharing your journey with us. I enjoy reading your post. I too look at this journey as a marathon, not a sprint, and this is coming from someone who has actually completed two half marathons, so I know the challenges that lie ahead. I want to lose roughly 100 pounds, but I am taking it a little at a time. My first goal is to drop 50 and then I will tackle the last 50 pounds. I am hoping to reach the 50-pound mark by years end, and if I don't I will just stay focused and press on. Tomorrow is my weigh-in and as of last week, I was down 18.7 pounds. WhooHoo!


Again, thanks for sharing.


God Bless!


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Serena - Jenny Craig


@Tricia_Marie This is amazing to hear, congrats! You should enter for the Success Story Contest at www.JennyCraig.com/MyStory. 


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1 minute ago, Serena - Jenny Craig said:

@Tricia_Marie This is amazing to hear, congrats! You should enter for the Success Story Contest at JennyCraig.com/MyStory. 


My husband and I have both entered. I'm excited for this contest :)

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