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My Jenny Journey

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My Jenny Story



The last month has been a whirlwind for my family. We went from being on program on a path towards our weight loss goals to preparing for an unexpected addition to our family. Then once we were excited and ready for this new baby, it was gone. The words, "No heartbeat" replay in my head over and over again. I do not know why this happened, and that is the worst part. I have decided not to focus on the why's for now, because I know that it will not get me anywhere. Now, my focus returns to our Jenny journey and finishing what we've started. I am going to enter the Jenny Success story contest with my husband, but I wanted to share my story here first. This forum has played a huge role in my success on this journey, and I owe several of you credit, showing me that this journey is a difficult one, but it does work. So, thank you! @missbumble, @Yo_Momz, @SFMom, and so many others that I probably forgot (I'm sorry).

What inspired you to join Jenny Craig?

Our daughter was getting ready to graduate high school and we were at our local Dress Barn looking for dresses. While waiting for her to try on the dresses she found, I noticed an entry box for Jenny Craig. So, I entered. When I was notified that I had won a 3-month membership, I took it as a sign and agreed to hear more about it. During my initial consultation I was offered the unclaimed grand prize which was a year membership with $100 off the food, I gladly accepted. Next, they offered my husband the prize that I had won. I took this win as a sign, and that we needed to take full advantage of it; that is what we did.

What goals did you set for yourself and how did you achieve them?

Tricia: The long-term goal that I set for myself was to lose half of myself. I was starting this program at 278.4 pounds and at goal I am going to weigh 130, for a loss of 148.4 pounds. Starting the program, I knew that it was going to be a long road, so I set several smaller goals to help me along the way. The first one being, to follow the program without exception. I could achieve the small goals that I have set for myself along the way due to the incredible amount of support that I had from my husband, my consultant, and my new friends in the Jenny forums. While I have not yet met my final goal for this program I am happily able to report that I am currently at 158.8 for a current loss of 119.6 leaving 18.8 pounds remaining until my goal has been met.

Nicholas: I started this program at 265 pounds and the weight loss goal that I set for myself was to reach 180 pounds for a loss of 85 pounds. While the weight loss was the main reason for joining this program, I started this program with the goal of being here for my wife, she needed this and asked for my support and that was my real goal, being there for her on this journey. Doing this program as a team, the support that we offer each other along with the support of Janie has been a large reason for my ability to succeed on this journey. I am currently at 184 pounds leaving me just 4 pounds away from my goal, so I would identify that as a success.

What health benefits have you experienced?

Tricia: I have hypothyroidism and when I started this program, my levels were unstable, I was having to recheck every 6 weeks and change medications each time. Since starting this program, my levels have decreased allowing a lower dose of medication as well as no medication changes. The best thing that I have seen is my ability to exercise, I am able to do things that I could never do before. My husband and I go to the gym five nights a week and I have been able to jog a mile, something that I have never been able to do.

Nicholas: I saw my doctor for my yearly physical and for the first time since starting this journey and the look of shock on his face made my day. My physical went great, and I couldn’t be happier. Before starting this journey, I would keep Tricia up late at night due to sleep apnea and snoring, but that is gone. I no longer snore and keep her up. I not only look better but I feel better.

I think that we can both agree that our son Aaron is our biggest health benefit that we have seen since starting the Jenny program. He is not on the program or eating the meals, but I am feeding him using what Jenny is teaching me. When we started this program, he weighed 133 pounds he is now sitting at 103 pounds (this was his goal weight). His confidence has grown tremendously, and you can see how incredibly happy he is by his smile.

Jenny Craig has given our family a new beginning, created a new path for our family and we will always be grateful for this opportunity.

How did your consultant support you along your journey?

Tricia and Nick: Janie Long, was the first consultant that I met and she encouraged me to join the program, letting me know that I was worth it. I left that consultation with her with a sense of belief in myself that I didn’t have in a long time. For a while, I had a different consultant that was great, but she left Jenny. Even with her full case load, Janie did not hesitate to take Nick and I under her wings and become our consultant. She has had been our cheerleader, encouraging us every step of the way. She has been more than our consultant, she has been our friend. I know that I can call her at any time and that she will be there for me when I need it. She listens when we need her to listen, which is the kind of support that is needed on this journey.

Another group played a huge role in my success on this journey and that is the women in the forums at JennyCraig.com. It is a great place for support, and they welcomed me from day one and encouraged me every step of the way, never judging or discouraging me. The amount of support that is offered on this program has played a large role in my success, having others to share my success with and to offer encouragement to, is rewarding. I feel as though my group of family and friends grew when I joined this program and I thank you all for everything you have done for me and my family.

*I am working on my photos for this submission. Will post when available.*


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Bravo!! Well done. When your hubby mentions Janie at first add in (my JC Consultant). I would also state your child's age... and how excited he is to be at a healthy weight in school.. 


You have done an incredible job!!!  Going through alot - and still going strong. Incredible woman - and a great journey!!Whether or not you win this competition - you are indeed a winner!!!!!FIngers crossed!!

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