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Girly Girl



Yesterday I got to be a part of an event at our local Christopher & Banks and it was so much fun! Before I started this journey I preferred men's oversized t-shirts and jeans, and while I know that I am a girl would always tell everyone that I was not a girl. I got to walk around the store, showing off the clothes, while sharing my story and it felt great. The best thing is that I was wearing a size 6 pant and medium tops! Holy Cow! While I still have 31.2 pounds until I have reached my goal, I purchased myself some girly clothes, I am so excited to get dressed up for work. I'm a girl again!


I have not felt this good about myself in a long time and I owe it all to My Jenny Craig center, my consultant, and the members here that are so very supportive of me on this journey. I have shared some photos for your viewing pleasure. :)










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Look at you!  Wow Wow wow!  You look so totally amazing!  The clothes are gorgeous and look so good on you!  I LOVE the polka dot top!  (love polka dots!)  A SIZE 6!!!!  OMG! ...You scream that to the top of your lungs girl!   So beyond proud of you!!! 

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Cute!!!  You look amazing!  I love those jeans with the zippers on the front pockets.

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Thanks ladies! I'm working on my girly poses, I tend to take the silly route every time, :) but I have fun :)

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