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Week One Thoughts



Yay Me! 


Joined Jenny Craig

Week One completed. My JCC is good. The food interesting and overall tastes well. I was kinda iffy on the shrimp and actually wondered

how it got in there. Having no longer any use for a microwave, I now wrap in foil and put in oven and thanks to the 'Ladies' I now have a

manual cooking guide to follow. GO LADIES!! 

I was getting hungry my 2/3 day but that eased and now if I feel hungry I know it's not because of the change of diet and get water etc.

I didn't really get in the exercise I wanted nor am I tracking my food intake since it was all JC food. So if I eat off plan I will make note.

Ooh..I did buy fudgesicles and ate one. 60 cal. I walked my dude twice for 20-25 min and did 15 min jog in place and body stretches, eww

that was it. Hopefully will get in at least 2-3 full legit exercise times. Ok so right now start 3 days a week would love to do 5 ...will work up 

to that.

The Ladies are all wonderful and honest in their experience to lose weight. It is really nice to have first timers, repeaters, just started, in the middle and 

maintenance all sharing and encouraging and understanding. Helpful also...so much so....with everything concerning the plan.

I was so jazzed to discover that I was under what I thought my beginning weight would be. I even asked my JCC to not tell me, however

I looked at the screen just to verify free membership and saw the start weight. As stated very pleasantly surprised. I had lost a nice bit of

weight on my own and from my walking and jogging, which I had to stop because of heel pain..need shoe support insoles.. and winter/time 

changes. When asked my target weight goal and how many pounds would like to lose ...YAY... they were in sync! Target Goal is 135-140

and to reach that...40 pounds to lose...Jazzed.


Had a rant, can't remember it right now in the face of all the positive..cool.

Weigh in tomorrow. 8 Feb 2017......fingers crossed.



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Sounds great!!!! Good luck tomorrow on weigh in... Remember it's how you do for the long haul.. if one week is not good - just wait as the weightloss may be better the next week.



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What an inspiring post!  Can't wait to see what the weeks ahead will have you posting ... as this first week is so full of POSITIVE!  I love the spring flowers you posted.  Makes me realize how close we are to Springtime - when everything feels brand new, and we get that extra pep in our step!  You're going to arrive this spring with a bounce in your step for sure!!!!!!

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Ms Jam.....Thank you! 

I wanted to blog as it were, my real thoughts as they happen. So I wanted to say something, that if I looked back on it I can 

remember this is what you felt and thinking when you started. 

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