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My Jenny Journey to Success

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About this blog

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Yeah, I know it is corny but I can't sweat the small stuff.


This is how I decided to do my Jenny Craig:

  1. I will eat Dinner for Lunch and Lunch for Dinner. It is my preference to eat the heavier meal during the day.
  2. I will not be consuming the Limited Foods. Not necessary.
  3. I will not be doing the Jenny Craig Dressing. I will be using my own dressing and just use a healthy fat. I dilute my dressing because it is too thick.
  4. I will not be doing the Greek Yogurt. This is so gross. I will be doing the regular non-fat yogurt.


These are the times I have scheduled to consume my meals:

  • Breakfast: 0700 hours
  • Snack: 0900 hours
  • Dinner: 1200 hours
  • Snack: 1500 hours
  • Lunch: 1700 hours
  • Snack: 1900 hours


I did pretty well on day one. I was supposed to start Sunday, 01 April, but ended up starting today, 03 April. No biggie. Better late than never. I am going to call the center tomorrow to reschedule my check-in days to Tuesday evenings. I purchased a lunch bag a few months ago and now it is coming in handy. My meals fit perfectly in it and it doesn't leak if something were to spill inside.


I ate what was exactly on the menu for breakfast. I did the same for the first snack that I consumed on my way to an unplanned interview. Unfortunately, I didn't get back to my office until approximately 1230 hours. According to my schedule, I should be eating my dinner at noon. Since I was in such a rush, I didn't eat the vegetables simply because I forgot the container to steam them in. By the time to eat lunch I was famished, or at least I thought I was. I inhaled the pizza and enjoyed the salad. That S'mores Bar was pretty good or either I was really hungry.


Tomorrow I am going to try to do better in getting 8 glasses of water down.


I am getting the urge to snack, so off to bed, I go. I am actually more tired than I am hungry so I should fall asleep rather quickly and that should kill the urge to snack.


God bless!


Entries in this blog



This past Thursday I had an appointment with my endocrinologist (I'm a diabetic) and I thought he was going to throw confetti in the air. He was so impressed with my numbers and the reduction in my weight. My A1C is down from 9 to 6.4, my cholesterol is great, my blood pressure is good. EVERYTHING was where it needed to be, with one exception; I need more iron. I am going to try to remember to take the iron pills I purchased the last time he presented me with this information.   Praise God for the great health report. Princess





I made it to week seven. I am so very proud of myself. Praise God!   I have lost a total of 20.4 pounds in six weeks: Week 01: 10.8 Week 02: 03.8 Week 03: 01.2 Week 04: 01.9 Week 05: 01.0 Week 06: 01.7   What a great week. I got to have my favorite (Fish & Chips), which I wish I could have each week, but I was told that I could not. Not sure I understand the rationale behind this, but oh well. It seems to me that folks would be more apt to stay on the program if they could have their favorites at least once a week.    Again, praise God for blessing me with the willpower to get to week seven. I know once He brings me to it, He will bring me through it. To God be all the glory.   God bless, Princess  




I Need Healthy Snacks

I need great ideas for healthy snacks.   Not until I started Jenny Craig did I realize that while I am studying, I have this tremendous urge to snack. Since I am usually busy working during the day, it really doesn't affect me until I am home in the evening and doing my homework. Sometimes I am so focused on my homework that I forget to eat my evening snack. However, I always take the last week of the semester off to focus on my research paper and a final exam. So for today and the following eight days, I will be home engrossed in my homework and dealing with the urge to snack. I don't want to snack on carrots and celery, but something more satisfying to the palette Any yummy ideas will be greatly appreciated. If I find time, I will search the boards for some suggestions.   God Bless! Princess

Made It To Week Six! WTG Me!

