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Green Bean Blahs! lol

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Staci Greene


OK, I just finished my lunch - 

Classic Cheeseburger - Pretty good!

Green beans with olive oil and garlic - oh dear, I'm so over these things now, lol!


With my current plan (Rapid Results), I'm supposed to have EITHER the Cheesy Broccoli OR the Green Beans + Olive Oil twice a week (JC foods) with lunch. However, I can't have the cheesy broccoli because of my lactose intolerance, so I've only been getting the green beans. I've now had them six times (2x a week for 3 weeks) and I'm officially OVER THEM! I want to make my own instead. Arrgggh! I'm going to talk about it with my consultant today and see if there's something else I can do on my own instead, just, something about the texture has been rubbing me the wrong way this week, it's like they are squeaky on my teeth and just weird! ... OK, I'm done ranting now, I've just been priding myself on not being a picky eater, but it's also hard not to be high-maintenance with the lactose stuff.


I did not sleep so well last night due to my pain issues, and it's making it difficult to focus and be motivated today. I'm full of the "I DON'T WANNA"'s! So, tonight, I am going to self-care. I'll get home, have my White Bean Chili with some added veggies and such, and my Lemon Cake. Then, I'm going to snuggle onto the couch in my personal study, wrap a blanket around myself, and hopefully spoon with my little dog Scout (if she's not too rambunctious tonight). We are going to watch a movie - I haven't decided on which one yet, I'm debating between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I just need some personal "me" time, I'm a bit of an introvert and I've been around people a LOT for the past two weeks, so my batteries need a little recharging. Plus, we are getting ready to move and just listed the house, so my body has been taxed with the cleaning and lifting and such, so I'm sure that's not helping. Definitely time for rest and replenishing my mental and physical resources!


Then, I will be ready to tackle the rest of my week! What do you do to recharge your batteries?

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Recharge - I watch Netflix. And definitely, make your own green beans!/ veggies... You got this!!!

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I added a chopped celery stick for crunch, a few red grape tomatoes for color and green onion for additional flavor. 

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@RAK Good ideas - I didn't get the green beans this week but maybe I'll give them another shot next time around with your suggestions!

@missbumble Thanks for the encouragement! I got some riced broccoli to add a little garlic and seasoned salt to this week, hoping that'll be more satisfying!

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