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One of those days

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Waiting and hoping for rain and wondering.....why am I hungry? It must be part of the process..answered my own question.

That happens often. And yeah, I'm thinking it must be part of the process and adjusting to eating a reasonable amount of

calories and relearning to eat properly(?).

At any rate I came to this blog and have decided that I will do so when I feel I must eat and I know I am not really hungry just

..something...I don't want to use bored because I don't feel that is it. I am wondering though why I want something sweet 

after I have just eaten a meal and think..wow, the ways I have programmed myself to sub food for some other things. I am thinking 

when I reach goal weight 1200-1500 will be my caloric limit and no less than 3 days a week for exercise. 

Alright then the eating urge has passed...I think. 

Blk cat:bde966bf8cee181c893686e66b9e935b.jpg

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