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Keep it short.



Beautiful day walked my little dude and later kept a promise I made to myself...walked one mile. 1.23 to be exact.

Overall strange day, woke up scratchy throat and mild headache but I had to run out to get my little dude some groceries.

Returned and was restless yet sleepy? I laid across my bed and watched some AcornTV..maybe dozed.

Then thought..get that walk in. Well when I returned I found that restlessness gone and the sleepyness...

So preparing my JC chickenpot pie and veggies and watching Midsomer Murders...have a mild crush on John Nettles. ** don't judge me** smile 


Ladies............Here's to less of us! 

Ship in sky.jpg


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It looks like a sailing ship floating in the sky.  It reminds me of Peter Pan.

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