I made it to week six. Praise God!   I have lost a total of 18.7 pounds in five weeks: Week 01: 10.8 Week 02: 03.8 Week 03: 01.2 Week 04: 01.9 Week 05: 01.0   I am still trying to lose a much weight by the time I am required to take my physical for a new position. First I have the interview next week and I am sure my clothes are going to look a lot better on me with the reduction of almost 19 pounds. But the time my interview rolls around I will have my next weigh-in, so perhaps I can be done a full 20 pounds by then. That only an additional 1.3 pounds. It is reasonable to lose that amount within a week.    I found a new route to walk at work. Still trying to keep it under 20 minutes but the week after next, I am going to step it up to a 30-minute walk. Since the weather is nicer I love the walk outside, but if it starts to get too hot, I will try walking earlier or stay inside and walk the corridor as I was doing initially. Today I left my pedometer at home, so that really bummed me out today and I didn't do my walk.    Praise God for blessing me with the willpower to get to week six. I know once He brings me to it, He will bring me through it. To God be all the glory.   God bless, Princess


I made it to week five. WhooHoo!   I have lost a total of 17.7 pounds in four weeks: Week 01: 10.8 Week 02: 03.8 Week 03: 01.2 Week 04: 01.9   I am going through an interview process and at some point, I will have to take a physical. I don't know if the physical will be a week away or a month away, but I have to stay focused to lose the maximum weight I can each week to have the best weigh-in physically possible.    Praise God for blessing me with the willpower to get to week five. I know once He brings me to it, He will bring me through it. To God be all the glory.   God bless, Princess

My Motivation to Succeed

I started on this journey not only to become healthy but to better my life experiences. I am scheduled to take three trips abroad and I want the ease of movement I will have when I lose fifty pounds prior to my departure. My first trip isn't until the end of January 2019. I am going on a mission trip to South Africa to spread God's word to the children, some orphans and some with AIDS. I am so looking forward to this trip. At the top of one of my menus on the Motivation line, I put, "I am on a mission to do a mission."   My second trip may be to tour the Holy Land in Israel for the third time, leaving in March 2019. I am not sure I will make the trip again, but I have not ruled it out at this time.   My third trip is a graduation present to myself. I am going to Italy and Greece for two weeks in June 2019.   I have approximately thirty-five pounds to go, but I will continue after I lose the fifty pounds. I am so excited to see less of me. <smile>   God bless!   Princess


At my center, there is only one consultant that does everything. She is NEVER on time, which is a HUGE problem for me because I go there from work and I need to get home so that I can get my homework done. Today, and every week, my appointment is at 1720 hours (5:20 PM). My consultant didn't see me until approximately 1745 hours (5:45 PM).    Last week at my appointment my consultant started a conversation about which fast food restaurant had the best French fries and then which had the best milkshake. I told her she was making me hungry. Are you seriously having this conversation with me? She is about the size of my pinky and I asked if she had ever done Jenny Craig. Although she said she had done Jenny Craig to lose 10 pounds for a wedding, I didn't believe her. She looks like she has never had a weight problem before in her life. While we were having this conversation I noticed a Chick-Fil-A cup on her desk and I know it was not filled with water.   I would like another consultant but there is only one person working in the center that I go to. This is particularly frustrating since I signed up for the long haul. I would like to get my money back and switch to a shorter program, but not sure if they will allow me to do that. Not sure I want to spend an entire year or more with someone who has no concept of time and doesn't have a clue about my struggle to lose weight.   Princess


I have lost a total of 15.8 pounds in three weeks: Week 01: 10.8 Week 02: 03.8 Week 03: 01.2 This is a marathon for me, not a sprint. I signed up for the long haul. I did forget my food on Saturday when I went to Family Day with my son at his work. I had a choice of a hot dog or hamburger. The hot dog was huge. So much so I ate nothing else for the rest of the day. I need to increase my water intake and my activity. Right now I am taking 20-minute walks, which is good considering I wasn't doing anything prior. Unfortunately, I am averaging under 5000 steps when I am used to doing a minimum of 10,000 steps just a couple of years ago. I will have to slowly work up to 10,000 steps again but it probably won't be until after I finish school at the end of August. I didn't do my 20-minute walk on Sunday because I was extremely busy with homework.   Blessings to all on your weight loss journey.   Princess
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