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Marvelous Monday!  Yes. I hate that programming about Monday. 

At any rate, its a lovely day out and I got in a mile. I was thinking how irksome 

it is ...don't eat that, can't have this. Or if you do indulge it has to be some

modified, paler, imitation. I don't want to be overweight and I also don't want 

to not enjoy meals. Cause let's be real, more often than not those low cal etc

imitations just don't do it and are overly sweet, sweeter than if you had eaten 

the real thing.

Take sugar, for me, I'll learn to deal with the real thing...rather than all the 

substitutes. I have lived long enough for sweet n low and equal to be proven

worse than and yet they are still on the table. No splenda or any of the others

for me either. This is my blog and my thoughts, not knocking anyone and why 

should I have to qualify my own opinion. No snark just this is my opinion.

Ah well, 


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